Sunday, September 22, 2019


The Fake Sephardi Rabbi From Satu Mare (Satmar)

Remember that time when a Litvak fraudulently represented himself as a Turkish Sephardi scholar? It happened in Hungary in 1907.

Shlomo Friedlander “Algazi” (1860-1924) managed to fool many of the Talmudic scholars and rabbis of his time when he claimed to

Emunah’s Annual Vacation Village Shabbat Nachamu Concert Rocks

(Courtesy of Emunah) On August 15, Shabbat Nachamu, Emunah welcomed Benny Friedman to Vacation Village who filled the room with light! It was an incredible concert attended by over 350 people to benefit Emunah’s children at risk in our five residential homes in Israel.

To kick off the

Become a Leader of Influence

In our last article we introduced the three I’s of leadership: integrity, influence and impact, and discussed how leaders can live and lead with increased integrity. In this article we will focus on influence, and how a leader’s integrity directly allows them to influence others.

At the

David Irving’s ‘Great Adventure’

A report that David Irving, who lost a defamation suit against Deborah Lipstadt and Penguin Publishing Group for accusing him of Holocaust denial, has planned to lead a nine day tour of Nazi death camps. According to Irving’s website, his 2019 tour begins on September 1 from Warsaw and ends there on September 9.

Harry Fischel: Inspiring Others in the US and Israel

Reviewing: ‘Harry Fischel: Pioneer of Jewish Philanthropy,’ KTAV Publishers, 2012, edited by Rabbi Aaron I. Reichel, Esq., Hardcover, ISBN-10: 160280222X.

Many of Jerusalem’s hallowed streets bear the names of 20th-century Jewry’s most remarkable figures: Rechov

Examining Bukharan Jews and Global Judaism

Reviewing: Bukharan Jews and the Dynamics of Global Judaism by Alanna E. Cooper, Indiana University Press, Paperback, 305 pages, 2012, ISBN-10: 0253006503.

Did you ever wonder if there really was a single Jewish people? What do we in New Jersey and New York have in common with Jews from exotic

The IDF: There’s No Army Like It

Many armies adhere to values that differentiate them from those of other countries. The Kurdish fighting forces of Syria, for instance, have a brigade of female soldiers making up almost half of the army because of their government’s liberal, progressive leanings.

On the other hand,

So You Got a Call to Be a Stem Cell Donor?

“Good morning. Is this Ryan? I’m calling from the bone marrow registry. You are a match!”

I was sitting in my office in Chai Lifeline’s West Coast Regional Center when I received that call. I had been tested sometime around 1998 and had not thought about that day in years. Then,

Explore a Hiking Trail Not Far From Home

For an interesting hiking trail, visit Rockleigh Woods Sanctuary and Lamont Reserve. This hike, which runs about 2.4 miles and is of moderate difficulty, loops around the sanctuary, on the western slope of the Palisades, climbing a scenic ravine along a cascading stream and passing several features of historical

Leading by Example: A Local Response to Immigration

With the news of the senseless violence in El Paso and the recent mass roundup of undocumented workers in Mississippi, it’s impossible to ignore the often-heartbreaking challenges immigrants face in the United States. With a Congress that is either incapable or unwilling to compromise on legislation that effectively addresses the

Graffiti in Israel: Intent Makes the Difference

The Cambridge dictionary defines graffiti as “writings or drawings made on surfaces in public places.” Many of us think of vandalism and destruction when we hear the word, perhaps urban decay, but in Israel graffiti has been elevated to an art form.

Take Solomon Souza’s spray

Anti-Semitism Before Hitler

Part 12

(Continued from last week)

German historical research since the 1960s has shown sufficiently that Hitler’s rise to power and success was no accident, or reaction to the establishment of Bolsheviks in the Soviet Union, but had a much deeper