Friday, July 19, 2019


Internet Overexposure: An Open Letter to My Student’s Parents

Dear Mr. and Mrs. [Name Withheld for Privacy],

I am writing this letter on behalf of your son.

As I’m sure you know already, your son is an extremely bright and talented young man. He is proud of his family and community and speaks so highly of you, his

Words From Two Wise Women: We Are the Normal Ones

Many years ago before my wife and I married, I met a woman who made a striking and memorable comment on a date. She mentioned how she enjoyed visiting the beach in the summer. She noted that she was fully dressed and that her presence at a beach did not pose the halachic problems faced by males.

Walking Humbly With God

Parshat Balak

The closing words of this week’s haftarah are among the most familiar in all of Tanach. The navi Micha’s statement that Hashem demands no more of you than “……asot mishpat v’ahavat chesed v’hatz’ne’ah lechet im Elokecha,” “doing justice, loving kindness and

Beit Al Maqdas, the House of Prayer for All Nations That Omar Built


A Judeo-Arabic chronicle from the Cairo Genizah (circa 11th century) describing how the Jews assisted Omar in cleansing the Temple Mount and the renewal of Jewish settlement in Jerusalem.

At the time of the Arab conquest of Jerusalem in circa

The Various Meanings of the Root ‘Samech-Peh-Resh’

This root has a few meanings in Tanach: the verbs “count,” and “tell a story,” and the nouns “sefer” (= letter or scroll), and “sofer” (scribe). A major issue is whether all these meanings are related.

Let us first address the easy question. Is there a relationship between

France Prepares for Torah Revolution As Dirshu World Siyum Approaches

HaGaon HaRav Chizkiyahu Mishkovsky, shlita, heads Dirshu 
chizuk delegation to promote Daf HaYomi learning in France.

“We felt the tremendous thirst for Torah and for the dvar Hashem wherever we went in France. The way thousands hung on to every word spoken by HaGaon HaRav

Privacy in the Age of Social Media

Let’s talk about privacy, shall we?

Oh, just a second. Hang on for a minute, I am taking a selfie and uploading it to Instagram… Click, upload, done. Great. Let’s see how many likes my selfie will get.

I am back with you.

Fly Me to the Moon

As I said Kiddush Levana this month, I had some extra kavana in one of the pesukim we say. It was “k’sheim she’ani rokeid, Just as I dance and jump opposite you [the moon] and can’t reach you, so should all my enemies be unable to reach me for bad.” What prompted this extra reflection? The upcoming 50th anniversary of the

Midot for Life

Some might say: If I knew what my mission in life was, I would do it like nobody’s business. If God Himself came to me and told me what the purpose of life is all about, what I need to do, what is right and what is wrong, I would follow it down to a tee. Let’s discuss why this is an unreliable statement, even if in theory this

When It Is Appropriate To Say Nothing

We thought everyone knows the adage that “If you cannot say anything nice do not say anything at all.” Obviously those words resonate well with some, but we keep finding out that many have not learned exactly what the words imply. Personally, we have experienced the pure stupidity of words that were spoken to us that were

12 Things I Learned in College

College is a singular experience, especially when you attend a Jewish college. I love it, but Stern has its quirks and it’s not always easy to catch on. If you’re attending this fall, never fear; I have compiled my top tips for all your survival needs.

Food costs money. A lot of money. Why

War and Peace: A Camp Newsletter

Wow! Yet another exciting week at Camp Agudas Eizov! How surprising! With the Nine Days fast approaching (ouch), we really tried to pack in the activities this week:


Early this week, we finally started teaching everyone the camp song!