Sunday, December 16, 2018


Italian Kabbalists and Anti-Kabbalists: The Frances Brothers

Part I

Kabbalah or Lurianic Kabbalah—as taught and popularized by the Arizal—has an interesting and complicated history in Italy. By the 17th century, Lurianic Kabbalah had captured the imagination of large swathes of Jewish Europe and Asia. By the 18th century, a new movement—deeply

Kaplen JCC Waltuch Gallery Hosts Special Exhibit on Polish Righteous Gentiles

(Courtesy of Kaplen JCC on the Palisades) The Kaplen JCC on the Palisades Waltuch Art Gallery, located at 411 E. Clinton Avenue in Tenafly, will present “They Risked Their Lives: Poles Who Saved Jews During the Holocaust” in collaboration with the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews, located in

Teach NJS Thanks Assembly Budget Committee for Approving Bill to Increase Security Aid to Nonpublic Schools

(Courtesy of Teach NJS) Teach NJS, the leading advocacy organization for New Jersey’s nonpublic school children, applauds the New Jersey Assembly Budget Committee for unanimously passing Assembly bill A.4597 at its hearing in Trenton on Thursday, December 6. This legislation would increase security aid to nonpublic school

Magnesium for Women’s Health

Magnesium is one of the most abundant minerals in our body. It is needed for more than 300 functions. It plays an important role in nerve and muscle reactions, a healthy immune system, heart health and creating strong bones. The main source of magnesium is the foods we eat every day. The reason why this topic is so important is

Why Jump Rope?

Seven years ago I created Crossrope because I wanted a better jump rope. Through years of athletic training and fitness routines, I experienced the joy of jumping offset by poor quality ropes that would break and hinder my workouts. The origin of my jump rope venture was painful (literally). In 2011, I tore my pectoral

Leading Gedolei Yisrael to Grace Dirshu International Convention

Motzei Shabbos keynote session to feature siyum on Chelek Gimmel Mishnah Berurah and preview on upcoming world siyumim.

“It’s a Shabbos of Torah, Torah and more chizuk haTorah,” was the way one veteran Dirshu learner described a previous Dirshu International Convention. This

Children’s Book Launch Caps Amazing Chanukah Party at the Beis

It was a party to end all parties, with perhaps more creativity than any single Chanukah event since eight days worth of oil were created out of one.

First the Beis of 313 West 83rd Street in Manhattan celebrated Chanukah with a hot dinner and its patented “Chanukah Jewpardy,” a terrific

My Stories

Part 54

(Continued from previous week)

With this issue today, I have come to the end of sharing from the printed version of “My Stories.” To avoid confusion, I indicated on each part the date it had been written.

Don’t Ask the Health Experts

Chanukah is great, because it gets us to think about health, usually about a week too late.

That said, welcome to “Ask the Health Experts,” where we ask a bunch of common health questions to a panel of experts, none of whom bothered to show up because we forgot to call them.

Cholent Challenge

Is cholent an appetizer, a side dish or an entrée? That is a complicated question, one which—like cholent itself—should be allowed to simmer and stew.

Cholent essentially is a well-balanced dish featuring beans, barley, potatoes and meat, and it can pop up at almost any point during a meal.

True Strength

Parshat Mikeitz-Chanukah

There is much that connects this week’s haftarah to the chag of Chanukah. The basis of the rabbinic decision to read a selection tied to the holiday itself and not to the parsha finds its support in the Mishna and in the opinion expressed by the

Google Mapping Yosef’s Search for His Brothers in Today’s Israel

I don’t write and rarely give Divrei Torah, but several years ago I heard this from Rabbi Krohn of Young Israel of Teaneck and it always stuck with me, and I have repeated it often. This time I decided to write it down and add some interesting facts having spent a lot of time on the detailed route.