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Sephardic Rabbinical Approaches to Zionism: A Talk From Rav Baruch Gigi

What a fantastic Shabbat and fantastic presentation! Rav Baruch Gigi, the rosh yeshiva of Yeshivat Har Etzion (Israel’s largest Yeshivat Hesder), served as scholar-in-residence at Congregation Shaarei Orah, the Sephardic Congregation of Teaneck, on Shabbat Parshat HaChodesh/Vayikra 5778. Rav Gigi made three outstanding

Pesach: Bitter

There are various vegetables that Jews use for maror, the bitter herbs, at the Pesach Seder. Many use romaine lettuce, while some opt for the iceberg variety. Endives are popular in some cultures. There is even mention of chicory. But in the Landau house, horseradish always got top billing.


Some Interesting Words of the Seder

Karpas: This word appears in the Tanach only one time, at Esther 1:6. There it means “fine fabric, linen.” In the Mishna, Tosefta and Talmud it has the meaning of a plant, or celery/parsley, but it is never used in connection with the Seder.

It is only in the Geonic period that we first find

The Quickening Is Here

The Egyptian exile was foreshadowed during the Brit Bein Habterim—the official launch of Jewish history. During a nighttime rendezvous with Hashem, Avraham was informed that his children would be “strangers in a foreign land, be enslaved and persecuted for 400 years. Not only was the exile forecasted, but the redemption itself

Step on the Gas

As a principal in a yeshiva during the afternoon, I appreciate the formidable challenge involved in finding good teachers. In fact, that’s the hardest part of a principal’s job. The teacher must not only be knowledgeable about the subject matter, willing to teach in the late afternoon and accept the yeshiva salary, but he also

The Struggle of Faith

Reviewing: “Illuminating Jewish Thought:­ Explorations of Free Will, the Afterlife, and the Messianic Era.” By Rabbi Netanel Wiederblank. Maggid; Koren Publishers Jerusalem. Hardcover. 2018. Hebrew/English. ISBN-13: 978-1592644988. $34.95

The dictionary definition of blind

Bar-Ilan’s Lookstein Center Helps Schools Celebrate Israel at 70

As Israel prepares to celebrate its 70th anniversary, the Lookstein Center, a division of Bar-Ilan University, in collaboration with the Avi Chai Foundation, has introduced “Countdown to 70,” an educational project for Jewish students and educators worldwide. The “Countdown to 70” comprises 70 educational challenges about Israel

Cherry Hill’s Politz Day School Celebrates Growth at 50 Years

(Courtesy of Politz Day School) Politz Day School, located in the heart of South Jersey, is the pride and joy of Jewish Cherry Hill. After our humble beginnings as a Jewish preschool in Camden, New Jersey, in 1968, we now have the privilege of educating 200 students (a growth of 27 percent in the last 4 years alone!) from twos

Social Media Data Mining: Think Before You App

I am not a big user or a big fan of social media. When last week’s big Facebook story broke, that the data of 50 million users had been compromised by Cambridge Analytica, I was reminded of how different things are from the earlier days of the dot-com era. Every week, back then, it seemed a new site was coming out that did

Pesach Memories and Blessings

We love Pesach. The memories that we have of everyone visiting with us will never be forgotten. We hope that our grandchildren will also always remember their special experiences in Montreal.

We remember making the chrein on our back deck (sometimes surrounded by mounds of snow), each young

My Stories

Part 21 (written 2004)

(Continued from last week)

All applicants would be given a mathematical aptitude test and that was all that was required to make a decision. I never checked on letters of recommendation, knowing beforehand that an applicant would not

Timely Advice: A Tale of Geula

On Pesach, we experience our national Geula. This time of year, then, is a good time to reflect upon all of the personal, individual redemptions happening every day, to be grateful for all of the miracles that Hashem, through His messengers, sends us, throughout the generations—both in generations past, and also those to come.

Sharon and Eli had been