Wednesday, May 22, 2019

While World of Goodies does deliver candy-platter packages to various camps in the area, its partnership with Camp HASC, a special-needs camp in upstate New York, is different. Candy platters are personally hand delivered to the camp, and the candy can be sent to one camper, a counselor or everyone in a bunk. Also, every platter can include a donation to the camp.

World of Goodies, located on West Englewood Ave., opened this past fall as an exciting new candy store and enjoyed great initial success. With prices similar to Brooklyn and Monsey, it offers a great selection of candies and chocolate, from taffy to caramel, as well as personalized giveaways. It has had many successful promotions.

While World of Goodies owner Joel Schiff has no personal connection to Camp HASC, he felt a desire to give back to the special-needs community. “I wanted to give a part of the business back,” he said.

What gets sent exactly? Mainly candy, and not much chocolate. Gummies and other sweets are the most popular choices, and there is an equal mix between packaged and loose candy. The program started off slowly, but as the advertising increases and more people find out about it, Schiff expects it to start picking up speed.

World of Goodies did some other similar promotions earlier in the summer. It gave out backpacks with its logo on them, and all the backpacks were given out in a few days, much sooner than Schiff anticipated. Hopefully, this program will follow that one’s success. There have been good responses from the kids, especially on social media like Instagram.

While this partnership is only with Camp HASC this summer, Schiff would like to make that two camps next summer if this year’s program is successful. He expresses deep thanks to Camp HASC for their interest in the program and their cooperation in ensuring it runs smoothly.

By Zach Marcus