Wednesday, January 23, 2019

(Courtesy of Abeles & Heymann) Abeles & Heymann (A&H), makers of award-winning premium glatt kosher hot dogs and deli meats, is at the center of a social media frenzy that is begging one of the most popular stores in the country to carry their hot dogs. Fans from the Kosher Trader Joe’s Facebook page are making it known they want the national supermarket to offer kosher A&H uncured hot dogs. Abeles & Heymann are already available at many Costco, BJ’s, Shoprite and Fairway stores.

N.J.-based Abeles & Heymann has been trying to reach Trader Joe’s in an effort to get the retailer to stock their kosher uncured hot dogs for years. Recently, a post on the Kosher Trader Joe’s page sparked people across the country to react strongly and vocally. Seth Leavitt, CEO of A&H, posted in a private Facebook group, Kosher Trader Joe’s, wondering whether anyone would like to find his brand’s uncured hot dogs at Trader Joe’s. Members went wild, with 880 comments in four hours and over 1,000 likes to date.

Judy Tashbook Safern of @DallasJewishMonthly said, “It’s safe to say the people have spoken and they want A&H kosher uncured hot dogs everywhere from Beverly Hills and Brentwood, to Dallas and Detroit, to Brooklyn and Queens.”

A follow-up post sparked another 450+ likes and comments on the same Facebook page.

Trader Joe’s currently stocks Hebrew National hot dogs. Many from the kosher community who shop at Trader Joe’s maintain strict kosher dietary laws, however, and Hebrew National does not meet their standards. A&H hot dogs do, as they are OU glatt kosher certified.

A&H uncured hot dogs are 100% beef, gluten-free with no fillers and no added nitrates or nitrites, and come in a wide variety of flavors including low sodium, low fat, regular, mini and knockwurst.

“We are thrilled so many people love A&H hot dogs and we also believe Trader Joe’s is the perfect place to sell our amazing kosher uncured hot dogs,” said Leavitt. “Trader Joe’s lack of response is disheartening—social media has provided a direct line of communication from their customers and they have made their desire loud and clear: Please sell kosher A&H uncured hot dogs!”