Sunday, October 22, 2017

Kosher.com has just been launched as a new resource for all things kosher, with thousands of recipes, lifestyle articles and videos. Kosher.com is not only the first to create an extensive online database of magazine and cookbook recipes from such popular magazines as Ami and Mishpacha, but is also producing original recipes and videos.

Kosher.com is for anyone who wants to try new recipes, get new menu ideas, read about kosher travel or learn new techniques for plating and party planning, from experts like Jamie Geller, Victoria Dwek, Jay Buchsbaum, Renee Muller, Naomi Nachman, Esty Wolbe, Heshy Jay of Scoop & Company and more.

What makes Kosher.com even more unique is the Community Chefs. Not only for published cookbook authors, anyone can become a recipe contributor by applying and submitting their own recipe as a Community Chef.

For more information, contact Leah Gottheim, VP, at [email protected]