Sunday, October 22, 2017

Feeling withdrawal from your usual barbeques and fleishig meals during the nine days? If you are looking for your fix, look no further than the new and improved nine days menu at Chopstix.

The menu includes all types of tofus, steamed with mixed vegetables or served with all different types of conventional sauces.

Missing your chicken? Chopstix has a mock chicken menu, with mock chicken made from different vegetables and soybeans. The chicken is served in the same mouth-watering dishes as the regular chicken at Chopstix. Check out some of Chef Peter’s specials, like the classic General Tso’s, mango chicken, sesame chicken or a chicken and lettuce wrap.

For a new dish, try out the Chopstix mock shrimp, fried, marinated, sauteed with vegetables and always served with a delicious rice side dish. If you’re looking for some real animal product, look no further than the extensive fish menu. This menu features pan-fried fish, tempura fish, Korean-style fish, teriyaki salmon and so much more. Don’t forget to grab some fried bananas or sweet pancakes for dessert and finish your satisfying nine days meal at Chopstix!