Thursday, June 20, 2019


“Dirshu Has Lost Its Moreh Derech, Its Omed Al Hamishmar”

Dirshu Mourns the Posek Hador, HaGaon HaRav Shmuel Wosner, Zt”l

When HaGaon HaRav Shmuel Wosner [in 2006 at a Dirshu Kinyan Halacha test] saw the rows upon rows of avreichim being tested, he was visibly moved. In his short, heartfelt words to the test takers,

A Fair Lawn Boy With a Big Heart

Joseph Bernath helped his father Stuart collect funds to fight cystic fibrosis with the Knights of Pythias Cardozo Lodge’s annual fundraiser at Shoprite in Fair Lawn. As several men together were able to collect a few hundred dollars, Joseph, with his quick smile and enthusiasm, raised more than $400 on his own. The Knights of

Avoid the Summer Slide with Mathnasium’s Summer Math Program

Summer learning loss is a phenomenon parents and educators have long acknowledged as a significant setback to academic achievement. Math proficiency is particularly susceptible to the summer learning slide. Most students lose 2 to 2 1/2 months of the math computational skills that they learned during the school year.

Organized and Clutter Free: My Love Affair With Laundry

My love affair with laundry started when I was a child. I remember the smell of my mother’s steam iron as she pressed my father’s shirts in the basement of our home in Verona while we watched Saturday Night at the Movies. There was an air of calm and peace on those evenings, with the washer and/or dryer running in the

Achrei Mot/Kedoshim: Skateboarding Lessons

Achrei Mot/Kedoshim: Skateboarding Lessons

Vayikra: 16: 30, 19: 1-15

“We are in so much trouble.”

“I know. We are dead. Totally dead.”

“I can’t even believe that just

Shaping Prayer Experience: A Study of Sephardic and Ashkenazic Liturgy—Part l

Rabbi Angel composed this beautiful article based on a shiur he delivered as a scholar-in-residence at Congregation Shaarei Orah, the Sephardic Congregation of Teaneck.


Over the centuries that they lived apart from each other, Sephardim and

Presence—The Greatest Present

Many marriage seminars teach that “effective communication” is the primary building block of a healthy marriage. There is no doubt that the words, tone, and non-verbals we use when communicating with our spouses convey volumes about how we think and feel about them. However, I would posit that there is an even greater over-arching

Wildlife or Is It Wild Life?

With the start of a new, warmer season, flowers show their colorful fragrant beauty. Trees start to bud and grow beautiful green leaves, grass grows, all living things start to make an appearance. When I moved into my house, over 17 years ago, I noticed that one of my walls was buzzing. Yes, you heard me, it was buzzing. At first you think

Ideological Soldiers

There’s an unspoken possibility about something I could choose to do after high school, before college, and instead of a yeshiva year, and it came to mind recently after experiencing Yom Hazikaron and Yom Haatzmaut. I’ve thought about it and know that I probably won’t do it, but it still comes to mind sometimes. And that is joining

Frisch 9th Grader Forges Frisch-SINAI Schools Artists Beit Midrash Partnership

SINAI Schools have always been a part of Jordanna Rothschild’s life. Her father is a Vice President on the Board of Directors, and both parents are deeply involved in supporting SINAI, a provider of education to Jewish children with special needs. She helps out at SINAI dinners and events. Jordanna has also been developing her

Color Me Happy

Every morning we wake up and directly outside our bedroom window is a beautiful tree with pink flowers. We are not really sure what type of tree it is.

During the winter months we would wake up and peek out of the same window; most days what we saw was cloudiness and grey skies. As hard as we

Israeli Couple Who Lost Two Soldier Sons to Suicide Takes on Orthodox Community

Not one, but two sons, did Gil and Esther Alexander lose to suicide. And as devastating an ordeal as this would be for any family, it is that much harder in the Orthodox Jewish community, where few subjects are more taboo.

The Alexander family had lived for 28 years on Ein Hanatziv, a religious