Monday, February 17, 2020

(Courtesy of Englewood Krav Maga) Opening in early September 2019, the instructors and students at Englewood Krav Maga (EKM) are excited about both the completion of their new state-of-the-art training facility as well as their new expanded self-defense programs for kids, women, seniors and adults of all ages.

In addition to their regular classes for children as young as 3 years old, EKM is now offering specially structured six-week daytime programs designed specifically for women (ages 13+) and seniors (ages 50+).

All EKM classes are designed to teach not only the defensive techniques that one may use if they are put in a dangerous situation, but they also teach students how to be aware of their environment, and more importantly, to be able to recognize when and how to remove themselves from a bad or uncomfortable situation before they need to become physical.

EKM classes for young children focus on building concentration, listening skills, discipline and physical fitness, while their classes for children ages 6-12 years cover all the same self-defense techniques as adult Krav Maga classes but at a more kid-friendly pace.

EKM’s head instructor has been training students in self-defense and physical fitness for over a dozen years and encourages all of his students to achieve their full potential by providing expert training in a safe and structured environment that is open to all. Mr. Berrios has trained in Krav Maga under Grandmaster Rhon Mizrachi since 2002, after over two decades of world-class accomplishments in other combat arts including Katsugo Kickboxing Karate and Sambo.

Learn more about EKM programs by stopping by or visiting their website at www.EnglewoodKravMaga.com.  201-567-9300. 26 East Forest Avenue, Englewood.