Friday, August 23, 2019


Congregation Israel in Springfield Brings Chesed to Camp HASC

(Courtesy of CIS) In a world which can often be filled with darkness and pain, there is a small community, not too far from New York, where people are spreading kindness and goodness and creating sparks of light.

Congregation Israel of Springfield is a warm and inviting

Crazy Color War Mania Comes to Camp Shalom

There was not a dull moment during week six at Camp Shalom! This year’s color war teams, silver (yareach), gold (shemesh), orange (ohr), blue (choshech) and yellow (simcha) competed in wacky games and exciting competitions. Campers swam relay races, competed in Minute to Win it, built massive balloon

Kids Help Kids at Teaneck Sports & Arts

SWIM/SWEAT for SINAI fundraisers are taking place at local camps throughout the summer.

Even the rain couldn’t dampen the spirits of the Teaneck Sports & Arts campers who were all smiles at their SWEAT for SINAI fundraiser on July 18! Participants won fabulous prizes for raising money to help SINAI students receive the inclusive

Al Haderech Girls Are Loving Week One

Camp Al Haderech’s first week has really lived up to the theme of fun parties! In the first week, the girls went rollerblading, bowling, to Urban Air, Museum of Illusions and the Highline. They had a luau with smoothies and limbo and a very competitive Cupcake Wars. This week, they also went on their first

Camp Acheinu Has Chopped Competition

Last week Camp Acheinu, (the newest boys camp in Bergen County!) had a Chopped competition. Rabbi Avidgor Gutnicki, program director, led a fierce competition where campers in our oldest bunks were given the opportunity to compete in a food competition and showcase their best desserts, sandwiches and pizzas. The

Camp Al Haderech Boys Is Off to a Great Start

Al Haderech Boys kicked off its first week of camp with a jam-packed week. In one week, the boys went to Gagasphere, Escape the Room and Urban Air. On their first overnight, they went on a tour of Lincoln Financial Field (home of the Philadelphia Eagles), Dave & Buster’s and spent a whole day at Dorney Park.

Fair Lawn Jewish Day Camp Celebrates 11th Anniversary

This past Friday, August 2, Fair Lawn Jewish Day Camp celebrated its 11th year in existence— with a record number of over 450 campers, in addition to staff, counselors and special activity instructors. This event was marked with a photo op with Bris Avrohom and Fair Lawn Jewish Day Camp staff and numerous

Gan Yaldenu of Teaneck Has Dinosaur Week

During Dinosaur Week, the children learned about the many names and types of dinosaurs. Many children also enjoyed the day at Dinosaur Station where they got to see moving replicas of all kinds of dinosaurs and watch a show about their favorite dinosaur—T-Rex! They also baked dinosaur cake, participated in dinosaur yoga

Camp 613 Ice Skating Program Is Really Cool

All Camp 613 campers and staff ice skate on site every week, which is always a highlight! Along with skate instruction, the campers and counselors love free skate and weekly ice skating dance parties. They even play ice hockey! Go Team Camp 613!


 Put Your Fear of Taxes Behind You with These 4 Tips

Tax season isn’t fun for anyone. Crunching numbers. Figuring out which forms you need. Trying to get in contact with the IRS. There’s a reason financial stress is one of the top stressors in America, leading to health, mental, and social problems, such as depression and strained relationships with loved ones. However,

Introduction to Yemenite Practice

Part 1

The most cogent way to describe Yemenite (Temoni) Jews and their halachic practice is “very distinctive.” Their pronunciation of Hebrew, appearance and halachic practice truly mark them as a unique segment of am Yisrael. The Jewish people are composed not just of its Ashkenazic and

Return, Not Ruin

Parshiyot Matot-Masei

The haftarah we read this week, a selection chosen from the second perek of Sefer Yirmiyahu, is a direct continuation of last week’s haftarah, taken from the first chapter of that book. In this selection, however, Yirmiyahu is no longer conversing with Hashem but is