Sunday, December 16, 2018


Yachad’s Warmest Month of The Year

There certainly are events in Israel, Europe, on Capitol Hill and locally that impact all of us. Goodness knows it’s been a wild week on Wall Street, and issues such as funding the federal government, immigration and others seem ever-present.

But let’s not forget that despite the cold weather, February is truly one of the “warmest” months of the year.

Poland Still Must Face Its History

3.5 million.

No, that’s not the jackpot in this week’s lottery. That’s the number of Jews who lived in Poland in 1939, the year of Germany’s Polish invasion.


Welcome to Poland’s current Jewish population.

To Abbas: No US, No Peace

It should come as no surprise that PA President Mahmoud Abbas announced he’d only agree to a broad, internationally backed panel to mediate any peace talks with Israel.

The Palestinians are frantically perseverating over President Trump’s recognition last month of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

‘Youthful Indiscretions;’ Let’s Keep This L’Shem Shamayim

Since our editorial last week, much has been said about the issues confronting our

The Yeshiva High School Bubble Does Not Protect Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Since we, as parents, invest so much in private yeshiva high school education for our children, we might think that these academically sound, rigorously moral institutions will serve as protection for our teens from the immense pull of alcohol and drug use.

However, as we have learned in recent months,

A Sad Beginning to a New Year

You did not have to know either the Steinberg family of Scarsdale, New York, or the Weiss family of Belleair, Florida, personally. If you are a member of a Jewish community, you know them well, especially if you are active in your shul, federation, school or camp.

2018 had a gut-wrenching

Letting Hope Take Us to 2018

How could we have known that Donald Trump, the president who triggers such a visceral reaction in this nation, would boldly tell the world that Jerusalem was undeniably Israel’s capital and our nation’s embassy was destined for our people’s most holy city?

Along those lines, how could we have known

New Jersey: America’s Newest Hotbed of Intolerance?



Recent publicized moves by both the New Jersey town and state university to reverse anti-Semitic bias are no better than dabbing makeup over a festering blemish.

Mahwah, which by its regrettable

Toelet: Journalistic Ethics and the ‘Benefit’ of Publishing Bad News

Last week, as I began to follow leads for what I thought might be an important but short story about old allegations of sexual abuse against a local resident that took place in the 1980s, I realized something else was happening. Because many of my best high school memories were spent at United Synagogue Youth (USY) shabbatonim,

Losing Rav Shteinman, a True Gadol Hador

Just hours before Israelis would celebrate the joy of Chanukah’s first light, they would first experience the sadness as the flame of a life dedicated to Torah, a true gadol hador, came to an end.

We join the hundreds of thousands, who gathered in Bnei Brak and worldwide, in mourning the death

A Time for Thanks and a Prayer for Peace

History was made on Wednesday. President Donald Trump’s announcement that the U.S. will recognize the rightful identity of Jerusalem makes it official in the eyes of the world that the place of our holy Temples, Jewish birthright and the seat of the Israeli government, is, in fact, Israel’s capital.

Bob Fisher Is Not Far West USY

I have called the East Coast my home for almost 20 years. However, most friends of mine know I grew up in Southern California, where, in addition to still having family there, I maintain many friendships from my childhood and high school years. I credit a fair few of my universally great