Monday, March 25, 2019

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) discovered fully constructed terror tunnels under two of its schools in Gaza.


And perhaps even more surprising, the agency actually condemned Hamas and demanded that it seal the tunnels. The schools are to be closed until the tunnels are sealed.

For those who don’t know, UNRWA is the U.N. agency that manages international aid to Gaza.

July 8 will mark the third anniversary of Operation Protective Edge, when the IDF entered Gaza, battled Hamas and shut down some 35 tunnels designed to enter Israel civilian areas, over 50 days.

It was during this time that Israel was unfairly hammered by the U.N., many of the world’s governments and biased news outlets for using its airpower to silence Hamas rocket launchers. Israel told the world that locations of many of these deadly rocket launchers were schools, hospitals, homes and even U.N. agency locales. Yet, night after night during the summer of 2014 we were served a disturbing diet of network news of Palestinian victims entering emergency rooms or abandoning shelters located in schools. What we did not see was coverage of the rocket launchers. In fact, the only news media outlet in the entire world to broadcast a live Hamas rocket launch was a news station based in India. A reporter and camera crew risked their own necks as it broadcast live from their hotel window a Hamas rocket launch next door. The almighty power of the American and European news networks did not manage to film one rocket launch in 2014.

Israel showed hard evidence of the places and frequency of the launches. But agencies such as UNRWA denied any knowledge of the terrorist launches.

So, now the world hears from UNRWA itself.

Israel was correct all along.

Now what, UNRWA?

Keep looking. You’ll find more. Anything else is denial of the facts.