Sunday, December 08, 2019


Give Peace A Chance?

The Torah and Talmud are very clear about the pursuit of peace... Tanach and Chazal have always been more concerned with peace than war. After all, the Torah is the first document to ever to discuss peace as a normal condition of life. Devorim 20 makes it clear Hashem is our warrior, and anyone who ever committed an aveyrah cannot be a soldier. Even the order

Revenge Is Best Served Cold

What did Obama’s Shabbos Surprise accomplish? For one thing, once he threw the matter into Congress’ lap he bought himself and the American people some time, while adhering to the letter of the Constitution, and took the wind out of the sails of those who were absolutely certain he would act unilaterally, justifying, in their minds, his impeachment. Buying time

Oseh Shalom Bimromov, Hu Yaaseh Shalom Aleinu...

As the latest round of Mideast peace talks begin anew, we understand the need to be realistic peacemakers, as those who understand the huge risks of making peace, and who are pained by all the deaths and misery and stress that has gone before and may well continue after these next nine months are spent talking. After all, many in our community have close relatives in

The Education Time Bomb

Thirty years or more ago, when the late great Senator from New Jersey and UJA lay leader, Frank Lautenberg, greeted a mission from Bergen County to Washington, D.C. he was asked about school vouchers. His reply was a barely polite negative. Vouchers drain public schools of their resources, he said, and last week, so did three of the four Democratic candidates vying for

Thoughts On Our 10th Issue - Living in Interesting Times

Gathering news from around the world as we do, it is obvious that we are living in interesting and tough times – and the last few weeks have been particularly rough. Yet readers who riffle through the pages of JLBC, see our great hopes for the future reflected in the happy shining faces of our community’s children, who play together and grow up together in a

Patience Has Limits

About 30 years ago, attempts were made to change what Orthodox women learned in Kallah classes as the issue of spousal abuse received more public attention and attitudes changed. As divorce rates rose both in society and in the Jewish community, a number of women found that they could not easily free themselves of such men and the issues of domestic violence and child

Going Forward

So many people walk around with a sense of victimhood, and you would think that Holocaust survivors in particular would feel that way. Some do. My mother doesn’t. She went through it, and as I watched her fight her way back from death’s door last week to overcome a deadly infection, heart failure, pneumonia and even dementia, I understood the difference between a

Princesses of Long Island? NOT!

Bravo, the network that loves to bring you “real life” in the form of exaggerated stereotypes, has done it again. Instead of Housewives of New Jersey, Atlanta, Orange County and elsewhere, we now have Princesses of Long Island, a reality (bites) show that showcases six young ostensibly Jewish women, nearing 30, looking for Jewish husbands. One of them labels

Knaidle, Kneydel, Knoedel, Whatever!

Last week there was a tempest in a pot of chicken soup caused by—a spelling bee— that took over the headlines and generated more hype than important news breaking in the Middle East—a cute weapon of mass distraction with a hidden message.  The heated and mostly humorous debate over spelling and pronunciation over the Yiddish word for dumpling, or matzoh ball,

Music is the Answer

New York—For many, the summer months are associated with vacation, camp, or perhaps the beach. However, there are people unable to partake in these months of fun and excitement. Confined to their nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, or hospital beds, or as shut-ins, the sick and elderly’s only summer experience is the passing of the hot sun across their

Gedolei Yisroel to Provide Chizuk at Dirshu Siyyum: Tens of Thousands Expected to Participate in Asifas Chizuk for Lomdei Torah

Jerusalem—Thousands of bnei Torah from across Eretz Yisroel are expected to flock to Binyanei Haumah to participate in a Torah gathering of a magnitude that has not been held in Eretz Yisroel since the historic Dirshu World Siyum marking the previous Siyum HaShas.

In an unprecedented outpouring of chizuk for the

The Chaos Conundrum: Where Do We Go From Here?

When the enemy of your enemy is about to get you, it’s time to ally with the lesser of your enemies. Jordan is a peace partner, teetering on the edge, with Daniel Pipes predicting its demise. Egypt is a peace partner that needs Israel to control the mess on the Sinai borders, with HAMAS and other extremists filtering into Egypt and causing chaos there. Saudi Arabia