Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Living in northern New Jersey, we are surrounded by kosher restaurants, one better than the next, and embodying every possible fare known to mankind. Competitive cuisines pave the way for better food products, service and overall experience.

If you’re looking for casual dairy, many would agree that a trip to Poppy’s would satisfy cravings that span any time from early morning to early evening. Poppy’s provides a delectable selection from handmade bagels and spreads, muffins and pancakes, to their renowned, oversized pizza slices, or an array of salad bar options, topped off with self-service TCBY—one of only six remaining in New Jersey. Poppy’s hot, fresh selections leave everyone happy.

But did you know that the famous pizza recipe from Poppy’s actually stems from Teaneck’s original Jerusalem Pizza on Queen Anne Road, which many of us remember as the only kosher restaurant option in Teaneck for many years. Poppy’s opened in Teaneck in 2004 as a TCBY co-franchise that also sold bagels and salad. Evelyn and her son-in-law Yaakov saw Teaneck as a booming market and got in early. In 2008, when Jerusalem Pizza was looking for a new location, Evelyn offered to share her location with them.

They rearranged everything to make room for the massive pizza ovens that are now part of the Poppy’s landscape, and a new restaurant concept was born—great food for every meal. A few years later, the owner of Jerusalem Pizza retired but, to everyone’s relief, left the pizza recipe with Poppy’s.

Like most popular kosher restaurants of its kind in this area, consumer loyalty at this restaurant is strong and the demand for a quality meal is always met. Recently, Poppy’s announced they are offering delivery service, so you can enjoy their comfort cuisine from the comfort of your couch. Poppy’s has become a beloved staple in the Teaneck market, combining consistent quality with a legacy that keeps us coming back for more.

Last but not least, Evelyn receives a shout out for being one of our extraordinary and courageous “Bina Mavens” - a category we have created to celebrate our local female business owners.

That’s what I know and now you’re a Maven.

By Aaron Klein

 Aaron Klein is a Teaneck native for 35 years, and founder of a myriad of local businesses and partnerships including Teaneckopoly and The Shopping Maven. He is the owner of BrandCastles, a business marketing and consulting firm, and Klein Publishing Group, Inc. which produces high-end magazines in communities such as Saddle River, Alpine, and Rio Vista Mahwah. Aaron lives with his middle school sweetheart and adorable children in Teaneck, NJ. To be featured, email [email protected]