Monday, December 17, 2018


Emunah—Shutting Down the Distracting Noise with Selihot

Every human being is naturally inclined to believe in God. Hashem has opened the door and given the capacity for everyone to believe in God. Rav Soloveitchik (Abraham’s Journey p.31) expresses the point eloquently: How does one recognize the Almighty? At times, we meet Him on the street. He greets us first: Peace, peace to him that is far

Until It’s Gone

On August 29, 1911, the Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci’s most famous work, was stolen off the wall of the Louvre in Paris. For a week, the museum was closed due to investigation. Yet, it remained a mystery until it was returned in December 1913. It had been stolen by Vencenzo Peruggia, a former employee of the museum who wanted to return

A High Schooler’s Guide to the College Application Process

With the stress of a double curriculum in an Orthodox high school, students must balance a huge workload and long school days with extracurricular activities and leisure time. Once college preparation is added to that equation, high school is certainly not a relaxing experience. The advice that most high school seniors would give

Summer of Denial

By the time you read this, my world would have been restored to normal. I will be waking my three man/boys up to go to synagogue. I will be taking orders for specific food items. I will be up to my nose in smelly camp laundry. The vacuum will be going, the dust will not have time to settle, there will be some sort of baseball game

The Challenge and Power of Shabbat

Puzzles. Blank stares. Books. As a young woman living a half-life, suffering through anorexia, this is how I spent Shabbat. It felt as if Shabbat dragged on for hours, my thoughts consumed by food and the upcoming meal. I recall that each week while in outpatient treatment we had a group on Friday to prepare for the weekend. We

Iranian Nuclear Fallout: A Twice-Told Tale

In the midst of the worldwide concern over the “Bad Deal” concocted by the Obama Administration with the mullahs of Iran, it occurred to me that had fate ruled otherwise, the entire issue of Iranian possession of nuclear armaments might possibly have been resolved a long time ago in a much less contentious manner. Accompany me

Daydreaming While Dusting

The simple act of dusting can conjure up such intense thoughts. As I gently rubbed a cloth around the frame of a colorful drawing depicting a telling scene of our downtown, I was filled with thoughts of Siggy. The piece was hand-done and gifted to me by my multi-talented plumber. He was in his 80s when we met outside the local

Immigration Explores Expanding Hardship Waivers

Starting July 15, 2015, U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services began seeking public comment on the much-anticipated proposed expansion of eligibility for the widely successful Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver program. On November 20, 2014, President Obama announced a series of executive actions to help alleviate our overburdened

Picking the Fruits of the Season

As the dog days of summer give way to the brisk breezes of September, now is a great time to pick your own peaches, nectarines and apples at local orchards. Peaches and nectarines are generally available from mid-July through early September, while apple-picking season starts in September and lasts through

Therapeutic Nursery at Kaplen JCC on the Palisades Successfully Helps Children Overcome Symptoms of Selective Mutism

Children who have selective mutism are bright, verbal children who withhold language in “select” social situations. Most of them speak freely at home and only become mute at school or with non-family members. When they are mute, they often assume an odd appearance: they become stiff, avoid eye contact and often grimace or turn

Four Ways to Bring Order to Another School Year

(BPT) It’s that time of year again; time for class projects and quizzes, field trips and friends, recesses and recitals. Yes, it’s time for another school year, and for parents, that can mean a little bit more stress as well. If the last school year left you feeling more like a survivor than a thriver, take

A cappella Breaks Out Camp Shalom Color War

A cappella band Six13 announced Camp Shalom's color war winners and gave a phenomenal concert for campers and staff.