Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Food & Wine

Make Your Summer Barbecues Sizzle

(StatePoint) With family and friends gathering to celebrate all summer long, try a new and healthy twist on some backyard barbecue essentials.

Dishing on Sides

Meats may be the star of the show, but no backyard barbecue is complete without side

Don’t Judge a Wine by Its Color: These Reds Are Perfect for Summertime Sipping

Experts recommend top four red varieties for ‘chilling out’ with when the heat is on.

(Courtesy of Royal Wines) Conventional wisdom holds that red wine is too heavy to drink during the summer. It’s true that many full-bodied, tannic reds can be hard to enjoy when the weather turns hot and

Wedge These Cheese Triangles Into Your Menu

Tnuva Cheese Wedges are not only a delectable, spreadable treat on sandwiches, they also can be used as a key ingredient in various recipes throughout the year (see below). Made from pasteurized cheese food in the land of milk and honey, Tnuva Cheese Wedges contain only 40 calories per serving. Tnuva Cheese Wedges are Cholov Yisroel and highlight the

Kosher.com Serves Up Delicious Cauliflower Mac and Cheese for the Nine Days

(courtesy of kosher.com) Keeping dinners interesting, delicious and nutritious during the nine-day period leading up to Tisha B’Av when it’s customary for Jews to refrain from eating meat can be challenging.

The folks at

Getting ‘The Latest Scoop’ at Ice Cream on Grand

For many years, when my family had nothing doing on a Sunday, my father used to suggest hiking at the Flat Rock Brook Nature Center. Afterwards, my father would always obliquely mention that Ice Cream on Grand was nearby. He reasoned that our hiking (sluggishly, for two miles), made us clearly deserving of

Try the New Nine Days Menu at Chopstix

Feeling withdrawal from your usual barbeques and fleishig meals during the nine days? If you are looking for your fix, look no further than the new and improved nine days menu at Chopstix.

The menu includes all types of tofus, steamed with mixed vegetables or served with all different types of

Cong. Beth Aaron to Host Kosher Catch During the Nine Days

Kosher Catch will be bringing its famous wild-caught fish to Congregation Beth Aaron for a fish and chips pop-up restaurant during the Nine Days on Thursday, July 27, from 5 to 8 p.m. The pop-up will feature fish and chips, fish sandwiches and fresh raw poke bowls, and will have a mashgiach on site during. Kosher Catch is under the

Summer, Salads and the Nine Days

In a sense the nine days give us an opportunity to give our bodies a rest from eating red meat and poultry. For some, the idea of preparing dairy meals is daunting. It seems to me that it is the perfect time to go “light.” Salads galore, fish and not so much pasta are the way to go.

Today it has

How to Spice Up Your Nine Days Meals

Finding ways to keep meal options exciting is hard enough throughout the year, but The Nine Days poses a whole new kind of challenge. It is difficult to think of variations of dairy or pareve meals that are both filling and nutritious without being boring. A person can only eat so much pizza in a short period of time, and

Summertime Is NY Brat Factory Time

Outdoor seating is now available at the Upper West Side’s NY Brat Factory, the perfect guilty pleasure restaurant to eat at this summer. There is a great deal on $3 bottled beers all day every day too, along with a nice array of beverage choices, including hard cider, wine, cult-favorite Polar Seltzer and Dr. Brown’s sodas.

Oshra Tishbi Bottles and Exports Her Passion for Israel

Oshra Tishbi is passionate about the beautiful, flavorful fruits that surround her community in Israel’s Shomron. At the Specialty Food Service’s Fancy Food Show in Manhattan last month, Tishbi was one of only a few Israeli exhibitors, but the exquisitely packaged and beautifully presented preserves,

New Kosher Restaurant Opens in Copenhagen

If you are considering new vacation sites, make sure to add Copenhagen to your list. Though most well known for its rustic atmosphere and quaint architecture, the city conceals a rich Jewish history that stems back to the 17th century. Its cultural heritage includes such landmark destinations as the Great Synagogue of