Monday, February 17, 2020

Tosefta are still being written on the Iranian Nuke deal by pundits, politicos, ponderers and opinionator. But Jewish leaders around the world, members of the U.S. Congress and the Senate, including Bibi, are fuming, saying it accomplishes nothing, and some going so far as to compare it to Chamberlain’s appeasement of Hitler. Is it a dangerous deal? Absolutely.

As the Secretary of State made clear in his post-deal comments, no one trusts the Iranians—they now get six months to prove they aren’t a pack of liars. Kerry says everything will be verified daily (see front page story) if terms aren’t met, the military option never goes away and sanctions will be strengthened and increased. Israel is already meeting with the White House on the next phase of the negotiations. In the meantime, Israeli investors have put their money on the positive spin—the Israeli stock market went through the roof right after the deal was announced. Curious.

Curiouser than that is Israel’s sudden affection for Saudi Arabia, born of the shifting political and religious ties in the Middle East. The only possible explanation must be based on that eternal Middle Eastern adage, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” We’ve heard of strange bedfellows, but this relationship strains credulity.

For over a century, Saudi Arabia, purveyor of the 1979 OPEC oil shortage in the U.S. and prime manipulator of gas prices used billions upon billions of dollars—earned from American consumers—to fund and disseminate the extreme Wahabi form of Islam around the world. Al Qaeda is a creature of Wahabism. Terrorism is its youth movement. Wahabism was the prime sponsor of 9/11 and all ensuing acts of terror, many paid for by Saudi Arabia. They are as much a terrorism funder of Sunnis as Iran is of Shiites.

Saudi Arabia has funded all of Israel’s enemies with the money they needed to purchase weapons and wage war against Israel from Day One. They have paid for and disseminated Nazi propaganda and paid for anti-Semitic programs and curricula in the Sunni world that have seeped the world in hatred of the Jews and others, including other Muslims, acting as the inheritors of Hitler’s legacy. The Saudis have blocked every avenue to an Israeli peace with the Palestinians by pushing people to the extremes and punishing moderates. The Saudis bought off countries to make sure that resolution after resolution at the U.N. is directed against human rights violations by Israel, and not at genocidiers, human traffickers and terroristic regimes. No regime is more responsible for the chaos in the Middle East than Saudi Arabia, a regime that is repressive, hates Jews and women, and we all know the rest of their story.

So ask yourselves…is this the story of the scorpion and the fox? Is Bibi going to put a scorpion on his back and risk everything by throwing in with the Saudis against the U.S? If the scorpion, being a scorpion, stings him and they both drown, then what? Or is this the story from Yeshayahu describing Yemai Moshiach, when the lion and the lamb and the cows and the tigers all lay down in peace? People plan and make decisions in a world of unintended consequences—and God laughs.

And two key questions remain—What will be done with Iran to stop its funding of the terrorists hitting Israel and targets around the world? What will be done with Saudi Arabia to stop its funding of the terrorists hitting Israel and targets around the world?