Monday, February 17, 2020


Comedian Ashley Blaker Returns to New York With ‘Goy Friendly’

(Courtesy of Ashley Blaker) Ashley Blaker, the UK’s internationally acclaimed Jewish stand-up comedian, is returning to the United States with a hilarious and thought-provoking new Off-Broadway show this winter—and this time it’s not just for the Jews.

“Ashley Blaker: Goy Friendly” tells the

Meorot Preps for Second Annual Musical Production

More than 500 women braved last year’s blizzard to attend the first-ever production by Meorot, a music and dance production company of junior high school girls from the yeshiva day schools in and around Bergen County. Hopefully, with the cooperation of the elements, this year’s production, titled

Honoring With Pride and Silent Tears

Attending the Yachad gala, which took place this past Motzei Shabbat, was an uplifting experience. The fact that the Kinderlehrer family was honored as the Yachad Family of the Year had special meaning to us, of course. Each family member looked radiant, and they received their award with bright smiles. Certainly Zev, their son with special

The Golem to the Rescue

Part I: Reb Nachman Arrives in America

Rabbi Nachman’s perilous journey from a small town in Poland to Bergen County in the spring of 1849 took almost four months. He shipped out from Gdansk on a lengthy, storm-tossed sea voyage, stopping in Hamburg, Germany, Bristol, England, and, finally,

Y-Studs and Kars4Kids Bring Surprise Chanukah Gifts And Music to Teaneck

Courtesy of Kars4Kids) The Y-Studs, award-winning Jewish a cappella group, teamed up with Kars4Kids, a national nonprofit organization, to spread some Chanukah gifting cheer to residents of Teaneck, New Jersey. The all-male group went around the area surprising kids with gifts of Hot Wheels and their families with

Preparation Continues for the Dirshu World Siyum at Prudential Center, NJPAC and Newark Symphony Hall

As word of the Dirshu siyumim in Binyanei Hauma in Yerushalayim and Event City in Manchester, England, spreads, more and more people are talking about what to expect at the different Dirshu events in other parts of the world. As someone who had the zechus to take part in the Motzei Shabbos Chanukah siyum, I can tell you

אולפן עברית

Learn the words below to figure out the joke:

איומה                Horrible

להעתיק             To copy

The Execution of Alexander Karpov

Part 4

(Continued from last week)

At the suggestion of a friend in Israel, we addressed an email to “Beit Hatfutsot, the Museum of the Jewish People” requesting them to search their genealogy database. They replied that they found 4753

‘Above Average’ Doesn’t Say Much

A new study in Britain says that driving makes people less intelligent. And I say, “Baruch Hashem.” I thought it was just me.

But that does explain a lot. For example, it explains why pedestrians have the right of way.

Sure, there are plenty of dumb things we do

Challah Saga

One could argue that challah bakers do not suffer from separation anxiety. That is because the term “challah” refers to the mitzvah of separating a portion of the dough before braiding, which in Temple times was set aside as a tithe for the High Priest. In Hebrew, this commandment is called “hafrashat challah” or “separating

17-Year-Old Hila Schlakman Completes Study of Entire Talmud

As hundreds of thousands of Jews worldwide celebrated the completion of the seven-and-a-half-year-long cycle of daily Talmud study last week, one 17-year-old girl is believed to be the youngest woman to ever mark this achievement. Amazingly, she was just 9 years old when she first started learning!

The Greatest Blessing

In Parshat Vayechi, Yaakov blesses his sons before he passes away. Some of these brachot contain information that most would not include in a blessing. For example, Reuven is told he will not be a leader due to his impulsivity, and Shimon and Levi have their anger cursed. In what way is being told negative things about yourself a