Wednesday, April 25, 2018


Illustrated Haggadah Masterpieces Enhance Passover Experience

Highlighting: “Signs and Wonders: 100 Haggada Masterpieces” By Adam S. Cohen. Koren Publishers Jerusalem. The Toby Press. Hardcover. 2018. ISBN: 978 159 264 484 1. $39.95.

No book in Jewish history has been illustrated more often than the Passover Haggadah—the story of the

Preparing for a Healthy Summer at Camp 613

Summer is rapidly approaching! We’ve even caught a glimpse of it with a few teasing summer-weather days. While we may not be ready to permanently put away the winter coats, now would be a good time to start planning for that wonderful season of fun in the sun!

Outdoor play has obvious

The Right Path to the Future

Highlighting: “The Future: A Guide to the Jewish Messiah, Israel, and the End of Days.” By Rabbi Lawrence Hajioff. Mosaica Press. Hardcover. 217 pages. ISBN-10: 1-946351-25-3. $19.99.

The world is on edge. We read every day of radical regimes threatening the world.

Inaugural Runners for Team OHEL and Camp Kaylie Participate in Jerusalem Marathon

(Courtesy of OHEL) A large, passionate and committed Team Ohel and Camp Kaylie, with over 50 runners from Israel and the U.S., ran in this year’s Jerusalem Marathon for the first time, raising money for Camp Kaylie summer scholarships.

While OHEL does not

Black Box Studios Runs Ninth Season of Teen Theater Program

Rock Musical Theater Intensive (RTMI), Black Box Studios’s popular summer program for teens with a serious interest in the performing arts, will run for its ninth season from Monday, July 2, until Sunday, August 12, weekdays from 9:30 a.m to 4:30 p.m.

In this collaborative theater experience created and run by BBS/BBPAC Artistic Director Matt Okin,

YU’s Makor College Experience Completes Inaugural Year to Rave Reviews

Dr. Stephen Glicksman of Teaneck has served as director of clinical innovation at Makor Disability Services in Boro Park, formerly known as Women’s League Community Residences, for the past 25 years. This past year, he realized a long-time dream—the creation of a post-high school academic program for

Next Stop for AMIT Girls Who Excel at Physics: CERN in Geneva

(Courtesy of AMIT) Four years ago, the AMIT network set a goal for itself—to increase the number of girls studying physics at the highest bagrut (matriculation exam) level, which is five units.

AMIT used “headhunters” to review potential students’ academic aptitude and also embarked on a

Pre-Pesach Panic

Everyone always wants advice before Pesach. Something about the holiday makes people want to send each other questions.

Dear Mordechai,

What’s wrong with my vacuum cleaner?


Kosher Closeness

For many, living in a Jewish community affords the opportunity to maintain existing friendships, rekindle old friendships and create new ones. Of course, not all friendships are the same. Friendships, like the Earth’s crust or a deep lasagna, have many different layers, resulting in a complexity of social strata.

Avoda Zara 55

May these words of Torah serve as a merit le’iluy nishmat Menachem Mendel ben Harav Yoel David Balk, a”h.

This week we learned Avoda Zara 55. These are some highlights.

Avoda Zara 55: By mistake I closed the healing blessing of Shemoneh Esrei with

Vayikra: The Sacrificial Hershey Bar

Vayikra: 1:3-17

It is not easy teaching fourth grade boys about animal sacrifice, especially last period on a Friday afternoon. The sun was out, and the school buses were already lining up outside to take them home for a long weekend away from school. You could clearly see them, almost glowing

May Sephardic Jews Sell Egg Matzah to Ashkenazic Jews?

May Sephardic Jews sell egg matzah to Ashkenazic Jews who famously avoid egg matzah on Pesach (except in case of great need)? Let’s first delve into the source for the difference in approach between Sephardim and Ashkenazim regarding this matter.

The Egg Matzah Debate: Rashi and Raavad vs.