Friday, September 20, 2019


Top Things to Know About Future Jobs

(Courtesy of Wayfind) For those starting on their dream-job exploration there is very exciting news—and it’s not all about tech. Here is some advice about the best careers for the future and the skills you’ll need to build now to get there.

Net New Jobs Growth

Italian Idyll VII: Amalfi Adventure

Aside from their trips to Rome and its surrounding historical sites, the Rabinowitzes circled the area to the south of Fiuggi in their final days in Italy. The main objectives in this region were the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento, Pompeii, Mount Vesuvius and Naples itself in the region known as Campagna.

Anti-Semitism Before Hitler

Part 11

(Continued from last week)

On July 1941, Heydrich received the order to commence the “ Entlösung der Judenfrage” (Resolution of the Jew Question). Since September 1, Jews had to wear the yellow star, and without written permission they were

A Stinky Tisha B’Av

Let the record show that about once a year, I have some kind of animal adventure in my backyard that turns into an article. It’s not even like I live on a farm. Most of the animals in my area are of the variety that one would generally find lying squished on the road, though sometimes I find them dead but not squished. How did

Pro-Semitism Pondering

Let’s begin with the obvious: there is absolutely nothing funny about antisemitism and it should never be the topic of a humor article. That is an absolute rule with no exceptions and is completely non-negotiable. That said, if it is true that antisemitism is verboten in humor, then is the opposite also true? Is

Al Haderech Boys Enjoy Another Great Week

This week, the boys’ trips included Monster Mini Golf, a cool tour of Madison Square Garden, Bowling, Laser tag and an old school Game Vault. They ended off the week with a Sweat for Sinai run!

Camp Moshava Girls Have Reunion

Moshava IO older eidah hey girls had an awesome first month reunion with food and activities at EJs Teaneck (organized by Randi Wartelsky with Vivi Septimus). Over thirty girls from the New York/New Jersey are joined in the fun! Thanks Camp Moshava for an amazing summer experience and the chance to make such wonderful new

Summer Fun Is a Blast At Camp Kulanu

What an amazing summer it has been at Camp Kulanu at RPRY. Campers enjoyed a wide range of exciting activities and fun trips in a safe, warm and nurturing environment. This past week Kulanu Maccabi girls ran a car wash and baked cookies in order to raise money for Make A Wish Foundation. Maccabi girls also enjoyed

Kids Help Kids at Camp Al Haderech

SWIM/SWEAT for SINAI fundraisers are taking place at local camps throughout the summer.

Campers from Camp Al Haderech were all smiles at its SWEAT for SINAI fundraiser on August 9! Participants won fabulous prizes for raising money to help SINAI students receive the inclusive

Camp Shalom Has Fun in the Sun

Camp Shalom week seven was another week filled with excitement for all! The entire Sheini boys division bounced at Bounce U and the Rishon campers had a blast at Catch Air. The Shlishi girls went to Chocolate Works where they made (and enjoyed) messy chocolate masterpieces, and the Machane Travel boys got a break

Camp Regesh Has a Blast At Color War 2019

Happy 10th Birthday, Moshava Ba’ir

It was the party of the summer! All eidot were invited to Moshava Ba’ir’s 10th birthday party where they sang, danced and even saw the rosh moshava jump out of a cake! The fun didn’t stop there—the end of the party was Olympiada 2019 breakout!! This past week chanichim have gathered up all their ruach and