Monday, December 17, 2018

Is there no bottom to the level of UNESCO’s narrative warfare against Israel and the Jewish people?

Now the United Nations’ so-called “cultural body” is going to vote on declaring the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron an endangered Palestinian heritage site.

That the Arab-influenced UNESCO isn’t waging an outspoken campaign against the Arab-on-Arab brutality in Syria, Yemen and, yes, Gaza, but instead chooses to attack the Jewish people over the holy kevers (graves) of Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebecca and Jacob and Leah is an abomination that should be condemned by civil society.

The action absurdly claims that Israel is causing “irreversible negative effect on the integrity, authenticity and/or the distinctive character of the property.” We believe that if Hebron, the site of the 1929 massacre of Jewish residents, were left in Palestinian hands, it would only feed into the machine of revisionist anti-Semitic history.

There’s another awful irony to this. The UNESCO vote is taking place in Krakow, Poland. So the very place where Jews were gathered and exterminated is where the hateful UNESCO summit would seek to lessen the shoreshim of Judaism.

First the Kotel, now the Cave of Machpelah. Is there nothing to which UNESCO won’t stoop? We condemn the very suggestion that this hallowed ground is anything but a holy place in our rich, beautiful history.

But why should we be surprised?

And the irony as usual? The Cave of Machpelah is maintained as a holy place for both Jews and Muslims and anyone else who wants to feel its significance.

If the Palestinians had their way, in a matter of time it would be off limits to the Jewish people.

And that would come with UNESCO validation.

It is, as one person called it, “A pogrom on Jewish history.”

But again.

Why should we be surprised at anything UNESCO tries to wrest away from Israel and the Jewish people?