Thursday, August 16, 2018

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Candies From Heaven: A Memoir of Food and Family in Sephardic Israel

When Gil Hovav’s colorful relatives weren’t bickering, or playing tricks on each other, they were showering each other with love. And sometimes that called for extreme measures, like when Uncle Ami, an IDF officer, made a little detour in a Piper airplane, close enough to the ground to throw sweets to his

Let’s Prepare for Tu B’Shevat

Many of us remember Tu B’Shevat as the day when we received plates full of varied dried fruits in school. There were prunes, dried apricots, dried apples, raisins, nuts and always that one long brown “thing” known as bokser that we all tried not to break our teeth on as we bit into it. That thing, we found out as we matured,

Tu B’Shevat: Let Them Eat Cake

Tu B’Shevat. The 15th day of Shevat. When I was growing up it was the day they gave you smelly buckser (dried carob) in a bag, together with dried dates and raisins that no kid wanted to eat. We sang “Hashkediya Porachat,” (the almond tree blooms) and that was it. We knew it as the birthday of the trees, and the day

KOSHEREURO Offers Kosher Culinary Experience in Tuscany

(Courtesy of KOSHEREURO) In response to the increased demand for a kosher culinary experience, join KOSHEREURO in Florence, Italy, a city renowned for its art, culture, food, shopping and “la dolce vita,” from April 16-23. The timing for this program, after Passover, will allow participants

Hundreds of Kosher Wines, Spirits and More Featured at 12th Annual Kosher Food and Wine Experience

New York—Tri-state oenophiles and foodies alike will be the first to savor the latest in fine kosher wines, spirits and creative cuisine at the 12th annual Kosher Food & Wine Experience (KFWE) New York (http://thekfwe.com), sponsored by The Royal Wine Corp., on Monday, February 5.

Three Fun Food Ideas to Beat Mealtime Madness

Does feeding your kid send you into a frenzy? The reality is that while meal times are a valued part of the familial fabric, they can be more battle than bonding.

“When you make something fun it adds a motivational element to whatever you’re trying to help your child accomplish,” says

Wine Regions of Israel: The Powerhouse Winemakers of Central Israel

Part III of IV

The wines my group enjoyed in this tasting all were from wineries that the average kosher wine consumer has heard of, even if he or she doesn’t know them well. Domaine du Castel, Flam, Psagot and Dalton are all “household names” that are part of Israel’s high-end,

How to Make the Ultimate Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Someone must have been looking out for me that day, because I had just enough peanut butter left in the jar to make my dream a reality. Get ready to smell the nuttiest bite of heaven, where you’ll find me, floating on cloud nine and munching a cookie.

A couple of days later I happened upon the

Vinaigrette Has Fresh Salads to Eat In or On-the-Go

Greens and grains with an assortment of toppings, prepared fresh and served quickly, make Vinaigrette a welcome addition to the Teaneck restaurant scene. Jonathan Speiser, owner of Dougie’s, located next door on West Englewood Avenue, saw a need for timely, tasty but healthy meals for the many office

8th Day Caterers Is Named Exclusive Caterer at Jewish Center of Teaneck

8th Day Caterers recently announced that it has signed with Heichal HaTorah to be the exclusive provider of catering services at the Jewish Center of Teaneck at 70 Sterling Place in Teaneck. This marks another milestone for the catering company, which was started by Bergenfield native Dovid Lisker fifteen years

Whatever Your Price Range, Toast 2018 With a Kosher Bubbly

This time of year, even though Rosh Hashanah is long past, with many of us taking a little time off work, it’s easy to get into the celebratory spirit. Since our wedding anniversary is this time of year, my husband and I try to find time to celebrate by opening a special bottle of bubbly.


Lucky Roll in Englewood Is the First Kosher Rolled Ice Cream in the U.S.

Rolled ice cream. Doesn’t sound possible, does it? Rolled ice cream is a popular street food in Thailand that is popping up throughout the U.S. Lucky for us, David Ng, a young entrepreneur from New York’s Chinatown, got the idea to open a rolled ice cream store in Englewood, at 2