Sunday, October 22, 2017

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The Poquito Picante: A Spicy Gin Cocktail That Is Perfect for the Spring

In the 1880s, William “The Only William” Schmidt was New York’s celebrity bartender. Frequently covered in the press, Schmidt and his complex cocktails—some with as many as a dozen ingredients—had a national following.

In 1891 Schmidt published “The Flowing Bowl,” a

Gluten-Free Gemach Opens for 2017

The Gluten-Free Gemach is entering its fifth year! We collect all gluten-free/non-gebrokts Pesach foods to distribute to our gluten-free community members.

The Gluten-Free Gemach again is collecting foods outside of 69 Wilbur Road in Bergenfield, starting right after Pesach.

Grace Under Pressure, Like All of Us: The Joy of Kosher Magazine Pesach Preview

Invited to an exclusive tasting event of recipes featured in the Pesach edition of Joy of Kosher Magazine, I was excited to meet Jamie Geller and her talented magazine staff. An eight-course meal was planned, promising some innovative takes on the standard and expected fare for Seder

Contessa Annalisa: An Italian Kosher Wine Revolution

Italy produces more wine than any other country; over 6.5 billion bottles were produced in 2016 alone. With vines planted all over the country, wine is ingrained in its culture, and is a standard component of any meal. The kosher world has always had Italian wines; however, the Contessa Annalisa project is taking it to the next

Take Me Out to the Ballgame: Tnuva’s Savory Pesach Sliced Muenster Cheese and Dessert Pudding Treats

Jewish baseball legends Sandy Koufax and Hank Greenberg might have refrained from food and playing the game on Yom Kippur. But, there are thousands of baseball fans who can tell you where they were and what they were eating at the ballpark when their favorite Jewish players, from Ken Holtzman and Shawn Green to Ron Blomberg, major

Four Memorable Kosher Reds Worth Seeking Out

As the beginning of April approaches every year, it is not only accountants who find themselves in an annual crunch. The month between Purim and Pesach is the busiest period of the year for those who work in the ever-growing kosher wine industry. Wine producers and importers rush to get their new wines on the market, and

Seth Leavitt Modernizes and Grows Abeles & Heymann Gourmet Hot Dogs

Hillside—Seth Leavitt, of Englewood, has completely proven wrong Otto von Bismarck, the first chancellor of Germany, who famously said, “Laws are like sausages—it is best not to see them being made.” Lawmaking notwithstanding, the 18,000 square foot, U-shaped Abeles & Heymann gourmet

Gefen’s Vacuum-Packed Beets: A Passover Must-Have That Can’t Be Beat

Nature’s nutritional powerhouse is now vacuum packed and ready to sweeten any occasion. Kosher for Passover and all year long, Gefen’s Organic Beets are cooked, peeled and ready to eat. Their vacuum-packed freshness makes them ideal for everything from salads and sides to smoothies and even snacking. Once you taste this

Not Thinking of Rosé for Pesach? Think Again.

Since the kosher wine world tends to lag only a couple of years now behind non-kosher wine trends, it’s only this year that more interesting vintages for rosé wines have started to come into their own. These are wines generally made by experienced winemakers known for other types of wines, who have been asked

From Kiddush to Hallel: Four Cups/Four Captivating Wines for Your Festive Seder

Now that you’ve slaved long enough during the past few weeks in order to prepare for the Pesach holiday, the time has come to enjoy the Festival of Freedom with family and friends around the seder table.

Of course, serving the very best during the course of the long evening means

Enjoy a Five-Star Pesach Seder Recipe

Roasted Leg of Lamb With White Wine & Root Vegetables

Serves 8

This dish is a zeroa—a crucial part of the seder plate for the traditional seder meal, and it is also cooked without kitniyot (legumes), according to the Ashkenazi tradition.

It is relatively easy, and can be made at home. Cooking time is six

The Rise of Affordable (Good) Kosher Bordeaux

Last week I had the pleasure of joining two friends, both somewhat well-known kosher wine critics, at a local wine tasting, where I tasted some of the most expensive and flashy bottles currently available in the kosher marketplace. It was a pleasure to see so many bottles open, and so