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Camp Shalom Announces Big Move to Teaneck

Camp Shalom, a not-for-profit Modern Orthodox summer day camp, officially has a new home. On March 13, the Teaneck Board of Education voted to lease Benjamin Franklin Middle School to the camp for its upcoming summer sessions. The news comes after more than a year of tireless efforts by the camp’s director,

Interesting Words in the Megillah

Part III

Haglah (2:6): exiled, caused to go away, from the root G-L-H. This root has two different meanings: “uncover/reveal” and “go away/emigrate.” An interesting issue is whether these two G-L-H meanings have a common origin.

Most scholars

Chullin 108

May these words of Torah serve as a merit le’iluy nishmat Menachem Mendel ben Harav Yoel David Balk, a”h, and Chaya Meira Nechama Beracha, a”h, bat Reb David Mordechai Fishel, Sheyichyeh.

This week we learned Chullin 108. These are some highlights.

The Sin of the Golden Calf – A Paradigm for Healing Relationships

As a “psychoanalyst/relationship therapist,” I have dedicated this series to discovering the transformative strategies found in the Torah and designed by Hakadosh Baruch Hu. In fact, based on the Torah truths embedded in all of the parshiot, Hashem is the Quintessential Relationship Therapist. Indeed, it was God who counseled

My Favorite Sephardic Purim Practice: The King Could Not Sleep

Hands down this is my favorite Sephardic Purim practice. But first a little background.

As is well known, the Rama (Orach Chaim 690:17) records that when Megillat Esther is read in public on Purim, it is customary for the congregation to recite aloud four pesukim of geulah (2:5, 8:15, 8:16,

To Sacrifice or Not to Sacrifice?

Parshat Tzav

There are times when understanding the message of the navi is difficult for those living centuries after the word of Hashem was given to the people. This haftarah, taken from Sefer Yirmiyahu, is a perfect example. Our parsha begins with the words “Tzav et Bnei Yisrael, Command

Purim: Cultivating the Divine in Our Children

One of the most noticeable aspects of the megilla for the religious person is the fact that God is not present—or at least seemingly never mentioned by name. In fact, unlike all of the other chagim that have an historical component, Purim is unique in that there is no overt supernatural miracle to celebrate. And yet, we often

The Dress Code

In the best of all worlds scenario, there would be one standard for how one dresses. Not regarding specific garments, but rather an understanding and appreciation of how we as reflections of the Divine ought to comport ourselves. A young woman can be covered from head to toe, but if it is in a form fitting outfit it is certainly

Kira Hoffer on American Ninja Warrior Jr: Set Your DVR

This Motzei Shabbat, Yakira “Kira” Hoffer” of Springfield will be appearing on American Ninja Warrior Jr (“Springfield’s Kira Hoffer to Compete in American Ninja Warrior Junior,” October 3, 2018). Set your DVR for Saturday night, March 23, at 7 p.m. on Universal Kids. Good luck Kira!

In Memory of Chazan Robert Frankel, z”l

Part 1

It was during the time (probably in the 1970s) I was treasurer of the American Committee for Shaare Zedek Hospital (now Medical Center), that I became aware of a federal organization in Washington, D.C., with funds to distribute to qualified overseas hospitals with American fund-raising

PUAH Presents: ‘My Journey to Become a Kallah’

(Courtesy of PUAH) Malka relates:

Some women don’t discover their fertility issues until they’re married, or, at the very least, hit puberty. But mine were evident from day one; I was born without a uterus.

As a young girl, this didn’t affect my life at all,

Ad D’lo Yada

Welcome back to “How Should I Know?”—the column where I get to answer increasingly stranger questions because I never really set any guidelines as to what I’m looking for exactly.

Dear Mordechai,

My local government official is throwing a huge party