Sunday, December 16, 2018


Why Eight Days and Not Seven?

Was the First Day Miraculous?

The Beit Yosef asks: Why is Chanukah celebrated for eight days and not seven? There was enough oil to last for one full day. The miracle is really that it burned for another seven days. The holiday should therefore begin on the 26th day of Kislev,

The Flames That Burn On and On

(Courtesy of Kollel Chatzos)

“Bren, lichtele, bren…”

As we sing at our precious Chanukah licht, we implore that the candle burns and burns and burns… for as long as they can.

When we were young we wanted these

Chanukah: Light in the Darkness

Chanukah is remarkable in a number of ways. Jewish holidays are typically marked by physical actions one is required to do and prohibitions—some combination of a requirement to eat (or refrain), a prohibition on certain labor, or certain physical actions (such as building a sukkah, etc.). Chanukah, however, has no prohibition on work,

TheGiftBox Includes Pets in the Chanukah Fun

As you shop for all the friends and family on your list this year, there’s an important recipient to consider: your pet. Before sniffing around the aisles of Target, Petco or any other big-name store, check out TheGiftBox.com’s boxes for cats and dogs at www.PetGiftBox.com, an

Farmer Kobi Comes for Chanukah

Karen Rostoker-Gruber’s “Farmer Kobi’s Hanukkah Match” is available nationwide at Barnes and Noble this holiday season for fun reading with the whole family.

In 2016, “Farmer Kobi’s Hanukkah Match” became a National Jewish Book Award Finalist, was a 2016 Winner of the Church and

ShabbosLite Spreads Light

Chanukah, of course, is the celebration of the Jewish people coming from the darkness into the light. And since I work in the lighting business, I’ve been bringing folks into the light for more than 40 years!

I’ve seen so many changes in lighting technology over the decades, but nothing is

Chanukah and Emunat Chachamim

Probably the most popular story in the Talmud is the story of the modular oven (Baba Metzia 59b); its parts connected by sand so that it functioned as a unit, but its parts remained somewhat independent of each other. The question before the Sages was whether this should be considered a finished vessel and therefore subject to the

Chanukah: Bringing Hashem Into Your Home

I can still remember spending a Shabbos Chanukah with my grandparents. My grandfather lit his father’s large silver menorah, taken when he escaped Germany in 1938. For a child, there is something mystical about the sight of a parent or grandparent lighting a menorah. Maybe it’s the association of Chanukah with family

The Identity and Meaning of ‘Chashmonai’

The term “Chashmonai” is widely used in the rabbinic literature about Chanukah. But nowhere in I Maccabees and II Maccabees is the term used, and these were works composed only a few decades after the revolt of Matityahu and his sons. (The revolt took place in 167-164 B.C.E.) So who or what exactly is “Chashmonai”?

Vayeishev: Esav’s Malls

Parshat Vayeishev launches the conclusion of Sefer Bereishit: the saga of Yaakov, his family, and the internal strife that gashes any attempt at family unity. Having arrived in Israel, Yaakov dreamed of retiring to a life of tranquility. Unexpectedly, the tumult of Yosef erupted, fracturing the family and dragging the entire clan

The BDA and RCA Prenuptial Agreement: Appropriate for Sephardim

The Beth Din of America (BDA) and Rabbinical Council of America (RCA) prenuptial agreement is undoubtedly gaining in popularity and usage. It is has become accepted as a standard part of the wedding preparation for brides and grooms in many segments of the Orthodox community. In 2015, the Beth Din of America reported over 2,000

Hitting the Jackpot

Check your pockets; if you purchased a lottery ticket a few weeks ago, you may have the winning ticket. As of this writing, the $1.5 billion mega millions jackpot has still not been claimed.

The winner, who beat the odds of 1 in 302 million, has 180 days to collect before the ticket expires. In