Friday, September 21, 2018


From the Heart

A few years ago, Chani took our younger children to one of the local Jewish owned shoe stores to buy shoes. The store had a section with slides and climbing toys for children.

Our (then) 5-year-old daughter Chayala was playing on the slides happily until a chassidishe boy approached her and

What Were They Thinking?

We have had a difficult time understanding the reasoning of the Bergen County and Bergenfield City Council in many instances. Years ago we passionately implored the city council to repave one street in Bergenfield on which it was almost impossible for a normal person to walk without tripping over the many potholes and crevices that

Jewish Literacy

Part 1

In the words of the old Chinese curse, we live in interesting times. Never before in Jewish history have so many people been engaged in Torah study across the globe. Never before in Jewish history have so many Jewish schools operated. Yet at the same time, despite all

How Did American Jews View the War in Europe?


Although American Jews were clearly divided on how to organize relief activities, they agreed that America should remain neutral. The majority of the American Jewish community was in the vanguard of those opposing American involvement in the war. In an editorial in the Der Tog,

How Would YOU Spend $9 Billion to Keep America Safe?

(Courtesy of UNaccountable.US.com) Today, new research reveals the full size of the United States’ contribution to the United Nations and how it is being misused to support anti-American values and goals. The information has been presented in an easy-to-use website www.UNaccountable.US.com, where residents of every state can see the major

Faith: Others, the One Above and Myself

Now that it’s been a full year since I started this column, it’s been getting harder to make sure I don’t repeat myself. Then again, when I think about this time of year it’s inevitable that each year we generally have the same rush of feelings.

As young children, the Yom Tov season is

Jerusalem College of Technology Cultivates Young Leadership in US

(Courtesy of JCOT) Approximately 75 young professionals gathered in Manhattan last month to network and to learn more about the trailblazing work of the Jerusalem College of Technology (JCT) in an evening organized by the recently launched Young Leadership of Friends of JCT group.


Rabbi Joseph Karasick Brings a Century of Orthodox Judaism to Life in New Book

Reviewing “Thirteen Steps: Orthodox Judaism in America Comes of Age: My Life and Times by Rabbi Joseph Karasick. OU Press. Hardcover. 2017. ISBN: 9780999500903. $20.99.

At The Jewish Link office we receive at least one book weekly to review, and multiple email pitches in our inboxes from

My Stories

Part 42 (written 2014)
(Continued from previous week)

We were served a delicious supper following a guided tour of the facility. During the meal, a 90-year-old lady, Rose Arnsberg, whose family had been associated with the Heim for decades, addressed us, telling us about the

Put Your Marriage First

A recent editorial in OU’s Jewish Action by its Executive Vice President Allen I. Fagin entitled, “Do We Have the Time and Energy to Lead a Torah Life,” illustrates a conundrum that many of us are silently, or not so silently, wondering. Fagin points out all of the spiritual and financial demands that come along with a Torah

Orthodox Jewish Teen Becomes First ‘Chopped’ Champion Who Keeps Kosher

A 12-year-old from Staten Island, New York, became the first Orthodox Jew to win the Food Network cooking competition “Chopped” in an episode that aired last week.

Rachel Goldzal, known as Rachi to her friends, who took home the grand prize of $10,000, is the first “Chopped” winner who

Throwing It All Away

On Rosh Hashanah, there is an ancient custom to go to a body of water and recite various pesukim as we “cast off our sins.” At the end of Micha, the Navi speaks of Hashem casting our sins into the depths of the sea (7:19). People are often careful to go to a place that has fish living in it, for various reasons.