Wednesday, December 12, 2018

If there was ever a reason to defend former President Barack Obama’s record on Israel, then there is also every reason to feel betrayed.

Indeed, Obama proved his mettle when just hours before the swearing in of Donald Trump as this nation’s 45th president, Obama was secretly having his crony, Secretary of State John Kerry, wire some $221 million to the Palestinian Authority.

These were funds that still were under review by Congress, yet Obama made it his priority to turn them over to the Palestinians. The funds are coming from the U.S. Agency for International Development to be used for “humanitarian aid in the West Bank and Gaza and to support political and security reforms to help prepare for good governance and the rule in a future Palestinian state,” according to the information received by Congress.

We’re sorry, but when did hallucinogenic mind-altering drugs become legal in the Obama White House? Were they kidding us? Based on the track record, the world is more likely to see that money go to some state-of-the-art terrorist tunnels and weaponry that will find its way into the killing hands of Hamas and Fatah.

We actually did not believe what we were reading in missives by the Associated Press and other major news organizations. This prompted our editors to contact the State Department on our own, to ask for confirmation and comment. We were somewhat gratified to have received the following response on Tuesday evening: “In a final act, then-Secretary of State John Kerry instructed USAID to release $220.3 million for Gaza recovery programs. The Department of State is currently reviewing last-minute spending approved by the previous administration and will make adjustments if needed to ensure that it aligns with the priorities of the Trump-Pence administration,” said Mark Toner, an acting State Department spokesperson.

Make no mistake: Obama did Israel no favors during his eight years as president, all the way to quite literally the waning moments of his administration. This has taught us that he has, if anything, further cemented his legacy in the very concrete that these funds might be used for: to tunnel their way into the sovereign land of Israel in further acts of Palestinian terror.

What else do we need to convince supporters of Israel that this man, who pretended to be the Jewish state’s friend, was hardly an ally?

Hopefully there aren’t any other “surprises” he’s left behind.