Friday, September 20, 2019


Charter of Whose Rights?

It is hard to believe that in the short period of time since we moved to New Jersey from Montreal so much has changed in Quebec. The distance in driving is about six hours—it is a one hour flight, but the distance in democracy and freedom is becoming more and more mind boggling each day.

The current government in power in the Province of Quebec recently

Israel’s Ethiopian Jews Celebrate Sigd in Jerusalem

Jerusalem—This year I was fortunate to make a second pilgrimage to Israel in order to celebrate the annual Sigd holiday of Ethiopian Jewry and to study with several qessotch, the priests who are its traditional spiritual leaders.

The Sigd, which took place on October 31, commemorates and is based on the renewal of the covenant between God


What I love about my column is the ability to pick a topic and then totally decide to write about a different topic. Don’t worry, my column entitled, “The Bear Went Over the Mountain with Pedro Alvarez” will appear in my next column. But for this one, I wanted to talk about friends. We all have them. Some have more than others. Some like the friends they have and

Class Space

If you’re looking for a career that involves a lot of travel, a decent amount of job security, and you don’t want to have to wear a tie, I would definitely suggest getting a job as an astronaut.  And there’s no better time.  NASA has just announced that it would start accepting applications for its next class of astronauts sometime in November.


A Rabbi’s Musings and Amusings

There is an ongoing raging debate whether our contemporary educational system is adequately preparing our children for life. Many of the skills necessary for success in school are simply not so important in life, and vice-versa.

The question is how should we best use our children’s formative years to give them practical tools and knowledge that they will be

Self-Worth? Priceless: The Jewish Perspective on a Healthy Self-Image

There’s a little game I’ve been playing with my children since they were old enough to speak. It’s a way to build up their self-esteem while simultaneously teaching them where we derive self-worth from in Judaism.

This is how it goes:

Me: Who made you so smart?

My kid: Hashem (which literally means the name, but is how observant Jews

Hot Chanukah Meals On Wheels For Seniors

Rockleigh—The Jewish Home Family is pleased to announce a program to help celebrate Chanukah by delivering free, hot kosher meals to the homes of seniors and the infirm in Bergen County on Wednesday, December 4th, 2013. This will enable recipients to enjoy an effortless and joyous holiday. The program is designed to satisfy the mission of the Jewish Home

Building a Yiddish Bridge to Japan: The Mloteks’ Music is the Key

Paradise Valley—Zalmen Mlotek sends an email. “Ich fur oif Yapan.” (“I’m going to Japan!”)

The day after he got back, there was another email. “Call me at my mom’s.” There was something to tell.

Zalmen and his brother Mark, and their children, all have a passion for Yiddish and Yiddish culture, especially music and

Simcha? Why Don’t I Feel Happy?

Last edition of The Link focused on “simchas”. The terms implies happiness and, while weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs and birthdays are all wonderful occasions, simchas are typically accompanied by a healthy dose of anxiety. All parents feel a certain level of stress surrounding various needs of their children during simchas.  For parents of children with special

Rainbow Looming

There is a fabulous sensation sweeping across the world! Children of every age are joining in on the action. Girls and boys alike are ecstatic over this newest trend. And no, it is not the newest app or video game. It is actually hands on, constructive and interactive. It lends itself to exciting conversations amongst friends. By now you may

The Legacy of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef

Two weeks ago, the entire Jewish world mourned the passing of Sephardic Torah giant Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, who died at the age of 93. His passing was covered by Israeli and Jewish media and was noted in worldwide media. With estimates of 800-850,000 people attending his funeral in Jerusalem, it was clear the entire State of Israel—politicians, religious

How to Change Your Life: Rav Abuchatzeira Comes to Jersey For Inspirational Talks

Harav Yechiel Abuchatzeira, shl’ita, sponsored by Yad L’Achim, is coming to the U.S. from Israel for a series of inspirational evenings. After the success of last year’s events, Yad L’Achim is hosting six inspiring events for successive nights beginning on Sunday, October 20. The events will take place in Queens, Brooklyn, Monsey, New Jersey and the