Monday, February 17, 2020

Ready or not, on Friday, this nation will inaugurate Donald J. Trump as its 45th president.

He and President Barack Obama, in the waning hours of his presidency, couldn’t be more far apart on issues, be it health care, education or this nation’s relationship with Israel. Yet, on inauguration day in Washington, D.C., a non-violent turnover of power will mark yet again why our democracy has stood the test of time and why this nation is one protected by the rule of law.

Obama will be there to congratulate his successor, though this has certainly been a stressful political year for him as he has worked to cement his presidential legacy. We know that conversations about the candidates stretched from the major media networks to our own Shabbat tables and tested our faith in our friendships, neighbors and sometimes even ourselves.

But now, we urge all Americans to stand behind and support the office of President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, as a nation. We are certain that they are sincere in their pledge to carry this nation forward in many ways. And we know that Israel will once again be able to count on an American administration understanding that Iran is an existential threat to the Jewish state and the Middle East. And if Iran is a threat to Israel, then it will be seen as a threat to the United States by the Trump administration.

Besides repealing the Iranian nuclear deal, the greatest error of the Obama administration, there are so many other aspects of this nation that the Trump White House will take seriously, ranging from homeland security, to affordable health care, to the tax breaks for the many American Jewish families who pay tuition to educate their children.

As the Trump presidency begins, we look forward to a new beginning and a safe and blessed four years for all Americans.