Monday, February 19, 2018

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As Mideast Diet Trends, Top Israeli Wineries Release Food-and-Wine Pairing Guide

(Courtesy of Yarden Inc.) In response to a growing American demand for wine-pairing advice for an increasingly trendy Middle Eastern cuisine, Israel’s leading Golan Heights and Galil Mountain wineries released a pocket guide to Middle Eastern food and wine.

The guide, which can be downloaded

Beat the Post-Yom Tov Blues

This might be a little premature, as we still have Sukkot ahead of us; but, I have to admit, in spite of the stressful days before Yom Tov, there’s nothing like the day after Yom Tov is over to make you feel a little blue. After all, the intense preparation and cooking marathon is over, the guests are gone, the shared meals and

Or Haganuz French Blend Will Make Sukkot Meals Shimmer

This time of year has a certain, special atmosphere. The rituals of the holidays bring families together and somehow all those preparations make finally sitting down to enjoy your meal all the sweeter. Those special Yom Tov meals are a good time to break out a noteworthy wine to pair with the exceptional meal you will no

This Yom Kippur, Break the Fast With Family and Friends, Thanks to Pereg Natural Foods

(Courtesy of Pereg Natural Foods) The holiday of Yom Kippur is one of reflection, repentance and prayer, all of which take place while fasting. At the end of the holiday, Jews traditionally share a joyful break-fast meal with family and friends. For Ashkenazim, the festive menu usually consists of foods such as eggs, cheese and

Apple Rosettes

Ingredients (yields 10 tarts):

  • 2 lbs. frozen puff pastry, thawed and spread into rectangles
  • 4 apples of your choice (preference to Pink Lady and/or Granny Smith)
  • Water, as

Sukkot Wines and Spirits to Cool Off the Body and Warm Up the Soul

Sukkot this year looks to be more of a dilemma than ever when it comes to menu planning and wine picking.

These past few weeks, we have indeed been exposed to constant ups and downs with the weather and outside temperature. It won’t be easy to

Jezreel: Crazy Israeli Winemaking

Crazy. Jezreel Valley Winery’s founders are crazy. Tech titans such as Apple’s Steve Jobs and Oracle’s Larry Ellison use the word crazy to refer to those whose thinking is outside of the box, innovative and disruptive.

As Ellison said,

You Know It’s All About the Honey, ‘Bout the Honey

Food-wise, Rosh Hashana is practically synonymous with honey. All right, at least for this article it will be.

Have you ever actually given thought to the honey? Or do you just grab the biggest jug at Costco? Do you give thought to its origins, its color, its taste? If you have, you are amazing.

Pinot Noir: A Fabulous Red for the Fall Festivities

In the next three weeks we will have 10 days of Yom Tov and Shabbos, including 18 meals with a Kiddush, and that means a lot of wine. It can be difficult to select just the right wine to go with all of these meals. A heavy Cabernet can be a bit much should the weather turn warm again, while a light white or rosé may feel a bit out

Favorite Fruits: Israel’s Best and Brightest Bordeaux-Style Red Blends

Imagine tasting a single sip of wine that includes a fusion of the very best grapes grown in Israel. Nice. Now, let’s take it a step further. Imagine Israel’s most experienced winemakers working for years to produce the choicest grapes from multiple orchards for a single, solitary

Coach Gila’s Apple and Honey Kugel

Dear Coach Gila,

I enjoy following your Main Asset Health page on Facebook and Instagram. You share so many meal ideas and I really appreciate the simple recipes. I am consistently inspired to recreate the meals and snack ideas that you post. My children thank you

One Step Ahead of the Chagim

Although there are those who are super organized and have begun Yom Tov preparation already, most people, I believe, need to do things slightly more slowly. When I prepare for Yom Tov I prefer to do many things at the same time. Once I am in the kitchen it makes no sense to me to only make one brisket while at the