Monday, December 17, 2018

The Jewish Link of New Jersey and its affiliated Jewish Link Media Group are proud to announce the launch on March 23 of its newest print publication—The Monsey.com print edition—which will serve the thriving greater Monsey and Rockland County-area Jewish communities. The new publication, which will print every other Thursday to start, is a joint venture with Monsey.com, a fast-growing community website that launched in 2016 and has achieved a warm reception and success within the greater Monsey Jewish community.

As Monsey.com grew explosively in its early months last year, its founder and publisher, longtime Monsey resident Barry Mase, principal of the MaseNetwork, a Jewish marketing agency, sought to further expand and strengthen his site’s growing brand and image. Launching an affiliated print newspaper sharing the same name as the site was the natural next step for him as he looked to fill a void in the local community media community and enable his online readership to read and engage with Monsey.com over Shabbos. “I had long wanted to create a newspaper for the Monsey community, and after starting Monsey.com, my desire to start a print paper that our community would want to read over Shabbos only grew,” said Mase.

This is where The Jewish Link came in. After meeting a few times early last year, Barry and Jewish Link Co-Publisher Moshe Kinderlehrer stayed in touch in the first few months of Monsey.com’s launch. When the time came for Monsey.com to think seriously about starting a print paper, Monsey.com and The Jewish Link were natural partners. “We at The Jewish Link are looking hard for ways to grow, and partnering with Monsey.com and helping them launch a print edition for Monsey.com seemed like a perfect fit for us,” explained Kinderlehrer.

“We already have strong relationships with many advertisers both from the Monsey area and many who are looking to reach the unique Monsey-area community. We also like to think we know now how to help a hyperlocal publication get off the ground. Monsey.com already is producing original and local content on a daily basis, and our job will be to help make sure that the print edition reflects the best content being posted online. Monsey.com’s print edition will also feature a number of original content pieces such as op-eds, commentary, divrei Torah, culinary articles and columns—all unique to Monsey.com and not found in other papers or sites,” added Kinderlehrer.

Mase added, “We are going to make sure that the Monsey.com print edition will have a quality, high-end feel and an appealing look that will be relevant to virtually every religious resident.”

Among the new paper’s attractions, one key selling point to advertisers and readers alike is its planned home delivery service that will ensure free home delivery of every issue to nearly 7,000 households in the Monsey area. The new paper will also be available in over 200 locations: stores, schools, shuls and other central locations in the community. The initial print run of the paper is expected to be approximately 10,000 copies.

With the launch of the Monsey.com print edition, the publication joins the growing Jewish Link family of publications that include The Jewish Link of New Jersey, The Jewish Link of Bronx, Westchester and Connecticut, The Shopping Maven and affiliate publications such as the Queens Jewish Link and Kol HaBirah/The Voice of the Capital, in Washington, D.C.

The first edition of Monsey.com in print will be publishing next week on March 23. For all inquiries or more information, please contact Moshe Kinderlehrer at: [email protected] or Barry Mase at: [email protected].