Sunday, October 22, 2017


Do Not Say ‘If I Have Time I Will Study…’ (Avot 2:5)

The Jewish people have been blessed with a great many brilliant minds. For most of history, these scholars’ contributions were mainly in the area of Talmud, Bible and Halacha. By the Middle Ages, great rabbis were also contributing to the fields of philosophy, medicine, astronomy, cartography, poetry, grammar and finance. In the

Just Visiting

Yom Kippur is a good time to work on our mitzvot, such as the mitzvah of bikur cholim. Especially since no one you know is feeling well.

Not a lot of people give thought to the mitzvah of bikur cholim. Well, except for the organization called “Bikur Cholim.” Most people just sometimes happen

Fascinating Fast

Sometimes, fast is a good thing. If you’re driving a getaway car, you want fast. If you meet a kindred spirit, you will become fast friends. If you’re pitching in Game Seven of the World Series, you want your fastball to be unhittable. Well, on Yom Kippur, fast also is a good thing, but for a very different reason.

The Life of Herzl Melcer AKA Lt. Iwan Siemienowicz Pidlowskij

(Continued from last week)

Part 3

Herzl had been wounded during a battle on March 26, 1945, and died the following day, March 27. He had been a second lieutenant in charge of a rifle platoon and had received the medallion of the Red Star for

Seth Leavitt and A&H Send Salamis to Houston

Like the rest of the country, Englewood resident Seth Leavitt was shocked and horrified by the news coming out of Houston in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Unlike many, however, he was well positioned to offer assistance.

When he saw photos and heard stories of the devastation

Lessons From Our Children

What started off as two simple Sundays turned out to be two days when I learned a huge lesson from my daughter and her friends.

A few Sundays ago my 9-year-old daughter and a friend were playing together at the other girl’s house. After a while they wanted to start a lemonade stand

How Can My Perfect Match Refuse to Date Me?

People who know us well think that “Shira” and I would make a perfect match. Not because we match up on the outside, but because they feel we would be great together and complement each other’s qualities. We know a lot of people in common and it’s come up so many times. I’ve seen Shira at friends’ weddings and other

Jordana and Asher Tanenbaum Welcome Their ‘Miracle’ Baby

Jordana (Bier) and Asher Tanenbaum of Englewood, New Jersey, welcomed a baby boy, Austin James, on August 22, 2017. His maternal grandparents are Andrea and Bryan Bier of West Orange, New Jersey. His paternal grandparents are Dr. Barton and Arleen Tanenbaum of Beverly Hills, California.


Talia Mizikovsky Found Her Bashert, Aaron Jordan, at Williams College

Talia Mizikovsky and Aaron Jordan were married on August 27 at Flowerfield Celebrations in St. James, Long Island. Rabbi Joe Wolfson of the NYU Bronfman Center was the mesader kiddushin. The kallah, daughter of Esther Chalom of Englewood, is the director of Jewish Student Life for Hillel of Northern New Jersey. After the Moriah

Coming to Terms With my Dementia

We have been living in Teaneck/Bergenfield for almost five years. We moved in on the day that Hurricane Sandy struck. The truth is, it wasn’t so bad. We lived in our daughter’s house for a few weeks and she had electricity on and off for a while. During the storm a tree came down on our house but caused little damage and the

A Promise Fulfilled

Every now and then, it’s time to zone out from what’s happening out there, like civil strife and hurricanes, and focus on something that just feels good.

Meet Natha McCoy. If you know Federation, you know Natha. After all, she has been working for Jewish Federation longer than many of us,

Praying for Money

We all know that money can’t buy us love, that more money brings more worries, and that winning the lottery often ruins people’s lives. Yet we still dream about having more money than we can ever spend. The reasons are obvious. Unlimited wealth would at once resolve many of our biggest challenges and enable us to devote our