Thursday, September 19, 2019


Topaz Charitable Foundation Spearheads Hurricane Dorian Relief Efforts

In the wake of Hurricane Dorian’s ravaging of the Bahamas, and the outer banks of North Carolina Topaz Charitable Foundation (“TCF”) is stepping up and getting their charity partners to aid relief efforts. The organization, along with its affiliated charity partners including Topaz Capital Group LLC, Cinch

Bnai Yeshurun Youth Department Kicks Off the Year

(Courtesy of Bnai Yeshurun Youth Department) The David Frohlich z”l Youth Department at Congregation Bnai Yeshurun of Teaneck has started off the year with quite a bang! CBY’s new youth directors, Yehoshua and Rivka Szafranski, have begun to roll out a new vision and a series of innovative programs, while following and building

Screen Time and Children: How To Guide Your Child

(Editor’s Note: In light of the recent announcement and campaign initiated by the six Bergen County yeshiva elementary schools about kids and device use, the Jewish Link have committed itself to publishing relevant articles on this important topic on a regular basis. The article below is the first in the series.)

(mayoclinic.org) With screens virtually

War of Words: Setting the Record Straight

Part I

The unending war between the Palestinian Arabs and Israeli Jews is fought on a number of levels. One on the military front, another in the propaganda arena.

As part of this war of words, the Israelis use the Arabs’ own writings, including the Hamas

Kids of Courage Takes Arizona

(Courtesy of Kids of Courage) Kids of Courage (KOC) has done it again.

On Wednesday, August 14, over 100 seriously ill children and 275 volunteers made their way to airports around the world to kick off a unique eight­-day adventure to Phoenix, Arizona.

The ride was

Poroches at KAJ

Part 2

(Continued from last week)

While many of the designs were based on archeological findings of the day, and had not appeared on any poroches before, one design currently on the navy-blue Shabbos poroches (Picture #1) has been used at

I Sawed the Instructions

So I recently learned how to use a chainsaw. Who says you can’t learn new things as an adult?

I had to do it as an adult. This isn’t something they taught me in school. Though I guess other people go to different schools, so I don’t know what they learn. There might be some school

Restaurant Remembrance

It was recently announced that one of the most famous and beloved kosher restaurants in the world, Reuben’s in London, England, has closed its doors forever. Here is the formal announcement: “With a heavy heart, unexpectedly we have to close... We are proud that of the 46 years Reuben’s has served the community... We wish all

Englewood Krav Maga: Teaching the Art Of Self Defense in a Family Atmosphere

(Courtesy of Englewood Krav Maga) Opening in early September 2019, the instructors and students at Englewood Krav Maga (EKM) are excited about both the completion of their new state-of-the-art training facility as well as their new expanded self-defense programs for kids, women, seniors and adults of all ages.

The ‘Ki’ to Success

This week’s parsha begins with what seems like a bit of negativity: “Ki teitzei la’milchama—when you go to war,” “Ki yihiyeh l’ish ben sorer u’moreh—when a person has a rebellious child.” Why do we assume these things will happen? Why not say “if you go to war” and “if a person has a rebellious child”?

The Proper Way to Challenge Authority

How incongruous for a column for Parshat Shoftim to address challenging authority. After all, in Parashat Shoftim we are commanded to listen to whatever the beit din instructs and “not deviate either to the right or left.” We must listen, Rashi explains, even when the beit din tells us right is left and left is right.

NCSY RTC Has Incredible Inaugural Summer

There is a famous dictum that states: “Kol hatchalot kashot, all beginnings are hard.” While it is definitely true that the beginning of a new venture or initiative can bring about some major challenges, it is also true that the beginning is a time of tremendous excitement, energy and buzz.