Monday, February 18, 2019


Don’t Want to Be Religious?

Can’t I be a good person without being religious? Do I need God or the Torah to tell me what is good and how to live?

“There have been times when this religion has brought… oppressive minutiae, and obligations so great I felt guilty no matter what I accomplished. Yet on balance the overwhelming effect has been to fill my life with purpose, human

New Pathways

For years, the Tappan Zee Bridge connected Rockland and Westchester Counties. It was a very impressive structure, with much of the bridge being more like a highway just above the water. Towards the Westchester side, the bridge sloped upwards to become a suspension bridge, so that boats could travel freely beneath it.

Recognizing Each Child’s Place

The midrashim (Yalkut Shimoni Devarim 30:14, Tanna D’Bei Eliyahu Zuta ch. 14) record an encounter between Eliyahu Hanavi and one who had not amassed any significant Torah knowledge. Eliyahu asked him, “What will you answer Hashem upon the Day of Judgment?” The fellow answered him, “The heavens did not grant me the ability

Teaneck’s TOPSoccer Kicks Off Seventh Year

The Teaneck branch of TOPSoccer, a community-based program that provides children with special needs the opportunity to learn the game of soccer in a safe and nurturing environment, kicked off its seventh year of sessions with its winter program earlier in January. Led by Dr. Jim Dunleavy, Vivian Gaits and Dr. Ken Hoffman,

Turning to Community for Answers, Researchers Launch Marriage Study

Much has been said in recent years about the difficulties many singles in the Orthodox Jewish community have faced finding their intended, with the often used term “shidduch crisis” sparking fear and hysteria in the hearts of many. Hoping to shed further light on the growing singles phenomenon, a group of independent

A Great Day for a Walk

In our daily lives, since we moved here, we have made the effort to try new and different things that will not break the bank. There are so many exciting and beautiful areas that surround us that almost make it difficult to choose what to do. We were fortunate this week that the weather turned warmer, and with the sun shining and

JFNNJ FED Talks Asks ‘Can Israel Maintain Its Start-Up Nation Advantage?’

The Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey continued its FED Talks series with an intriguing topic and a strong speaker. The event, which took place at its Paramus campus on Thursday evening, January 31, focused on the reasons Israel has had such success in business/technology creation, and whether other countries are beginning

The Contributions of Jews in Medicine

Reviewing “Jews in Medicine: Contributions to Health and Healing Through the Ages,” by Ronald L. Eisenberg, MD. Urim Publications. 2019. Hardcover. 464 pages. English. ISBN-13: 978-9655243000.

There’s an old joke where a Jewish grandmother is watching her two

Less Is Not More, Less Is Enough

I grew up in a small ranch house in the suburbs of New York City. I shared a tiny bedroom with my sister, Suzanne. We had a very small closet that was deep enough for two bars of clothing to be hung. We split the front bar and our mother hung her off season clothing in the back. We also shared one bureau and a desk and we each had

Inaugural ‘Meorot’ Performance in Bergen County Coming Next Month

For the 50 young girls who make up the first cohort of “Meorot” performers, the time has flown. From their auditions on October 7, 2018, their weekly rehearsals with the professional team that leads the program have been exhilarating. Not only are they able to hone their skills in dance and voice but they have expanded

Race for Courage Wins Miami

Victory!!! Race For Courage has just come back from an extraordinary marathon weekend in Miami, Florida. Over 100 people and 50 runners joined Team Courage for the Miami Marathon and Half Marathon, raising over $250,000 for Kids Of Courage!

For the past decade, Kids Of

Exciting Changes Coming to Camp Lavi

Camp Lavi, a Modern Orthodox sleepaway summer camp situated in the Pocono Mountains, has some big, exciting changes coming as it undergoes a transformation for the upcoming 2019 summer session. Following long-time Camp Lavi senior staff member Elana Nayowitz being appointed as camp director, camp ownership asked for a