Thursday, September 19, 2019


Our Focus on Special Needs, Disabilities & Inclusion

I originally intended to write a relatively short piece about how proud we are as a paper to participate in National Jewish Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month (JDAIM) this February. We are also proud to make this week’s issue of the paper our Special Needs edition (starting on page 41) and doubly proud to feature articles and

Pondering Women’s Prayer at the Wall

Like many Modern Orthodox Jews, we ponder the impact of the Israeli government’s recent decision to permit egalitarian, pluralistic prayer in the Kotel area known as Robinson’s Arch.

The Western Wall Plaza has a prayer area with segregated men and women’s sections in line with Orthodox custom. The

Mazel tov

Mazel tov to former JLNJ intern Ilan Swartz-Brownstein, a beatboxing member of Yeshiva University's a capella group Y-Studs, for making it to the national competition on the upcoming season of America's Got Talent.
We can't wait for your performance from Los Angeles!


Iran’s Despicable Act of ‘Humor’

The Obama Administration worked to release hundreds of billions of dollars to the Iranian regime.

It bought into a nuclear “deal” that at best temporarily delays the inevitable, an Iran with military-grade nuclear capabilities.

Earlier this month, its Navy held 10

Losing Three Precious Souls

The secular year 2016 has started in a sad way. In a mere matter of days we have lost three precious Jewish souls in our local communities.

Daniella Moffson, 21, of the Upper East Side and a Barnard junior, died on a volunteer mission when her bus crashed and overturned in Honduras last

We Stand With Fair Lawn’s Leaders

It’s not often that two of our editors drive out to Fair Lawn on a busy workday to meet with the mayor. But it was for more than an interview that made us rush to John Cosgrove’s side this week. It was to express thanks and solidarity to him for standing, constantly, for the security of all of Fair Lawn’s citizens, and particularly to

Becoming True Partners in Torah

For over 22 years, Jews of little or no Torah background, and those who grew up in religious homes and attended yeshiva day schools, have found common ground sitting opposite one another at a table, or sitting, thousands of miles apart, at one end of a telephone.

Partners in Torah is an

Looking Forward to a Better, More Secure 2016

A year ago, as 2014 was melting into 2015, we hoped, as we do each year, for a year of good news and good health for the Jewish people here, in Israel and all over the world.

But it was just a week before the shiny hope we typically bring into a new year was tarnished. Chances were good that

Looking Back, Looking Ahead: 2015 Reflections

2015 was the first full year that Essex and Union counties were “linked” with Bergen through the newspaper formerly known as the Jewish Link of Bergen County, now the Jewish Link of New Jersey. Bergen County has long been associated with Jewish life—its schools, restaurants and other kosher amenities are appreciated and used by many

May Another Force Be With You

Far be it for us to bring down all the enthusiasm for this latest Star Wars experience, but the branding of this movie is not just within the walls of the cinema; it seems like droids and lightsabers are showing up on clothing, toys and school supplies, and certainly will be a hit come time for Purim costumes.

Another Day in ‘Palestine’

Welcome to another day in “Palestine,” where 67 percent of the population favors the recent use of knife attacks and the murder of Israelis. Why aren’t the pro-BDS liberals crying out in condemnation of such a position?

The poll, conducted by an outfit called the Palestinian Center for Policy and

If God Isn’t Fixing This, Who Is?

“God Isn’t Fixing This.”

That was the controversial front-page headline on the New York Daily News a week ago.

The theme of the message was to take on largely Republican presidential candidates who urge Americans to keep the families and victims of terrorism in