Friday, December 14, 2018

We are familiar with the old Yiddish proverb “Man plans and God laughs.”

Well, that proverb seemed especially fitting when we here at The Jewish Link looked ahead and saw Memorial Day and Shavuot falling on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, our busiest days of the week for sales, news gathering, editing and designing.

So while we know we did our very best to keep you, our wonderful advertisers and readers, in tune with the news, we also hope with a smile on our faces that the world of news, like the rest of us, observed the importance of these days.

We completed the counting of the Omer and learned together through the night during Shavuot.

Seriously, what bigger “story” was out there this week than Shavuot?

We commemorated the giving of the Torah from Hashem, the history of our people and the ultimate code of law and life that connects us to our sages and ancestors and to the very future continuity of the Jewish people.

And certainly, we cannot forget that this week we honored the men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice by defending the United States of America. We have friends and family members proudly serving now. But we also want to take a moment to remember those Jews in recent history, some of whose families escaped 1930s Germany to come to this country only to return and defeat the unspeakable evil of that time.

We hope that your Shavuot was meaningful and inspirational, and also that you found solace in this country’s memorial to its veteran heroes.

See, there was plenty to report on after all. Sometimes it’s not the story of the day that counts, but the story of our people that takes precedence.

And that was most definitely the case during this memorable week.