Monday, March 25, 2019

While we come out of the season commemorating our exodus from Mitzrayim and the celebration of our freedom under the protection of Hashem, we are nonetheless still concerned of news from Egypt.

Just prior to Passover, dozens of Coptic Christians were murdered by ISIS terrorists while worshipping Palm Sunday services in their churches. Over 100 were also wounded.

Then as Pesach approached, a rocket, launched presumably by ISIS from the Sinai Desert, hit a greenhouse in Israel’s Eshkol region. Thankfully, neither Chaim Cohen, the owner of the cherry tomato farm, nor anyone else, was injured. Mr. Cohen was literally preparing for the Seder night when he and his family heard a red alert siren, and instead of sitting down for the festive meal, sought the protection of a bomb shelter.

A few hours earlier, Israel closed the Taba Crossing connecting it to Egypt due to intelligence suggesting a terrorist attack. The decision called on Israelis planning Passover vacations on the Sinai Peninsula to change their plans.

Indeed, Sinai will always have its lasting place in our history and our hearts. We call on the world, however, to condemn these horrific acts of terror against the Copts. At the same time, we want the world to be vigilant that ISIS is not only operating in Iraq and Syria. An ISIS threat to Israel and Egypt from the Sinai is very real.

It’s not something we enjoy writing on just after Pesach. But while the world seems focused on North Korea and even Iran, there are concerns closer to our spiritual history and home.