Wednesday, April 25, 2018


A Message of Hope

Shabbat Hagadol

Parshat Tzav

The haftarah we read this Shabbat is the final nevuah of our latest prophet, making it the very last prophecy in all of the Tanach. We certainly should attach great significance to the final words

Are You Sleeping?

“When a Jew prays the morning prayers and says, ‘Give thanks to God, call out His Name, make His deeds known among the nations,’ he does not simply just think about the words. Rather, he envisions himself standing at that very moment before the entire world, face to face, and crying out with all of his strength he declares:

At Ptach Lo: Raising Sensitive Issues

With v’higadtida l’vincha season underway, many have chinuch on the mind, pondering how to properly relay values to our children. With the Haggadah guiding us, we take the lessons about teaching the Exodus and try to generalize to other areas. I would like to discuss one such lesson—that of the she’eino yodeya

Why Is Tzedaka for Pesach Different From All Other Kinds of Tzedaka?

(Courtesy of Yad Ezra V’Shulamit) Pesach is a time when many people infuse their holiday preparations with meaningfulness—whether it be by making a conscious effort to “clean” their negative thoughts along with their kitchen cabinets or taking a minimalist approach to the week of Pesach to focus on the more

Pesach in Israel: Full of Camaraderie and Good Will

(Courtesy of Naale Elite Academy) If you take a stroll down Jerusalem’s main street, Yaffo, a few days before Pesach, you’ll encounter rivers of sudsy water coursing down the pavement, wending their way around upturned tables and chairs.

It’s not because small business owners and

My Stories

Part 20 (written 2004)

(Continued from last week)

We had many Orthodox Jews apply for a job because it was known that at PB there would be no difficulty with the observance of Shabbat and Jewish Holidays. Since 90 percent of all new hires came through the

Household Cleaning Products Could Turn Pesach Purge Into Medical Emergency

“Much to our chagrin, we are witnessing a significant spike in the number of children and adults who are being seriously burned and even poisoned by household cleaning products ahead of Pesach, when parents are rushing to wash and scrub away chametz,” revealed Nurit Michelson, a nurse who works in the Burn Unit-Department of

Fair Lawn Author Presents Passover Play

(Courtesy of Kaufman Music Center) Kaufman Music Center presents “Shlemiel Crooks—A Musical”: A boy and his dog stop the ghost of Pharaoh from ruining Passover in this whimsical family musical based on the children’s books “Shlemiel Crooks” and “Chicken Bone Man” by Fair Lawn author Anna Olswanger. Narrated by

Stricter Laws Will Ensure Safety at Schools

Editor’s note: Congratulations to Rivka Yellin, a ninth grader at Ma’ayanot, who is in Mrs. Adeena Pultman’s Current Events class. This class tackles important issues that are in the news and covers them in depth and from all political perspectives in order to foster critical thinking and to encourage robust class discussion. The

Teachings of the Wise

Why do so many of us never seem to listen when given advice? Often, someone makes a suggestion and we only half listen and then do our own thing.

Today we realized once again how foolish we are when we do not listen carefully to what we are being told. This applies especially when the person

‘Moldova Matters at Frisch’ Makes a Dream Come True for Two Moldovan-Jewish Teens

When Alyssa Panga, 13, and her half-brother, Garrik Sementin, 18, arrived in New York from the Republic of Moldova at the end of February to attend Chabad’s C-Teen Convention, their visit was a dream come true not only for the teens themselves, but also for a group of students at the Frisch Yeshiva High School

The Lessons of Meled’s Alternative Educational Model

Reviewing: “Not at Risk: Education as a Work of Heart.” By Menachem Gottesman with Leah Leslie Gottesman. Jerusalem, Menorah Books and Meled. Hardcover. 2018. ISBN 978-1940516745. $24.95

I can still recall the sense of elation when I first discovered the book