Tuesday, December 18, 2018

It’s not difficult to find disheartening anti-Israel news from around the world.

So it was very encouraging to learn that something positive happened practically in our own backyard.

Last week, the Montclair State University Student Government Association, by a vote of 11-1, voted down a measure calling for the boycott of Israel. Not surprisingly, the resolution came from the typically misinformed, anti-Semitic Students for “Justice” in “Palestine.”

The bill’s language compared Israel to an apartheid state and called for both an academic and economic boycott of Israel, including the boycotting of popular products such as Sabra Hummus on campus. But the quick response and efforts of the greater Montclair State University area Jewish community came together to work against the bill. These groups included Hillel, Aish Montclair, the Israel on Campus Coalition and even the campus Christians United For Israel (CUFI) group.

Jewish parents of Montclair students contacted The Jewish Link out of concern about the proposed anti-Israel measure.

What was arguably even better news was brought to our attention by Michael Cohen, the eastern director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center. Cohen told The Jewish Link that in a campus survey, some 64 percent of respondents were opposed to the BDS resolution.

In other words, Cohen said, Jewish students were joined by their gentile classmates in an overwhelming show of support for Israel.

We hope that Jews and their gentile anti-BDS allies take notice of the victory at Montclair, take heart and spread the word to their campus student government associations.

It was an important statement coming straight out of New Jersey, and we should be proud of that.