Saturday, November 23, 2019


The Weight of Noah’s Ark

One may easily estimate the weight of Noah’s Ark fully loaded by using Archimedes’ Principle and some information in Rashi to B’reishit 8:4. Rashi declared that the Ark floated with 11 amot of its hull submerged under water. He gets this from the text. The waters reached a peak above land of 15 amot (7:20) on the first of

Creating a Culture of Respect

“Character is higher than intellect.” This quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson captures a critical goal of all educational institutions, especially yeshivot, namely values-based education. At the Marsha Stern Talmudical Academy (MTA/YUHSB), our goal this year is “creating a community of respect.” While character may seem fundamental and something we often

Ring in the New Year, Part Two

Last time, we began the review of the Ring Smart Doorbell. We discussed installation, placement and the potential lock-in to the Amazon smart home ecosystem (or should I say “EchoSystem”). We also discussed the Ring Neighborhood App that allows user to share alerts and video with each other as well as with law

NCSY Camp Maor: The Opportunity Orthodox Jewish Girls Have Been Waiting For

Miles away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and nestled in the trees of Lakewood, Pennsylvania, lies a magical place called NCSY Camp Maor. It is an Orthodox performing arts sleepaway camp for Jewish girls ages 9-15 that builds artistic technique, confidence and lifelong friendships. After loving our time there as


Part 2

(Continued from last week)

One day the treasurer of the committee approached me and asked whether I would take over that responsibility from him since he found it “too difficult to write out checks for expenses, when money was instead needed by

Pay It Forward

Several weeks ago we addressed the need for us as consumers to be kinder to employees in the stores we patronize and also recognize the outstanding service that is shown to many of us in certain stores. We asked at that time for people to tell us their stories of unusual customer service. At this time we wish to pass on to you one

Black Box PAC Proudly Presents ‘Fuddy Meers’

(Courtesy of Black Box) The Black Box Performing Arts Center, now located on Palisade Ave in downtown Englewood, is pleased to announce the first main stage show in its new space: David Lindsay-Abaire’s award winning play, “Fuddy Meers!”

“Fuddy Meers” tells the story of Claire, who has

Practical Applications

It’s time once again to talk about the annual Ig Nobel Prizes—a spoof of the Nobel Prizes that celebrates people who are advanced in the scientific field of getting someone to fund ridiculous studies. And every year we laugh. But a lot of people ask, “What’s the point of these studies? Are there any practical

Freilich Fluency

Many parents who send their children to a Jewish school or after-school program naively believe that their children will automatically learn to speak Hebrew. Of course, the reality is that far too few students in the United States achieve Hebrew fluency. Other than ordering falafel or asking to use the restroom, many students

Do Dogs Go to the Office Every Day in Tel Aviv?

In a city that has the world’s highest per-capita ratio of pet dogs to people (1:17), Mona is one of many pooches that accompany their “pawrents” to work at high-tech firms. And increasingly, companies that host these hounds are posting the dogs’ photos on their corporate social media pages and even creating separate

Same Difference

Jeanie and Lily were twin sisters and best friends. They shared a room, clothing, friends and just about everything else. They went to the same school (of course) and were often in the same class (although some teachers had a hard time telling them apart). As far as their personalities were concerned, both Jeanie and Lily were

Going Out of His Way

Jake and Brian were in Mike’s backyard having a catch with a frisbee. Considering that Jake was a national frisbee champ, sometimes his arm got the best of him. This afternoon, Jake launched a throw that crossed the backyard, cleared Mike’s fence, cleared the neighbor’s fence, and landed on the sidewalk around the corner. The