Monday, June 17, 2019

The Shpielmans, the uniquely detailed and soulfully crafted Jewish figurine set, have made history...again. The Jewish Link reported two weeks ago that The Shpielmans were featured in a video version of the popular ‘Baby Shark’ song, called “The Shpielmans Baby Shark Chanukah Video.”

Just over three weeks since its release, the video has gone viral! More than 25,000 views have been registered on sites such as Youtube, onlysimchas, Instagram, Whatsapp and other social media influencers.

Yehuda Miller, Shpielmans director of logistics, commented, “We are overwhelmed by the positive response! We wanted to create something that the world would appreciate and find value in. We wanted to bring smiles to adults’ and children’s faces. Thanks to the team of master vocalist Hillel Kapnick, and Michael Cohen of Premium Video of Englewood, we did it.

The Shpielmans toy, with its 31-piece Jewish family and accessory set, is the most intricate and detailed toy of its kind. Sales are heavily underway via Shpielmans.com, Amazon and Judaica outlets.

Raz Winiarsky, MD, orthopedic surgeon and one of the creative thinkers behind The Shpielmans, stated, “We are thrilled people are enjoying the toy. The Shpielmans will in the future be a leader in culturally sensitive and diversified figurines. Expect us to deliver enhanced variety and increased quality. Watch for our Mizrahi and  Chabad sets to come. Happy Chanukah from The Shpielman family!”

For more information, or with questions, please call Yehuda Miller at 845-558-4497 or email [email protected]

To watch the video, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYSv1O8NL3o