Monday, August 19, 2019


Italian Idyll IV: Prophesy Fulfilled: Hadrian and Akiva

On the morning following their excursion to Rome, the Rabinowitzes planned a visit to the nearby city of Tivoli, halfway between Rome and Fiuggi. It was Friday morning and Jake wanted to make sure they wouldn’t be traveling too far from their hotel as they would need to return in time to prepare for the

Camp Acheinu Comes to Bergen County

(Courtesy of Camp Acheinu) Great news for Bergen County residents!

Camp Acheinu, a day camp for boys entering first through sixth grade, which opened its doors in 2013 in Passaic, has finally found a home in your backyard! As of Summer 2019, Camp Acheinu has relocated to

Camp GrowTorah Finds Inspiration on an Organic Farm

(Courtesy of Camp Grow Torah) Imagine your child frolicking through a field of tomatoes on their way to daven Shacharit. Imagine them caring for chickens and collecting eggs while they learn about tza’ar baalei chaim, causing pain to animals. Imagine your child picking fresh flowers, crushing them up and boiling

Camp Lavi Husbands Make Their Own Night Activity

(Courtesy of Camp Lavi) When the sun goes down and the campers have fun at their night activities, the Lavi husbands play! This past Saturday night, camp husband Steven Kops of West Orange organized a late night Kan Jam tournament. The night activity was a pay-to-play tournament that raised over $200 that went

Make Pocono Raceway Your Next Summer Destination

I want to relate a story and then I want to share why I believe members of our community should join my son Eli and I at Pocono Raceway several times each summer.

Recently, I was at a business meeting in central Florida and a lawyer at the meeting talked about how the next

Anti-Semitism Before Hitler

Part 8

(Continued from last week)

In the 10 years from 1914 to 1924 the world had sunk into ruins for the Germans. The powers of a stable government with the resulting feeling of security had found its end. The war ripped millions of their connections and

Play Coach!

I’ve never been into baseball. The way I see it, there’s nothing you can decide in nine innings that you can’t decide in one. So it’s kind of surprising that I somehow ended up as a coach for my seven-year-old son Daniel’s Yiddle League team.

Yiddle League is a local heimishe baseball

Show-Stopping Shawarma

If someone offered you a sandwich of greasy layered meat that had been slowly spinning and cooking for hours adjacent a low flame, you might think twice. But if someone offered you some shawarma, you likely would not have to think at all. For crazed carnivores longing for some meaty madness, sapid shawarma is an irresistible and

Camp 613 Wet and Wacky Water Carnival Was Wonderful

Camp 613’s wet and wacky water carnival on Wednesday of last week was amazing! With towering water slides, an incredible bubble pit and delicious cotton candy, the campers, staff and administration had an incredible time! It was a fantastic way to beat the heat and have boundless fun!

Camp Shalom Has Fun in the Sun

We had an exciting week with trips and activities for everyone. The older girls got to go to Rye Playland Park and the whole camp participated in the Amazing Race Camp Shalom style.

Kids Help Kids at Camp Shalom

SWIM for SINAI fundraisers continue to take place at local camps throughout the summer.

Camp Shalom campers had a “Funtastic” time at the annual SWIM for SINAI fundraiser on July 12! Camp Shalom was the first camp to participate in SWIM for SINAI eight years ago, and they

Gan Yaldenu Tots of Bergenfield Explores Butterflies

The past week at Gan Yaldenu Tots was all about Butterflies. The children learned all about the life cycle of a butterfly and watched as caterpillars turned into butterflies and held them. They enjoyed baking and decorating butterfly shaped cakes and eating them at Shabbat party.