Tuesday, July 17, 2018


Old Jokes

I’m getting older, and nobody cares.

I’ve been getting older for a while now, but I haven’t said anything, because I was kind of hoping it would go away. But it hasn’t, so I might as well accept it.

Nobody really thinks of themselves as old. Even

Menschy Motivation

For many years now, Jews making bar/bat mitzvah parties have enlisted the help of the ever-popular dance motivators. In theory, the dance motivators are supposed to focus on the rambunctious adolescents, many of whom need a drill sergeant on the dance floor to galvanize the troops and keep them in line. In most cases, the dance

Kids of Courage Takes Miami

(Courtesy of KOC) It’s kickoff time! For Kids of Courage, supporting sick children and their families is their core mission. With amazing trips, community events, electrifying weekends and the greatest team through it all, KOC does what it takes to bring kids joy and adventure, no matter the diagnosis. As KOC celebrates

Zevachim 71

May these words of Torah serve as a merit le’iluy nishmat Menachem Mendel ben Harav Yoel David Balk, a”h.

This week we learned Zevachim 71. These are some highlights.

A single witness saw Reuven’s ox kill a man; now he sees wolves approaching

A Mazel Tov Double Header for the Shapiro Family

Beachfront Wedding for Galila Shapiro and Elie Flatow

Galila Shapiro, daughter of Marla and Saadia Shapiro of Englewood, New Jersey, and Elie Flatow, son of Kathy and Arnie Flatow of Great Neck, New York, were married on June 17, 2018, at The Surf Club in New Rochelle, New York. Rabbi

Two Interesting Letters From Maimonides

We are fortunate that many different letters from Maimonides have survived. Here I am going to discuss my two favorites.

Maimonides lived his early life in Spain, but spent the last 38 years of his life in Egypt. (It was in Egypt that he wrote his Mishneh Torah, completing it around 1177.)

With Love

It’s the last thing any driver wants to see in their rear-view mirror. Yes, blue lives matter, but we don’t want to see a cop driving right behind us. I had the delightful experience a few weeks ago, when I was on my way home from a meeting one Erev Shabbos.

The strange thing was that I was

Sephardim Say Aneinu at Shacharit and Even Arvit? Really?

Part I

Background: Gemara and Rishonim

The Gemara (Ta’anit 13b) teaches that on a ta’anit tzibur (public fast day), both the individual and the shaliach tzibur (prayer leader) should insert a special prayer, Aneinu, into the Shemoneh Esrei.

Emulating God

Parshat Balak

This week’s haftarah reading, taken from Sefer Micha, would appear to have little in common with our Torah reading beyond the mention of how Hashem saved Israel from the designs of Bilam from his attempts to curse Bnei Yisrael. And perhaps we might be satisfied with that

What Do Teachers Make?

Part 2

Most parents of Jewish day school students would be outraged and upset if it were suggested that current tuition rates are unreasonably and irresponsibly low. The truth is that the day school tuition burden threatens to overwhelm the average observant family, and the actual per-student

Attitudes of the Rabbis Toward the Study of Jewish History

Part 4

The post Spanish expulsion era saw a renewed interest, among Jews, in the history of the gentile nations (e.g. Seder Eliyahu Zuta; Dibrei Hayamim Lemalkay Tzarfat U-beit Ottoman; Tzemach David; Ha-India Hachadasha; Sefer Cortez; Sefer Yuchasin; Shaleshelet Hakabala et al). Yerushalmi

New Book Uncovers Secret Deal Between Himmler and Jewish Group to End the Holocaust

(Courtesy of Skyhorse Publishing) Noted Canadian Holocaust historian Max Wallace has uncovered groundbreaking evidence that Nazi SS Chief Heinrich Himmler was deceived into ending the Final Solution six months before the end of the war by demolishing the killing machines of Auschwitz, saving some 300,000 Jews, as part of a secret