Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Like Fish

My kids have three goldfish, which is way more goldfish than my wife originally wanted. And we don’t keep them in the same bowl. We keep them in two different bowls, right next to each other, because they belong to two different kids, and the kids don’t want their fish sharing a bowl. Like it matters whose fish is whose. Like

Blessed Blasts

If you’re having a good time, you’re having a blast. If you’re igniting a stick of dynamite or launching a rocket ship, you’re having a blast. If you run into an old friend, you’re having a blast... from the past. (If you literally run into an old friend, really hard, then you’re going to get blasted... with a lawsuit.)

Are You Volunteering in Your Community and Posting Your Information on the Internet?

After seeing the devastation from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, many in our kehilla wanted to help the victims in any way they could. Some of us donated money, while others donated their time and went to neighborhoods in Houston and Miami to help homeowners clean up and to provide other life necessities. Having helped during

Across the World and in NJ, People Pray on Day of Jewish Unity

On Friday, September 15, Jews around the world united to pray for a world of peace and stability. This event was organized by Acheinu, the outreach arm of Dirshu, the world’s largest Torah organization.

It is estimated that over 10,000 people came to the Western Wall to pray as part

Kids of Courage Holds Special Summer Camp for Children and Young Adults With Medical Challenges

This past August, Kids of Courage went on an unbelievable 8-day summer adventure to Washington, DC and Virginia with 110 medically challenged children and young adults. Over 300 dedicated volunteers, counselors, doctors, paramedics and nurses selflessly gave their time and energy. A

Settling Into—and Accepting—the Stress of the Season

Editor’s note: This week we welcome a new monthly columnist, Rachel Zamist, from Passaic. Her column is called Option Z, because Option A didn’t work out… and B through Y didn’t go so great either. Option Z is about keeping on and staying strong when you don’t have any other choices. We hope you enjoy her wry, sharp

The Life of Herzl Melcer AKA Lt. Iwan Siemienowicz Pidlowskij

(Continued from last week)

Part II

Arriving at the house, which consisted of two rooms and a kitchen, they were greeted by a kindly woman and her husband who gave over their living room to the family. Herzl’s older sisters the next morning

How Do I Make Amends for a Very Imperfect Match?

Dear Navidaters,

I recently tried my hand at being a “shadchan.” I’ve never set anyone up before, but I’ve thought about it and know how important it is and what a big mitzvah it is. Also, one of my closest friends is single after a divorce and my greatest wish was

How Much Is One Plus One?

At this time of year, many of us reflect on the people and the things that we are grateful for. Among the many things that I personally am grateful for are my siblings; for those of you blessed with siblings, you know that they can be the best gift your parents ever gave you, despite differences of opinion and arguments that may

Lighting Automation for Shabbat and Yom Tov

The landscape of home automation platforms controlling lights and other home devices has shifted from high-end professionally installed systems to consumer-driven do-it-yourself (DIY) systems. These new DIY smart home devices achieve and often exceed the functionality of their counterparts at a fraction

Join Kollel Chatzos and Elevate Your Spirit

That pre-dawn breeze on those early Selichos mornings. It whispers. Of promises for purity and opportunity and a better tomorrow.

Shteits oif tzu selichos… shteits oif tzu selichos…

As we inhale the pristine air, we know these moments

Veteran Jewish Leader Dr. Mendy Ganchrow Reveals He Was Recruited by Saudi Arabia in New Book

(Courtesy of Penoaks Publishing) Mendy Ganchrow, MD, the former head of several major Jewish organizations including the Orthodox Union (OU), has revealed in a new book that while serving as president of the OU, he was recruited by the Saudi Royal Air Force to serve as a surgeon.