Monday, February 17, 2020

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Wissotzky Introduces New Line of Chai Teas

(Courtesy of Wissotzky) With today’s exploding fascination with international cuisines, American palates are increasingly eager to experience bolder, spicier flavors. That’s why more and more consumers are indulging in chai tea—a blend of herbs, spices and black tea that can be enjoyed, as Indian custom dictates,

Giddy’s Pizza Celebrates Fifth Anniversary

A lot can happen on opening night of a new restaurant.

Gideon Fentin had worked in the JCC of Staten Island’s kosher café and decided to create his own place. Family friends encouraged him to locate it in East Brunswick. He found a business partner and set up a new

Poppy’s Bagels, Pizza and TCBY Honors Mothers With Complimentary Frozen Yogurt

TCBY, The Country’s Best Yogurt, the world’s original frozen yogurt brand, is celebrating Mother’s Day in a sweet way. On Sunday, May 12, the brand is honoring all moms by inviting them to visit TCBY’s 204 West Englewood Ave. shop in Teaneck to receive their first six-ounce frozen yogurt swirl for free.

Make Your Mom a Yogurt Parfait on Mother’s Day

Make sure you have at least one parent, guardian or older sibling’s permission and help with shopping and preparing before you start working in the kitchen! If you are younger than 7, make sure you have someone to help you all along the way.

Yogurt parfaits (pronounced par-fays) are a fancy

Get Ready for Outdoor Cooking Season With This Simple Five-Step Game Plan

Here’s a look at koobah and garam masala spices from Pereg Natural Foods, great in barbecue rubs and marinades.

(Courtesy of Pereg) There’s no denying it: one of civilization’s greatest inventions is the outdoor grill. Why? Because come summer, it doesn’t get much better than

Passover Desserts So Good You Will Make Them Year-Round

Last week The Jewish Link featured delicious Passover recipes from Chef Paula Shoyer. Here are a few more recipes for your table on Passover and year-round.

Keto Chocolate Avocado Cake

Choosing Wine for Each Kos

If a bunch of kosher-keeping people who enjoy wine get together, and they’re asked what they plan to drink at their Pesach Seder—arguably kosher wine’s biggest night of the year—it’s amazing what a wide response we get. I asked my tasting group this question for our

Try Cedar Market’s New Quinoa Sushi and Satisfy Your Cravings on Pesach

Ashkenazim do not eat rice on Pesach. That is well known. So what’s a girl (or guy) craving sushi to do for eight whole days??

Fortunately, Cedar Market has the answer: quinoa sushi. Wait, what? Isn’t the essence of sushi that it is prepared with rice? According to David Bodner,

Chef Paula Shoyer Offers Passover Desserts So Good You Will Want to Make Them Year-Round

Chocolate Quinoa Cake

Recipe excerpted from “The Healthy Jewish Kitchen”

Serves 12

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Bake Time:15 minutes to cook quinoa, 50 minutes to bake

Glatt Express Eatery Pops Up for Pesach

Express Eats, a casual pop-up restaurant run by Glatt Express, will open for Chol Hamoed Pesach at Avenue Event Space, 1382 Queen Anne Road. Dani Secemski, head of operations for Glatt Express, said he wanted to give families enjoying Chol Hamoed activities a place to go for a quality meal.

UN Plaza Grill Roasted Rack of Lamb With Garlic Lamb Jus

Executive chef Hok Chin has helped reinvigorate UN Plaza Grill’s already outstanding menu. One of its new offerings is this amazing signature kosher recipe that is perfect for your Seder table this Passover.

Serves 2-4 people 

(Pair this dish with

Jon Voight Dines at UN Plaza Grill

Actor Jon Voight (left), pictured with Ghandi Kimia, UN Plaza Grill general manager, stopped in at UN Plaza Grill to enjoy the restaurant’s signature prime dry-aged steaks, Japanese-inspired signature dishes and delectable seafood and sushi. The restaurant is known for innovative cuisine, stand-out cocktails and its spectacular