Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Many people we work with, share a Shabbat meal with, or learn with are looking forward to a fresh start for our families, communities and the nation as we begin 2017. We certainly hope that your 2016 ended with a wonderful Chanukah.

As a nation, we just came through a tumultuous time that turned the presidential elections at times into new definitions of “ugly.”

Now, though, we look forward to the inauguration of our president-elect, a new vision from Capitol Hill and a true improvement of relationships between Washington, D.C. and Jerusalem.

After President Obama’s decision for the U.S. to abstain on the U.N. Security Council’s December 23 vote, singling out Israel and calling on it to cease all settlement building on the West Bank, we are indeed looking forward to a fresh start.

It still rankles us that nowhere on the U.N. docket, nor the president’s agenda, was a vote condemning Russia, Iran and Syria for the destruction of life and freedom happening in Bashar al-Assad’s shell of a nation. Yet, Israel remains the target, and soon-to-be former Secretary of State John Kerry incredulously pointed out in last Wednesday’s diatribe that those who criticize Israel are often accused of anti-Semitism, as if he were surprised.

Mr. Kerry, can you spell B-D-S?

But, enough. That was in 2016 and we are moving forward.

Now with the 45th U.S. president about to take office and begin work with the 115th Congress, it’s time to get to work moving the nation forward. We are certain that our new president’s relationship with the Congress will be a work in progress.

But one thing is definite: It’s time to look with hope and promise at a better United States and as well a stronger U.S. relationship with Israel.

So it is with Hashem’s help that we look forward to our nation’s prosperity and growth in this new era and new year.