Sunday, February 25, 2018

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Summer, Salads and the Nine Days

In a sense the nine days give us an opportunity to give our bodies a rest from eating red meat and poultry. For some, the idea of preparing dairy meals is daunting. It seems to me that it is the perfect time to go “light.” Salads galore, fish and not so much pasta are the way to go.

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How to Spice Up Your Nine Days Meals

Finding ways to keep meal options exciting is hard enough throughout the year, but The Nine Days poses a whole new kind of challenge. It is difficult to think of variations of dairy or pareve meals that are both filling and nutritious without being boring. A person can only eat so much pizza in a short period of time, and

Summertime Is NY Brat Factory Time

Outdoor seating is now available at the Upper West Side’s NY Brat Factory, the perfect guilty pleasure restaurant to eat at this summer. There is a great deal on $3 bottled beers all day every day too, along with a nice array of beverage choices, including hard cider, wine, cult-favorite Polar Seltzer and Dr. Brown’s sodas.

Oshra Tishbi Bottles and Exports Her Passion for Israel

Oshra Tishbi is passionate about the beautiful, flavorful fruits that surround her community in Israel’s Shomron. At the Specialty Food Service’s Fancy Food Show in Manhattan last month, Tishbi was one of only a few Israeli exhibitors, but the exquisitely packaged and beautifully presented preserves,

New Kosher Restaurant Opens in Copenhagen

If you are considering new vacation sites, make sure to add Copenhagen to your list. Though most well known for its rustic atmosphere and quaint architecture, the city conceals a rich Jewish history that stems back to the 17th century. Its cultural heritage includes such landmark destinations as the Great Synagogue of

Polar ‘Limited Edition’ Summer Flavors Burst With Refreshing Zest

Move over, water! Seltzer has become a much more exciting way to hydrate this season, and Polar Seltzer’s limited-edition flavors for the summer of 2017 will do nothing less than make you wish for more. Polar Seltzer, a family-owned business based in Worcester, Mass., has been captivating New England and the Eastern Seaboard for

The Oriental Cocktail: A Pleasing Concoction to Fight Off Those Healthcare Debate Blues

Last night as I was catching up on news of the healthcare debate in the Senate, I felt myself in need of stiff drink. So I got out my cocktail shaker and made myself an Oriental Cocktail. The Oriental Cocktail is a simple and refreshing potation composed of rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, orange liqueur and lime. While always a

Three Ways Kosher Companies Can Beat Amazon and Whole Foods

In the age when millions of customers purchase and receive electronics, clothing, furniture and groceries (kosher and not) within hours from Amazon, the kosher food industry will not be immune to the repercussions of Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods. In fact, given Whole Foods’ top-tier position in the organic, specialty foods market, a

Let’s Do ‘Re-Launch’: ‘Second Helpings, Please!’ Celebrates 17th Printing

Good Shabbos, Shabbat Shalom! Every Shabbat, members of my Facebook group, Norene’s Kitchen!, wish each other Shabbat Shalom from around the globe and share what they’re making for dinner. Here is what I proudly posted last Friday morning:

“So who’s making what from

Tnuva’s Parmesan Cheese Shaker Adds Zesty Boost to Summer Dishes

With the summer culinary season in full swing, there’s no simpler way to add that gourmet touch than pulling out Tnuva’s popular Parmesan Cheese Shaker. Liberally sprinkle the contents onto pasta dishes, pizzas, salads, soups and casseroles to make them wow the crowds.

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Great Wines for a Cheerful Wedding

Bayonne—Planning a wedding? Filled with nervous excitement? Faced with butterflies every time you think about the table arrangements or ever-burgeoning guest list? It’s no surprise: Planning a wedding is both uniquely exciting and unimaginably stressful. You want everything to be perfect. The bride’s dress, groom’s suit,

Where Can I Find the World’s Best Falafel?

(onlysimchas.com) Celebrating 69 years of Israel’s independence, World Bnei Akiva (WBA) announced the winners of a unique international project that it launched in diaspora countries prior to Yom Ha’atzmaut: International Falafel Contest: Rate the World’s Best Falafel. First place went to Beni Falafel in