Friday, September 21, 2018


Holocaust Survivor’s Prison Tag Remains a Mystery

Several months ago, Helene Kamioner of Riverdale, received an unexpected email from Esther Gold, a relative living in Detroit, stating that Yad Vashem had contacted her about a prisoner identification tag that had been traced back to Helene’s father, Yechiel Kamioner. Gold had been tracing her ancestry on

How I Struck the Future-Altering Torah-Academic Balance

During my second year at Yeshivat HaKotel in Jerusalem, I made the decision to pursue a long-term life in Israel. Yet I had more questions than answers. Chief among them: I wanted to remain in yeshiva, but also to make progress towards a career. How could I do both at the same time?

My Experience as an Indian Visiting Israel

“What preconceived ideas do you have about Israel?” This was the question posed to me by my colleague and friend Dr. Jonathan Lewin as we disembarked at Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv. As an Indian, I didn’t know much about Israel other than what we have all been shown by cable news networks over the years, when

After 500 Years, Central America’s Bnei Anousim Get Permanent Rabbi

(Courtesy of Shavei Yisrael) More than 500 years after their Iberian Jewish ancestors were forced to convert to Catholicism during the Inquisition, Bnei Anousim (whom historians refer to by the derogatory term Marranos, meaning “pig”) in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala will get a full-time rabbi to serve their

One Little Suggestion

Life is generally so busy that we find ourselves working almost as robots. We wake up and do the usual things we need to do or are expected of us, and rush through each day rarely taking the time to stop and think about the many good fortunes we have. Some of us actually take more time to dwell upon the “bad things” than all we

Rosh Hashanah Lessons From Consecrating a ‘Green’ Cemetery

By far the most unusual thing I did this summer was consecrate a new, “green” cemetery on a steep, tree-covered hillside a few miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Having spent close to a month in Northern California this summer helping our daughter and son-in-law adjust to the birth of

HAFTR Community Pays Tribute to Hindi Krinsky Kanarfogel

We write to you to express our grief and heartbreak about the sudden passing of our beloved colleague and friend, Dr. Hindi Krinsky Kanarfogel, a”h. Last week, the Kanarfogel and Krinsky families suffered the unimaginable loss of their extraordinary wife, mother, daughter and sister. Dr. Krinsky is survived by her husband, Dovid

The Meaning of My Kaddishes

Today marks the last day I am saying Kaddish for my in-laws, who passed away 21 days apart. I have been doing so for the past 12 months. Kaddish is a prayer said in Aramaic many times through the Jewish prayer services three times each day. Normally, Kaddish is said for 11 months, but due to the proximity in time that both of my

New Heights

Most people think of Manhattan as a serious, business-like city full of offices and smelly food carts, but in truth, it was always designed with tourists in mind.

Well, not always. They started off designing the downtown area, and that’s a mess. It’s a bunch of randomly named skinny streets

Kosher Country

The United States is a truly wonderful country and anyone living in it should consider themselves lucky. Although the U.S. is not a Jewish country, many Jews are among its citizens and, demographically speaking, certain areas of the United States have more Jewish residents than others. Obviously, the Tri-State area is crawling with

Lost and Found…and Lost…and Found

We all know the feeling, the sense of frustration that accompanies the realization, just as you are about to exit your home, that you’ve misplaced your house keys, your car keys or your wallet. After a brief moment chastising yourself for once again losing one of these mainstays of daily life, you begin a careful search of the premises to locate the missing

Hudson Regional Hospital Focuses on Interventional Radiology

(Courtesy of HRH) Radiology at Hudson Regional Hospital has always been a priority, but with the addition of physicians from around the Tri-state area, a new specialty of focus is interventional radiology. Interventional radiologists provide minimally invasive image-guided diagnosis and subsequent treatment of