Wednesday, October 24, 2018


NJ Attorney General Visits Rutgers Chabad

If New Jersey’s attorney general wanted to check on the social climate of the state’s largest college, and see in particular if Jewish students are concerned about incidents of anti-Semitism on campus, Rutgers Chabad would be a wise place to make inquiries. At Rutgers Chabad he would also get insight in how to educate

The Alcohol Keeps on Flowing

Baruch Hashem, I had the zechus of spending a wonderful Sukkot with my family in the most beautiful place in the world: Yerushalayim. While it was a truly remarkable and uplifting experience in so many ways, it was sadly tarnished by certain behaviors that I witnessed over Yom Tov.

As I walked

Sen. Menendez Sees High Stakes in Upcoming Midterms

(Third in a four-part series)

During the March 2018 AIPAC Policy Conference in the nation’s capital, Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) was asked to stop and shake hands with many admirers during an evening reception.

The ranking Democrat on the powerful Senate

My Moment With a Giant

It was just a moment. One among many thousands of contact points in the life of an inspirational figure. One that passed too quickly, but its impression still reverberates.

I don’t know how tall Ari Fuld was. It didn’t matter. He was a strapping man whose personality was much larger than his

Sephardic Brit Yitzhak: A Powerful Teaching Concerning Eliyahu HaNavi

The Zohar and

Eliyahu HaNavi

It is the highlight of the Zohar reading of the Brit Yitzhak, the gathering of family and friends at the home of a Sephardic family about to celebrate the brit milah of their son the evening

Post Yom Tov Reflections: The Spiritual Journey From ‘I’ to ‘You’

In listening to the Torah readings during the festive Yom Tov of Sukkot, it occurred to me that the bookend sefarim of Bereishit and Devarim offer us a paradigm for the lifelong spiritual journey mankind is expected to traverse. Moreover, I believe it is for this reason that Bereishit and Zot HaBracha are conjoined in the Torah

What Is the Meaning of ‘Sechvi’ in the First Morning Blessing?

The phrase “mi natan la-sechvi vinah?” (=who gave the “sechvi” understanding?) is found at Job 38:36. The verse has two parts: who put wisdom in “tuchot,” and who gave understanding to the “sechvi”? (“Le-havchin bein…” is not in the verse.)

With regard to the word

Beyond Elimination

In Boston they are rejoicing, in Queens they are breathing a sigh of relief, and in the Bronx they are grumbling morbidly. The Yankees season is over! 2018 will not be the year the Yankees win their 28th championship! To lose on a reviewed play to their hated rival Red Sox just makes it worse.

Reaching Out to the Unreachable

Parshat Lech Lecha

This week’s haftarah, like the two that preceded it, is found in Sefer Yeshayahu. However, unlike those selections whose messages focus on the moral decay of humanity (Bereishit) or upon God’s destruction of the wicked in order to rebuild the world (Noach), this haftarah

Teenage Development: A Study in Contrasts

At the start of every school year we, perhaps not so coincidentally, revisit Sefer Bereishit and emerge renewed from the Yamim Noraim alongside the emergence of Adam Harishon. As we in the school setting acquaint ourselves with our new student body, we read of Hashem’s creation of man and the dynamic personality with which He

Does the Price Tag Determine Fashion?

We’ve always had a difficult time in understanding the necessity of wearing clothing that has a brand name or logo on it. Wouldn’t it make more sense for a company to pay us for wearing a garment with their logo on it than for us to have to pay to wear it? Intentionally, as our children were growing up we refrained from buying

Arming Our Teachers

School safety is of paramount concern for every community. Each school has the responsibility to protect students and teachers from the type of lethal craziness that currently exists due to the widespread and gratuitous availability of handguns and assault weapons. Schools deal with this reality in different ways. ID