Wednesday, April 25, 2018


JoyDew Foundation Opens Career Development Center for Young Adults With Autism

The JoyDew Foundation for young adults with autism has realized its long-planned goal of opening a career development center in Bergen County. Moish Tov and Anat Klebanov, husband and wife directors, held an open house at the new Midland Park location to explain their vision to prospective families and acquaint them with

Chol Hamoed Travel Guide Chol Hamoed dates: Monday, April 2 through Thursday, April 5 Please enjoy The Jewish Link’s updated guide to help you enjoy Chol Hamoed to its fullest.

New Jersey

Turtle Back Zoo

See animals from all over the world, including giraffes, kangaroos, penguins, Komodo dragons, ostriches, bald eagles and sea lions. Included in the price of admission is a dinosaur-themed playground, and other attractions include pony rides and an endangered-species carousel, both $2. Next door to the zoo

OXC Garden State Warriors Update

For the past few weeks I have been waking up on Sunday mornings feeling excited and energized by the amazing training class I have been going to, led by the exceptional Chani (Carol) Teigman.

Our team, the “Garden State Warriors,” has been working hard every Sunday to get in shape for the

Why You Should Be Getting a Long-Term Care Plan Now

Okay, let’s make a quick assessment: Can you afford an extra $117,000 a year? How about $69,000 a year? Or even $48,000 a year?

Chances are that you cannot, certainly not for several consecutive years. If you’re among the lucky ones who could swing it, it would pain you to deplete

A Letter to My Oma: Martha Lunzer, z”l

Editor’s Note: Martha Lunzer, Matil bat Yosef, z”l, passed away a year ago at the age of 100. A survivor of the Holocaust, she was hidden during the Hungarian onslaught with the help of Raoul Wallenberg. She left behind a large family, including 18 great grandchildren. Her grandson Eli fondly remembers festive Shabbat meals

Project S.A.R.A.H. Speaks: From a Board Member’s Perspective

In 2005, I was newly retired. My fellow congregant, Esther East, director of Jewish Family Service of Clifton-Passaic, home to Project S.A.R.A.H., approached me at Congregation Beth Aaron and said, “We could use you on our Project S.A.R.A.H. Consortium. “We work with families throughout New Jersey who are impacted by domestic

Food Freedom

Dear Coach Gila,

I am a lifelong emotional eater. I ate chips, cookies, cake, ice cream, candy—it didn’t really matter what it was as long as I went from sweet to salty. That was my modus operandi. I would eat something sweet and then salty and on and on. I ate if I was happy, sad, angry,

Dirshu Embarks on Last Seder in Shas

In 1923, Rav Meir Shapiro proposed the concept of a Daf HaYomi in Vienna. In Elul 1929, the first siyum haShas was held in the Sophiensaele Hall in Vienna and now, on 2 Nisan, 2018, a large siyum on Daf HaYomi Seder Nezikin was held at the same Sophiensaele Hall in Vienna.

The siyum was

IRS Can Take Your Passport If You Owe Taxes

The world’s most powerful debt collector has become stronger. The “FAST Act” created by H.R. 22 in the Congressional Session 2015-2016 added a new section 7345 to the United States tax code. This section authorizes the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to certify a tax debt to the State Department for repercussive action. This

An Interview With Ashley Blaker

Internationally acclaimed comedian Ashley Blaker is returning to New York for a five-week run of his one-man-show—Strictly Unorthodox—opening Off-Broadway May 27. We sat down with Ashley to find out more.

  1. Q. So you’re coming back to New York?

Custom Minhagim

Pesach is all about minhagim. No two families have the same minhagim, and you always want to make sure that your kids carry on whichever minhagim you have.

In fact, here is a list of things that, as far as my kids know, are our Pesach minhagim. Unless I say something to my kids, my sons are

Food Frenzy

Many Jews go away for Passover, traveling to Florida, the Caribbean or other warm leisure locations. These Jews typically spend their time at a hotel or resort as part of an official Passover Program that features at least three square meals a day. (Yes, every meal featuring matzah is a square meal or, in some cases,