Wednesday, September 18, 2019


Life After Driving: An Overlooked Phase of Retirement

You may not have thought of it this way, but retirement planning typically involves two overarching financial issues:

1: What your life will be like when you stop working. You tally up your assets, assess your health, ponder your options to relocate, downsize, travel, and pursue leisure

A Cat-Astrophe of Solomonic Proportions

Our pets are a part of our families. But sometimes families have disagreements. Sometimes they even break up. When they do, it can be problematic to figure out what to do with the animals who have become members of the household, our friends, even sometimes our “fur babies.”

Under the

Ungarbling Apps in the Cloud

When I was an engineer at Verizon 14 years ago, I broke into the elite group. (Don’t think too much of that. How I got to Verizon and hired is a column in itself.)

I had the honor of building a large network diagram. My manager gave me a template, and all it had was a bog picture of a blue

Fort Ontario: Where the Holocaust Came to America

Fort Ontario Emergency Refugee Shelter in Oswego, NY

August 5, 2019 marked the 75th anniversary of the arrival on August 3, 1944 of 982 refugees at the Fort Ontario Emergency Refugee Shelter in Oswego, NY, according to the official announcement of the Planning Committee of the Fort Ontario

Special Warriors: North American Oleh With Autism Joins Israel Defense Forces

Special in Uniform, a pioneering military inclusion program developed by Lend a Hand to a Special Child and sponsored by JNF-USA, has changed the fabric of Israeli society and is now a model of inclusion for the world.

United States Ambassador to Israel David Friedman and presidential aide Chris

Becoming a Leader of Impact

We’ve talked about how to lead from integrity and become more influential. Now let’s explore the final “I” leadership element, impact.

Integrity and influence are, without question, important components of leadership. But without results, leaders can hardly be deemed effective.

May Your Eating Be ‘B’tayavon’

When I lived in America, I do not believe that I ever wished someone “hearty appetite.” The phrase always seemed to me to be too quaint and from a bygone era. Perhaps this explains my failure to adopt a common Israeli custom. Though I was not socialized to wish a person “hearty appetite,” Israelis of all ages routinely wish

Italian Idyll IX: On Horseback in Ciocheria

“I can’t believe it’s almost time to go home!” Jake remarked to Belle, as they prepared to begin to pack up their belongings at the end of their seventh day in Fiuggi.

“I’m not sure we have enough room in our luggage or carry-ons to bring home all the gifts we’ve bought,” replied

Netilat Yadayim Before Kiddush

The information in this article is taken, with permission of the book’s author, from “Shorshei Minhag Ashkenaz” by Rabbi Binyomin Shlomo Hamburger. The reader should remember that any opinions stated are not mine but are from the book.

There are various reasons that were debated by the

Running Around in Circles

School is starting soon, and as a parent, you have a lot to do before it starts, in case you thought you could just spend these two weeks going on vacation. But at least you can rest assured that once your kids start school, it will be smooth sailing for about 10 months, with zero responsibilities and no calls from the school

Fabulous Photographers

For many decades, no Jewish celebration was complete without a professional photographer to record every precious moment. This was before the advent of the smartphone, a device that has annoyingly turned every user into an amateur shutterbug. But a smartphone does not an Annie Leibovitz make, which is one reason that the

Camp Malchus Introduces STEM program

This summer, boys in grades five through seven from Teaneck, Bergenfield and Fairlawn joined the Camp Malchus STEM program. Located in Zichron Mordechai, directly across from Votee Park, campers were treated to an unforgettable indoor and outdoor experience! Each day started with davening and parsha challenges at