Monday, February 18, 2019


Discerning Hitler’s Intentions

Part XV

In the August 1940 issue of The American Mercury, Eugene Lyons, a conservative journalist and editor of the centrist monthly, warned Americans to take Hitler’s pronouncements seriously. Not only was Hitler determined to rid Europe of Jews, he also planned to revise the social and

Teaneck’s Henry Orlinsky Connects  Puerto Rico Relief Group With Jewish Agency

The Jewish Agency for Israel announced a partnership with PR4PR, founded by Teaneck’s Henry Orlinsky, to build a Project TEN Center in San Juan. Through this historic partnership, the two organizations will focus on identifying young volunteers from all sectors of Israeli society and global Jewry for a rotation of three-month

How Do We Help Our Adult Child Who Is Reluctant to Accept Our Assistance?

Our daughter had been on a track to get engaged in the near future. Her future choson seemed all right, though my husband and I were never totally smitten with him, but figured we weren’t the ones marrying him and if our daughter was so happy with him we would go along, though cautiously and with a bit of hesitancy.

Nutrition for My Soul: Lifestyle Transformational Homeopathy

It’s 6 a.m., my phone begins to vibrate with messages coming in from all over the world. People crying out for help for themselves and their children:

“My child is having a reaction from a medication or vaccine, we are terrified!”

“I’m having a

My Mind, My Heart and My Hands  Will Always Be Connected With the Almighty

When I was about 12 years old, I made a three-tier end table in shop class. I designed it myself and made it with no instruction or help from anyone. I have it to this day, and looking at it now I can say that it is a fine piece of mahogany furniture. Every detail is flawless. and I made it with the hand tools that we were given to

Dis Is a New Party

Haters are going to hate, but sometimes you just need to shake it off. There is no question that Israel is under siege by critics who hate the Jewish state without cause. We have seen within the past year two professors at the University of Michigan withhold recommendations to students, solely because they wanted to study in

Great Expectations

Sometimes our best and most memorable experiences are the ones we never expected, the ones we just never saw coming.

I definitely have had my share of surreal surprises.

In my wildest dreams I never expected that I would be the mom of only boys.

Yeshivas in Poland During the 17th Century

Part 2

I hope you found Part 1 as fascinating as I did upon first reading.

I had been thinking of adding a few pictures of the yeshivas from some of the cities mentioned in the article or maybe a picture of Rabbi Hanover. But then I realized photography was

An Update on Updates

As I sit here with some of my college kids home from YU for test week, all of our offices are closed for the new year. For dedicated IT professionals, snow days and holidays are not days off, but, rather, the time to do restores/backups and most of all, updates.

That’s a question I am asked

NASCK Consecrates Unique Florida Cemetery

(Courtesy of NASCK) On Sunday, January 6, 2019, in Lake Worth, Florida, the National Association for Chevra Kadisha (NASCK) consecrated a nonprofit cemetery dedicated to providing a dignified burial for every Jew, regardless of their level of observance or financial

For Adults Only

Disclaimer: I know that kids sometimes read my columns, and I love that they do, but this week’s column is for adults only. If you’re a kid, this is not for you.

Ok, this isn’t going to work. The kids are specifically reading it now. But what am I supposed to do?

Fruity Fiction

On the holiday of Tu B’Shvat, which is a celebration of trees and nature, there is a custom of eating different types of fruit. It is not a law, regulation, ordinance or rule but it is a lovely tradition, especially for the fruitarians among us.

There are other Jewish holidays that either by