Tuesday, September 17, 2019


Pikuach Nefesh Must Trump Metzitzah B’Peh

One of the most mortifying moments in Jewish life was watching a clip on youtube of Anthony Weiner, who was making his post-scandal run for Mayor of NYC sitting with the Munkatcher Rebbe in Boro Park. The rebbe pleaded his case for metzitzah B’peh (MBP). “Only a few babies die, compared to thousands who live,” he told Weiner, who readily agreed to do what he

Listen America! Qatar and Hamas Are Not Your Friends

On an ancient sitcom called Car 54 Where Are You? Toody’s wife, Lucille, would stick her head out the window and yell, “Listen, Amer­ica!” followed by some pearl of wisdom, like, “My husband is a nut.” We, too, have been sticking our heads out and screaming, “Lis­ten, America!” Today we yell the same thing PM Netanyahu said on Wednesday in reac­tion to

Strange Bedfellows

Wednesday was a strange day, but the murmurings had begun early last week, af­ter ISIL (the name changes almost weekly, and we need to find a permanent acronym for these insane religious extremists) trapped thousands of Yazidis on a mountain in Iraq, murdered thousands of Christians and took over a major dam, cities all over Iraq and even towns on the Syria and

It Felt Like Tisha B’Av

The events of the last three weeks drove home for the Jewish people – once again, unfortunately - the challenges and difficul­ties we face. The three weeks began with the end of mourning period for three innocent boys on their way home from school and later changed to rage and self-reflection when three young Jewish lunatics inciner­ated alive an innocent Arab

Hyperbole, Hypocrisy and Hate: The Lethal Mix

Most of the producers, directors, reporters, broadcast facilities and editorial offices of the biggest media corporations are in our back­yard. It is amazing that they are either so igno­rant, or so hypocritical, or dare we say it, so an­tisemitic, because of the subtle ways in which they sabotage the facts of what is going on in Israel and Gaza. They exonerate the

Words Can Kill and Words Can Heal

After the Holocaust, the Jewish people have been self-perceived and perceived by others as being voices of moral authority. After all, we were victims, and we do everything we can to defend ourselves in every moral and ethical way ever since and we speak out on behalf of other victims. We did not seem to have among us, except in extremely rare instances, the kinds of

Run for the Boys

Kol HaKavod to Todd Brody for thinking up a great way to raise awareness about #bring­backourboys. On this first Summer Sunday, let’s all get out and join him and the people he has managed to bring together to show our support for the boys and their families and to remind government officials and the me­dia that silence is not an option. Let’s

The Silence is Deafening

Millions of prayers have been uttered; mil­lions of kapitlach of Tehillim have been recited since last Erev Shabbos, when three innocent boys were snatched out of their normal, yeshi­va lives and turned into pawns for Hamas terror­ists—whose hatred of the Jewish people was nur­tured within them from the moment they took their first breaths on

An Open Letter to the Presbyterians

Rabbi Irving Greenberg, known to many as Yitz Greenberg, is one of the seminal transformative Jewish thinkers and teachers beginning in the 1960’s through today. Like many in the Jewish community who value our interfaith relationships, Rabbi Greenberg is deeply concerned by some of the proposed actions by the Presbyterian Church (USA) in

YU and Bergen Need Each Other

Bergen County is the bedroom commu­nity for hundreds of families who have invest­ed their time, money and children, their own livelihoods and souls in Yeshiva University and trusted YU to do for their children what was done for them—to have them excel in the sec­ular world as well as the religious world. Some of our neighbors’ grandparents were the founders and

It Came to Us on Shavous, It Came and Made Us Free

Torah, to quote the song we learned as kids for this Yom Tov, came and brought us liberty. It gave us a set of basic rules, the Aseret Hadibrot, and then Hashem said, as He held Har Sinai over our heads: Now you have breirah chofshi, you get to make your own choices; you get to be responsible and accountable for your own actions.

It is interesting that Shavuos

It’s a Crying Shame

The jarring news this week came from the closing of the Early Childhood Center at Temple Emeth, on Windsor Road in Teaneck. The venerable program was established 20+ years ago, and grew into a vibrant pre-school center that infused toddlers from all walks of Jewish life with an enthusiasm for Judaism and built bridges of understanding between very different families.