Friday, October 18, 2019


Elie Y. Katz, second from left, meeting with Jewish leaders from around the state and Colonel Callahan of the NJ State Police to discuss house of worship safety and preparations for the upcoming holidays.

Turn off That Smartphone, Mom and Dad

(Editor’s Note: In light of the recent announcement and recently named Screening Our Future campaign initiated by the six Bergen County yeshiva elementary schools about kids and device use, the Jewish Link has  committed itself to publishing relevant articles on this important topic on a regular basis. The article below is

The Mufti’s Meeting With Hitler in Berlin

Part II

As German historian Peter Longerich explained, when Hitler met the Grand Mufti on November 28, 1941, at the Reich Chancellery in Berlin, Hitler informed him that Germany was “resolved to urge one European nation after the other, step by step, to contribute to the solution of the

Keys to Happiness

Most people don’t think about their keys that much, except when they lay down for an afternoon nap.


The thing about key chains is that they’re designed to dig into you. You’re basically carrying around a ring of tiny saws in your pocket. I

Mezuzah Madness

The mitzvah of the mezuzah is a fascinating concept. The Jewish People are told that they should affix certain passages to their door-posts and this applies to the doors of their homes, offices and other places of occupancy. So while Jews are not required to hang up their coats or hats (take that mom!), they must hang up their

Melding STEM With the Jewish Humanities

For as long as parents and teachers have been educating children there has existed a tension between two complementary but also at times competing values. On the one hand, education is an investment in a profession. By that standard, a successful educational outcome is judged by whether a pupil is adequately prepared to enter the

Is the Glass Only Half Empty?

Parshat Ki Teitzei

The confluence of Shabbat and Rosh Chodesh that occurred two weeks ago, at which time we replaced the usual haftarah of Re’eh with that of Shabbat Rosh Chodesh, grants us the privilege of making up that “loss” this week by reading both the selection for Parshat Ki

Fighting Price Gouging by Adopting a Lenient Opinion: Possible Contemporary Applications

It is possible that if the rabbanim feel that the local merchants are taking advantage of the Jewish community and overcharging for various religious-based needs, they may instruct the community to fight back and rely on lenient halachic opinions. Precedent for adopting a lenient approach to fight price gouging may be found in

What Is the Meaning of ‘Selah’?

We have all recited this simple word thousands of times in our prayers. But what does it mean?

To give you some background, it appears 71 times in Psalms and three times in Habakkuk (all in Chapter 3). It appears nowhere else in Tanach. It never appears at the beginning of a verse, but

Beyond the Impossible Burger

In the food and “foodie”-centric world in which we live there are numerous terms you will likely hear bandied about as the latest and greatest food creations to come forth. It was pointed out to me how sad it is that there is more money to be made by scientists in finding a new artificial sweetener with no calories than there

Success in Jewish Education, Step by Step

One of the most significant objectives in Jewish education is the development of Ahavat Hashem in our students. Indeed, this objective is often expressed as one of the key elements in our collective mission statements. Many of us have a picture in our mind of what Ahavat Hashem looks like: a student involved in mitzvot, in

Davening in the Hall of the Dead

The lights are lit, bracketing the bronze plaque bearing the name of Herbert Barbanel, Nechemia ben Avraham Moshe. It’s up front on the right, toward the bottom of one of the giant yahrtzeit frames that fill nearly all the wall space in this small old beit midrash.

When in New York (I spend