Sunday, September 22, 2019


Welcome to Our New Literary Link

We are proud to bring to our readers and advertisers a new “chapter” within the pages of the Jewish Link. This week, with Chanukah approaching, we bring you our Literary Link (beginning on page 47) filled with book reviews, selection summaries, informative advertisements and pretty much a volume of information for good reads, books for

Project Ezrah Is All of Us Helping All of Us

Sometimes hope can be best defined by an employment opportunity or a workable family budget. It is taken for granted sometimes that everyone knows how to be financially responsible and live self-sufficiently. We also know, sometimes all too well, that financial ruin can happen to anyone, at any time, for many reasons.

A Pain in the Neck

I grew up as an only child in a house that happened to have four other children in it, with whom I shared both a mother and father, genetically speaking, who also lived in the same house. My relationship with my mother was relatively unencumbered by these two older brothers and two younger sisters, whom I began to appreciate as

What It Means to Have an Education Secretary Who Backs School Choice

The Orthodox Union has backed the Donald Trump administration’s choice of Elisabeth “Betsy” DeVos as its education secretary, and we think it’s an important appointment as well. (See our cover story on this by Phil Jacobs, which jumps to page 70.)

Mrs. DeVos, from Michigan, and a political ally

A Day to Be Grateful

Whether we choose to engage or not in the symbolism, food, “Black Friday” and football of an American holiday such as Thanksgiving, we think it a perfect time to be grateful or to at least find reminders of why we should be.

Indeed, the nation has spent the better part of the year easily

Support for YU’s New President

Rabbi Dr. Ari Berman, who will succeed Richard Joel as Yeshiva University’s fifth president, is stepping into a role as vaunted as the institution he will represent.

The flagship institution of Modern Orthodoxy, a university with thousands of students, alumni, musmachim and friends among our readership

One Nation, Indivisible: Supporting Our New President and Congressman

The nation has just begun to emerge from an epic battle of historical proportions and meaning. Many months have passed of heated, sometimes ugly debates and no shortage of controversies. Many times, we, as a nation, were more concerned about a candidate’s personal transgressions than their policy stances.

The Days After November 8

When we write our next editorial, for the November 10 Jewish Link, there will likely be a brand-new president-elect of the United States of America.

We know there is always the chance that the election could be disputed, but it is our hope that no matter who wins, the other candidate gets on the phone,

Why I Am Endorsing Marty Ramirez for Teaneck Board of Education

As a Teaneck Councilman, it is my pleasure to work collaboratively with partners who have a strong connection to Teaneck and a steadfast regard for public service. That’s why I am endorsing my friend and fellow Teaneck resident Martin “Marty” Ramirez, a lawyer and former public school teacher, who is seeking a seat on the

T-Minus Two Weeks and Counting

After all the inspiration and davening, not to mention all the shopping, cooking and cleaning, it’s perhaps difficult to believe that we are on the other side of the Yamim Noraim and the festive days of Sukkot and Simchat Torah.

As we head back to our regularly scheduled programming of work

Again, Words That Incite

The New York Times has never missed a chance to tell everyone how the United States should work with Israel. No, we shouldn’t be surprised with the newspaper’s editorial board, based on its track record on Israel.

The building of homes in Amona isn’t going to stand in the way of peace between

World Leaders Show Respect for Peres

If there was a Mount Rushmore in Israel, surely the late Shimon Peres’s sculpted image would be on it. The very minutes after his September 28 death due to a stroke were the State of Israel’s first without him.

He was admired as a defender of Israel and the Jewish people, and as a man whose vision included finding a way toward a peaceful solution in the