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Arab and Jewish Contributions in Perspective

Part IV

Mustafa Abbasi, a researcher in the department of history and Galilee studies at Tel-Hai Academic College in northern Israel, is an advocate for a more balanced assessment of the Palestinian Arab response to the Nazi regime and the British in Mandate Palestine. His recent article

Memories From Home

Pronouncing the “Cholam” Vowel

Among Ashkenazi Jews there used to be four different ways of pronouncing the cholam vowel. Two of the four have survived after the Holocaust, namely the one of southern Germany, common in English-speaking countries, and the Polish cholam,

Sleeping Under the Stars

Dear Mordechai,

Due to some unforeseen enthusiasm from my kids, I’m sleeping in the sukkah this year, apparently. Any advice? Also, there are no alarm clocks out here, and I’m afraid I’m going to overshoot Shacharit.

Everyone eats in their sukkahs, but

Chol Hamoed Travel Guide Please enjoy The Jewish Link’s updated guide to help you enjoy Chol Hamoed to its fullest.

New Jersey

Turtle Back Zoo

See animals from all over the world, including giraffes, kangaroos, penguins, Komodo dragons, ostriches, bald eagles and sea lions. Included in the price of admission is a dinosaur-themed playground, and other attractions include pony rides and an endangered-species carousel, both $2. Next door to the zoo

A Band-Aid for a Pita Made Out of a Pita?

Israeli designer creates hilarious solutions for everyday problems.

Collecting vacation snow globes of favorite landmarks from popular cities and countries is a common pastime for kids and adults alike. But have a closer look at industrial designer Shaul

Beating the Band

In our story, a kid learns the value of forgiveness.

Jack and the guys were setting up their instruments and getting ready for band practice when the phone rang.

“That was Dave,” Steve said, hanging up the phone. “He says he’s really sorry but his

Akiva Fuld Asks, ‘How Can I Help?’

As we approach Yom Kippur, making amends and helping others becomes of key importance. These days, I am personally on the receiving end of an outpouring of care and concern from our family and the community after unfortunately breaking my arm, and I deeply and sincerely appreciate the offer of “How can I try to help you

We Are All Yonah

The dramatic story of Yonah being swallowed by a whale exhibits classic teshuva themes. An entire metropolis of Ninveh, condemned to death, ultimately rallies, repents and is spared. Both Jew and non-Jew alike possess God-given and unlimited freedom of choice, rendering teshuva a universal experience. Ninveh’s last-minute

‘Why Do You Sleep?’

Yom Kippur

Tefillat Mincha, the Mincha service on Yom Kippur, revolves around the reading of Sefer Yonah. I do not mean to suggest that the entire service centers around the themes found in the book, but rather that much of the tefilla is taken up by the reading itself. The story of the


Tarshish. Where is it? Chapter 1, Pasuk 3, of Sefer Yonah names Tarshish as the place Yonah sought to flee. Clearly there must be some significance to this intended destination. In order to determine the significance of Tarshish we must first endeavor to discover where Tarshish is located. The fact that our pasuk mentions Tarshish

Who Authored the Prayer ‘Unetaneh Tokef’?

We have all heard the story of this prayer and R. Amnon of Mainz in the 10th century. The story is found in the Or Zarua (=R. Isaac of Vienna, c. 1180-1250), Laws of Rosh Hashanah, sec. 276. He tells us that he found it in the writings of R. Ephraim of Bonn. The latter lived in the 12th century. The story is not found in any other

Yom Kippur: True Confessions

Yaakov approached his father the night before his wedding to talk. “What’s on your mind, Yaakov?” his father asked. “I am getting married tomorrow,” he replied. “You are the best parents in the world, but I haven’t always been the best son. There are things I did I never told you about and I need to ask forgiveness.