Friday, September 20, 2019

(Courtesy of Offices of Kean and Thomson) Assemblymen Sean Kean and Edward “Ned” Thomson lauded the passage of their bill establishing Economic Development Day in New Jersey, which recently passed in the assembly by a vote of 76-0, clearing the way for New Jersey to become the first state in the country to designate this day to promote economic growth.

The legislators praised the efforts of Duvi Honig of the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce for the vital role he played in the unanimous passage of this bipartisan measure through both the senate and assembly.

“I hope that establishing a New Jersey Economic Development Day will serve as a catalyst to encourage economic development in the state. We have tremendous resources in New Jersey that could be enhanced and better coordinated to stimulate economic growth and job creation,” said Kean. “I commend Duvi Honig and the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce for coming up with this idea and supporting businesses in New Jersey.”

The legislation, AJR-139/SJR-72, designates the second Monday in May of each year as Economic Development Day in the state. It also calls for increased cooperation among the business community and public officials in order to improve the state’s economic development efforts. The measure was approved by the assembly on March 25 by a vote of 76-0 and had passed 39-0 in the senate in September.

“Establishing Economic Development Day in New Jersey will encourage vital coordination between government and business leaders that will help us build a more prosperous state,” said Thomson. “I applaud the efforts of Duvi Honig of the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce for his vision and commitment to promoting our state’s economic growth through the creation of Economic Development Day.”