Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Food & Wine

Something Big Is Brewing in Single-Serve Coffee

(Courtesy of Steeped Coffee) Santa Cruz-based startup Steeped, Inc., one of the most promising and innovative companies in the industry, has launched its revolutionary Steeped Coffee-brewing method to serious coffee drinkers across the nation. Brewed similar to tea, Steeped Coffee’s nitro-sealed Steeped Bags, along with

The Kosher Ice Cream Market Continues to Expand

(Koshertoday.com) After several years of what some saw as the kosher ice cream wars, the category has settled into a shared turf between Klein’s and Mehadrin. Both companies are rolling out new products and hoping to capture a larger share of the Chalav Yisrael (higher kosher standard) market. Klein’s is also enhancing its

One Company: 20,000 Flavors and All Kosher

(Koshertoday.com) Kosher food experts have long suggested that certification agencies by far certify more ingredients than packaged goods for end users. Most of the products certified in Asia, most notably China, are ingredient items. So it was no surprise when the Chicago Rabbinical

Record Number of Kosher Travelers Take to Skies and Roads This Summer

(Koshertoday.com) Kosher travel internationally continues to pick up steam with travel experts noting that 2019 will be a record season. Some experts are saying that kosher travel has more than doubled from 2015. Europe remains a popular destination despite increased anti-Semitism. Poland and Italy, say the experts, remain extremely

Consumers Beware: Expired Kashrut Certificates

(Koshertoday.com) People who observe kashrut recently received the shocking news that a stand that ostensibly had a kashrut certificate was continuing to display the certificate despite the fact that it had expired in February 2019. Even worse, the stand was selling non-kosher hotdogs, leading many to believe that all the food at

Kosher Symbol Dominates Fancy Food Show

(Malka Koplovich/Koshertoday.com)  The Javits Center was filled to the brim with thousands of specialty food exhibitors, and surprisingly with many kosher symbols. The just-concluded 2019 Summer Fancy Food Show (June 23-25, Jacob K. Javits Center) was a place where distributors, manufacturers and foodies came together to

Tabor Winery Combines High-End Winemaking With Ecology

Michal Akerman, an agronomist and the viticulturist from Israel’s Tabor Winery, visited the U.S. this week, speaking to groups about the winery’s latest bottles and its brand-new labeling, which features a beautiful rendering of a barn owl. The barn owl, the likeness of

Nutrition by Tanya Clifton Location Set to Open

(Courtesy of Nutrition by Tanya) Nutrition by Tanya has seen unprecedented growth over the past several years. It all started in 2004 when Tanya Rosen, personally struggling with her own weight loss, realized that everyone needs a more personal and practical approach to weight management. Since then, Nutrition by

Susie Fishbein Is Coming to The Kitchen

Famed author of the “Kosher by Design” cookbook series 
to host series of kosher-friendly cooking classes at The Kitchen.

(Courtesy of The Kitchen at Bed Bath & Beyond) The Kitchen at Bed Bath & Beyond, East Hanover’s newest interactive cooking and activity

China Concerned Tariff War May Affect Kosher Sales

(Kosher Today) The looming trade war between the U.S. and China is creating concern in the Chinese food industry, particularly in its lucrative sales of ingredients to the U.S. FoodPack. One of five shows last week at the Hi & Fi Asia-China invited Rabbi Sholem Fishbane, rabbinic administrator of the Chicago Rabbinical Council

Yehuda Is Now the Leading Israeli Matzah in the US

Although most machine-made matzo for Passover sold in the US is manufactured in Israel, with the exception of Streit’s, the leading Israeli selling brand was Yehuda, which also led all sales in the 5 lb. box category, according to Nielsen data. Imported by Kayco (Kedem), the sales growth of Israeli matzo is

An Herbal Trio That Is Refreshing for Summer and Flavorful for Fall

(Courtesy of Pereg) A smart wardrobe always includes some timeless basics, a few trendy updates and the perfect accessories. Your kitchen is no different. No matter what dishes you flaunt, you need herbs and spices to tie the season’s culinary collection together.

Some herbs provide just the