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Ungarbling Ordering Apps: First Up, Curbngo

The Garb I.T. Consulting Group offices are close to some of the top kosher restaurants on earth. Hence all our clients would rather meet at our offices than their own. Clients know they will get treated to a delectable array of food, most of which happens to be kosher, so I am in and out of our local Teaneck restaurants all the time.

The Impact of My Mother’s Volunteer Work

From a young age I remember my mother going out to help someone in need. Whether it was visiting people without family in a nursing home or children in the burn unit of the hospital, collecting and wrapping gifts for children with cancer, or going out of her way to give someone a ride home who looked lost, she has done it all

What Did They Know? When Did They Know? How Did They Interpret the Information?

Part I

The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum recently announced it is opening a new special exhibition, “Americans and the Holocaust,” in the spring of 2018 as a part of a museum-wide initiative exploring American responses to the Holocaust.

Among the

Remember When…

Decluttering, cleaning out a closet, the basement, the garage or your entire home may be one of your 2018 summer projects. If this plan turns into an action, you will probably uncover something from your family’s past. You may even experience a moment or two of nostalgia as you decide whether this item gets thrown out or saved

Balancing Protected Expression and Protection Against Discrimination Is Not Always a Piece of Cake

In the end, a store owner open to the public is allowed to have a religious opinion; however, he cannot use that religious opinion as a basis of discrimination. That is the main takeaway from Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission. In the end, a majority of judges issued a very narrow ruling in favor of Jack

My Stories

Part 31 (Written 2004—updated)

(Continued from three weeks ago)

Hospital Volunteer at EHMC

I had already started working on a part-time basis at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center, while Elliot Brooks, the

Cantor Netanel Hershtik Debuts at The Royal Opera House

Cantor Netanel Hershtik made his operatic debut last week in the world premiere of Na’ama Zisser’s Mamzer Bastard. The opera was presented by The Royal Opera House, and is a co-commission with the Guildhall School of Music & Drama, in association with Hackney Empire. It is the first time in history for an opera to

ABC Nutrition on ‘Are Your Healthy Foods Really Healthy?’

Even when you like to keep your intake healthy and focus on fruits and vegetables, most of us include our share of packaged foods. Foods such as oatmeal, energy/protein bars and yogurts certainly can be incorporated into a healthy diet, but some company advertise “health” foods that are really loaded with unhealthy sugar,

Danielle Kershner and Nick Linder Hit High Notes With Country Wedding

Danielle Kershner, daughter of David and Judy Kershner of Englewood, and Nick Linder, son of Barbara and Stuart Linder of New York City, were married on May 27 at WoodsEdge Farm in Stockton, New Jersey. Rabbi Dan Berman was mesader kiddushin.

Danielle is the marketing manager of Terrafugia,

Great Chemistry in Marriage of Hannah Lebovics and Michael Mandler

Hannah Lebovics, daughter of Robert and Amy Lebovics of Englewood, and Michael Mandler, son of Raul Mandler, of Bethesda, Maryland, and Sylvia Edelstein of Bethesda, Maryland, were married on June 17 at the Rockleigh Country Club in Rockleigh, New Jersey. Rabbi Shlomo Hyman of Congregation Ahavath Torah in Englewood was mesader

Montreal Eateries

Please note there is one kosher restaurant in downtown Montreal which is only open during the day and it is in the Chabad House on Peel Street. See information below. There are two Second Cup coffee establishments—one at 2200 McGill College Ave and the other 1386 Green Avenue in Westmount—where they offer kosher sandwiches and danish options. You must ask which are

Souvenir Shopping

France has always seemed like a nice place to visit, because a lot of important French history happened there, such as… I don’t know, the French Revolution, I guess. Okay, so we don’t know a lot about French history. But we do know that a lot of people over the ages have stopped through France on the way to other historical