Tuesday, June 25, 2019

One of the pleasures of attending Kosherfest is learning about the newest foods on the market. As I walked by the display of Meska Sweets I was attracted to the familiarity of Moroccan treats displayed beautifully on platters. Naturally I was happy to try a few bites of these melt-in-your-mouth desserts, speaking with the owner of the company as I tasted his delicacies. Mehdi Menouar, himself born in Casablanca, was often urged by friends whenever he travelled to Morocco to return with pastries that are exceptional in taste and have that certain exotic feel.

After a period of time Menouar decided to make a total career change and began a journey into Moroccan pastry making. While exhibiting at the International Restaurant and Food Services Show he was inundated by those suggesting that his product needs to be available in the kosher market. Without much hesitation, and with the desire to expand his company, Menouar inquired and found out that it would be easy enough for him to change his product line to be completely kosher. Meska Sweets is now under the supervision of the OU and baking for the company is done in Bergen County.

Meska deals with high-end hotels such as the Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton, Plaza and Mandarin, and provides exemplary pastries to their VIP clientele. That little touch of sweetness sent to a guest in his or her hotel room is reserved for the VIP guest only. Meska’s gifting line offers an alternative to chocolate. All products made by Meska are gluten free, with the exception of their biscotti and honey sesame chebakia. Matcha arouses the taste buds in Moroccan macarons. In addition, honey-sesame treats are well known, and almonds and walnuts are mainstays of many recipes. All-natural ingredients are used in each product and each day the company strives to invent new flavors. All products are pareve. This year at Kosherfest the company won the award for its Moroccan Orange Blossom and Almond Cookie in the category of best sweet snack and cookie.

It did not surprise the staff at The Jewish Link that on Thursday, December 13, an article was written in the food column of the New York Times touting this new company and the savory treats they provide. Meska Sweets is working together with caterers, adding a uniqueness to the sweet tables of many parties; they are also in negotiation with high-end kosher restaurants. At the moment their products are available through their website, with many different choices to suit buyers’ needs.

The company can be reached at 646-580-4960 or at www.meskasweets.com.

By Nina Glick