Monday, December 17, 2018

We at The Jewish Link are proud that one of the jewels of our Jewish community is SINAI Schools, which creates individualized yeshiva day school educations for our children with special needs. With SINAI preparing to grow and expand to include SAR in the coming fall of 2018, we are proud to have some small part in partnering with SINAI, as they go from strength to strength.

SINAI’s importance and relevance is seen at its annual dinner not just by the stories of the worthy honorees, but also by those who have borne witness to the immense benefit of the schools’ work; sometimes dinner guests have a personal connection to SINAI, and others were moved to give after seeing one of SINAI’s now-legendary films. But truly, SINAI is supported so generously because the community knows special needs can and do arise in many families and at many times. We know SINAI must exist and prosper for all of our community’s children to be served. This is truly the school we have prayed for.

It’s not too late to sign up, and we look forward to greeting you this Sunday. Visit sinaidinner.org.