Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Last week Camp Acheinu, (the newest boys camp in Bergen County!) had a Chopped competition. Rabbi Avidgor Gutnicki, program director, led a fierce competition where campers in our oldest bunks were given the opportunity to compete in a food competition and showcase their best desserts, sandwiches and pizzas. The competition began with 12 campers making desserts using graham cracker crusts, custards, whipped cream and other condiments. After some campers were chopped, the remaining candidates went on to the sandwich round. The boys made delicious sandwiches using baguettes, tuna, cheese, lettuce, mayo and other foods. The two finalists went on to the third and final round—the pizza round. The two finalists, Yosef Finkelstein and Izzy Stechler, both Bergen County residents, made some delicious pizzas, but one boy had to get chopped. Stechler was pronounced Camp Acheinu Chopped champion! All the campers enjoyed watching this fun activity and a good time was had by all!