Tuesday, July 17, 2018


Adolescent Endings

“All good things must come to an end.”(Geoffrey Chaucer 1374) This maxim is true of weekends, holidays, vacations, summer camp and celebrations. It also is true of an all-you-can-eat buffet because at some point, even if you are a professional chazzer, you simply cannot eat any more. This maxim also applies to the synagogue

Keeping the Kids Safe, Even at Camp

ASAP program trains Camp Mesorah staff for third year.

“Don’t forget to put on your sunscreen.”

“Carry your inhaler with you at all times.”

“Don’t forget to write at least one letter to

Great Neck Comedian Talia Reese Opens for Ashley Blaker

Great Neck’s Talia Reese is performing as the opening act for the final week of Ashley Blaker’s Off Broadway run of “Strictly Unorthodox,” the first-ever stand up show about life as a Charedi Jew. The show will play until June 28 in the Jerry Orbach Theater at the Theater Center, 1627 Broadway.

Reese is an accomplished comedian who has been

Zevachim 64

May these words of Torah serve as a merit le’iluy nishmat Menachem Mendel ben Harav Yoel David Balk, a”h.

This week we learned Zevachim 64. These are some highlights.

Should kohanim start training now to throw light objects far distances?

It is related about the Chafetz Chaim that he sought to train himself to be ready for the

A Sephardic Jew Reciting a Haftarah at a Taanit Mincha in an Ashkenazic Kehillah

The Dilemma

This could be an awkward moment. The gabai at an Ashkenazi beit knesset calls a Sephardic Jew for shlishi during Mincha on a ta’anit (fast day). This oleh not only receives an aliyah but also reads the haftarah. It seems like a highly regarded honor but yet it poses a serious

OneFamily Young Women Victims Will Speak About Terror Experiences to Teaneck

OneFamily will be bringing a group of young women in their late teens, all of whom have been deeply affected by terror, to the tri-state area. They will meet people in various communities including Teaneck on June 27th at 8 PM, and speak about their experiences, and share the path they have taken towards recovery with the help of

Secure Standards

Living in New York unquestionably has benefits and drawbacks. But for high schoolers, living in New York means having to take the dreaded Regents exams.

Our oldest, Shalom, took his first Regents this week. For the past few weeks I have been seeing in him the same anxiety I felt two decades ago

Insights Into the Root G-Z-R

I have always been fascinated by this root. G-Z-R in Tanach has a meaning like “cut” or “separate.” But at Esther 2:1 it has the meaning “decree”: Achashverosh remembers Vashti and what was “nigzar aleha” (decreed against her). The verb also has the meaning “decree” at Job 22:28. Of course, it has meanings like

Do You Know Why We Are Here?

Do you know why we are here? Why do we go to shul? The answer should be obvious—to pray to God. But why is there so much talking in shul? Why do so many men come to shul late, some very late? Why do we sit with our friends?

Sometimes prayer is difficult. It can become routine, mechanical,

(Mis)Using the Past

Parshat Chukat

Although we often search to find a connection between the parsha and its haftarah, we have no need to wonder about Chazal’s selection this week, for the haftarah retells the very story found in the parsha, often using the exact same wording and expressions. The haftarah brings

When Is it Time to Say No?

Tomorrow morning at an early hour I will be getting into our car and driving to Baltimore, Maryland. What’s in Baltimore you ask? I am looking forward to attending the graduation of my youngest Eisenberg grandchild. Doniel will be graduating as valedictorian from Talmudical Academy of Baltimore. Graduating from high school these

‘The Bamboo Cradle’ Is Updated and Redesigned for a New Generation

It was the flash of color on a drab bench in a crowded railway station in Taiwan that attracted Allan Schwartzbaum’s attention. Especially since it was moving. An American professor, researching and teaching in Taiwan on a Fulbright fellowship, Schwartzbaum walked over to the bench, and discovered that