Monday, May 20, 2019


New Jersey: America’s Newest Hotbed of Intolerance?



Recent publicized moves by both the New Jersey town and state university to reverse anti-Semitic bias are no better than dabbing makeup over a festering blemish.

Mahwah, which by its regrettable

Toelet: Journalistic Ethics and the ‘Benefit’ of Publishing Bad News

Last week, as I began to follow leads for what I thought might be an important but short story about old allegations of sexual abuse against a local resident that took place in the 1980s, I realized something else was happening. Because many of my best high school memories were spent at United Synagogue Youth (USY) shabbatonim,

Losing Rav Shteinman, a True Gadol Hador

Just hours before Israelis would celebrate the joy of Chanukah’s first light, they would first experience the sadness as the flame of a life dedicated to Torah, a true gadol hador, came to an end.

We join the hundreds of thousands, who gathered in Bnei Brak and worldwide, in mourning the death

A Time for Thanks and a Prayer for Peace

History was made on Wednesday. President Donald Trump’s announcement that the U.S. will recognize the rightful identity of Jerusalem makes it official in the eyes of the world that the place of our holy Temples, Jewish birthright and the seat of the Israeli government, is, in fact, Israel’s capital.

Bob Fisher Is Not Far West USY

I have called the East Coast my home for almost 20 years. However, most friends of mine know I grew up in Southern California, where, in addition to still having family there, I maintain many friendships from my childhood and high school years. I credit a fair few of my universally great

US to Move Embassy to Jerusalem

It’s a historic move without precedent. Twenty-two years of American foreign policy are set to be forever altered with the move of Israel’s US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. But many in the organized Jewish community have seen this coming; Then-candidate Donald Trump made a campaign promise at the AIPAC conference in March,

Trump Recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital

Seven decades of American foreign policy are now forever altered with the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital by the United States. On Wednesday afternoon, President Trump declared Jerusalem the capital city of Israel, and directed his State Department to begin preparations to move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Are Palestinians Up to the Task of Peace?

This week we gladly note the November 29 70th anniversary of the United Nations’ passing of Resolution 181, making history with the partition of the former British Mandate for Palestine into two states, one Jewish and the other Arab, with Jerusalem designated an international zone under U.N. control.

My Kinus Experience

(Many thanks to all those who commented online and in person over the weekend about the busy week I wrote about in last week’s edition. Yes, I have recovered and it’s now time for me to finish up what I said I was going to be writing about—my attendance at this year’s annual Kinus HaShluchim—Conference of

What a Week!

Last week was perhaps one of the busiest, most packed weeks I have ever experienced as the publisher of The Jewish Link, and now that I have begun to recover from it, I just had to write about it and share it with our readership.

The week kicked off with the standing-room-only, jam-packed

From a Polish Rally, the All Too Familiar

From all accounts, it seems as if Poland experienced a “Charlottesville” of its own this past Sunday.

The difference, and it’s a huge one, is that Poland was home to over 3 million Jews prior to the Holocaust. One third of Warsaw’s pre-World War II population was Jewish.

A Small Town With a Big, Surviving Heart

Sutherland Springs. Until last Sunday, it could be written with certainty that few of us knew much of anything about this small Texas town located some 21 miles outside of San Antonio.

As the news unfolded, we learned of evil’s unspeakable practice, and the carnage was and is still too difficult to