Thursday, February 22, 2018

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Scenes From Kosherfest

Eat the Pie and Other Thanksgiving Tips

Dear Coach Gila,

Last year on Thanksgiving I went to my parents’ house. I made a very calculated decision ahead of time that I was not going to partake in any of the stuffing, potatoes or starchier dishes. I felt very strong going into the day. I ate a few slices of turkey breast, and Brussels

Missing Thanksgiving

For the third year in a row I will be missing Thanksgiving at home. I’ll be in Israel. Part of me feels bad about it, but just a small part. Festive family meals at home that we spend together are so important for our traditions, for our family bonding time and for relaxation. As my kids are getting older, I ask myself, “Have

Will Squash Replace the Potato?

While growing up in New York, my mother had very specific ideas of what vegetables should enter a Jewish household. Although she served us broccoli and cauliflower and other veggies, which I have heard from some never entered a Jewish home, we never, ever ate squash. It was equated with what was considered to be

Tnuva’s New Deli Cut Light Cheeses Are Now Available

(Courtesy of Tnuva) Now you can indulge your “cheesy cravings” without worrying about your waistline by making scrumptious dishes with Tnuva’s new line of Deli Cut Light Cheeses. Tnuva’s Edam, Swiss and Muenster Deli Cut Light cheeses are featured in convenient six-ounce packaging, which includes a

True Focus

A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege of accompanying the ninth and 12th graders of our yeshiva, Heichal HaTorah, on the first shabbaton of the year. The shabbaton was held at a resort deep in the Catskill Mountains, way up the 17, well past the bungalow colonies and summer homes.

The lack

Enjoy Fall Wines From Around the World

(Courtesy of Royal Wines) There’s a snap in the air, the fall wines are in, and according to Gabriel Geller, there’s much to be thankful for in this season’s cornucopia of intriguing releases.

The prominent wine critic and blogger says this year’s options are truly outstanding. He also

Your Own Artisan Bread in Just Five Minutes a Day?

Raise your hand if you know what a master boule recipe is. Okay, I know this is not what most people think about, but even those who haven’t been to culinary school love and flip for homemade bread. I hadn’t heard about it either, until it completely blew my mind and changed the course of my life about 10 years ago. Well, I

It’s Pumpkin-Flavored Everything Time

Did you know that last Thursday was National Pumpkin day? First of all, if there is one thing that doesn’t need a National Day, I think it’s the pumpkin. I mean National Ice Cream Day, National Chocolate Day, National Mole Day (yup, it’s a day!), but National Pumpkin Day? Isn’t the pumpkin recognized enough? Each and every

Abeles & Heymann Announces First-Ever Best Dressed Kosher Hot Dog Contest

(Courtesy of A & H) Hillside-Abeles & Heymann (A&H), makers of award-winning premium kosher hot dogs and deli, is looking for champions on November 14 for the First-Ever A&H Best Dressed Kosher Hot Dog Contest at 2:00 p.m. at the A&H Kosherfest booth #609. All contestants will gain access to the

A Comeback Kosher Product

“A filled pastry, either baked or fried,” explained culinary historian, Gil Marks, in his book, “The Encyclopedia of Jewish Foods,” “the knish is a classic example of peasant food evolving into comfort food and even sophisticated fare. The origins of the knish lay in a medieval Slavic fried patty, called knysz in

Soup Is a Complete Dinner in a Bowl

I opened my front door today to a blast of chilly air. Well, maybe not arctic by any means, but certainly enough to make me say, “Wow, it’s chilly out there.” I had almost forgotten it was October, let alone almost forgetting that I lived in New York. Jerusalem and Miami were more likely options considering the last two