Thursday, May 24, 2018

Food & Wine

You Know It’s All About the Honey, ‘Bout the Honey

Food-wise, Rosh Hashana is practically synonymous with honey. All right, at least for this article it will be.

Have you ever actually given thought to the honey? Or do you just grab the biggest jug at Costco? Do you give thought to its origins, its color, its taste? If you have, you are amazing.

Pinot Noir: A Fabulous Red for the Fall Festivities

In the next three weeks we will have 10 days of Yom Tov and Shabbos, including 18 meals with a Kiddush, and that means a lot of wine. It can be difficult to select just the right wine to go with all of these meals. A heavy Cabernet can be a bit much should the weather turn warm again, while a light white or rosé may feel a bit out

Favorite Fruits: Israel’s Best and Brightest Bordeaux-Style Red Blends

Imagine tasting a single sip of wine that includes a fusion of the very best grapes grown in Israel. Nice. Now, let’s take it a step further. Imagine Israel’s most experienced winemakers working for years to produce the choicest grapes from multiple orchards for a single, solitary

Coach Gila’s Apple and Honey Kugel

Dear Coach Gila,

I enjoy following your Main Asset Health page on Facebook and Instagram. You share so many meal ideas and I really appreciate the simple recipes. I am consistently inspired to recreate the meals and snack ideas that you post. My children thank you

One Step Ahead of the Chagim

Although there are those who are super organized and have begun Yom Tov preparation already, most people, I believe, need to do things slightly more slowly. When I prepare for Yom Tov I prefer to do many things at the same time. Once I am in the kitchen it makes no sense to me to only make one brisket while at the

My Mom’s Deep, Dark ‘Perfect’ Honey Cake

This is my mom Ruth Book’s easy recipe, altered extensively from “The Taste of Shabbos,” published by Feldheim in 1987. Among other tweaks, what my mom stressed in changing the recipe is to add the ingredients in the correct order, and above all, don’t overmix the batter. Just combine the ingredients until there are no

Boys Town Jerusalem Presents Marinated Seared Tuna Steak for a Twist on Your Rosh Hashanah Meals

(Courtesy of Boys Town Jerusalem) Make your traditional Rosh Hashanah fish serving a spectacular hit with this easy, delectable marinated seared tuna steak recipe from chef Avi Chemal of Boys Town Jerusalem. “These steaks alone are quite tasty, but serving them atop a colorful fresh salad gives a very special

Delicious Wines Start the Year Off Right

Every year, we see articles about the newest or fanciest releases of wine for Rosh Hashanah. While I have myself written some of those articles, I must admit having grown a bit tired of them. Reflecting on the past to look ahead for a brighter spiritual future, I believe that I should act in the same way towards some practical

DŌ Cookie Dough Confections: A Dream Come True?

Ever wish there was an eatery that served uncooked cookie dough? DŌ Cookie Dough Confections in downtown Manhattan (certified kosher by Rabbi Aaron Mehlman) is that place! But isn’t uncooked cookie dough bad for you? According to the eatery’s website, “For products that typically contain eggs, we use a pasteurized egg

Tnuva Introduces New ‘Deli Cut’ Cheeses

(Courtesy of Tnuva) Just in time for the busy back-to-school and holiday seasons, TnuvaUSA has unveiled a new line of sliced “deli cut” cheeses at supermarkets in the metro region.

Tnuva’s Edam, Swiss and Muenster cheeses are now sold in 6-ounce deli-cut packages, featured in a

A Lentil Salad That’s the Hit of the Barbecue

My sister-in-law always tells me that July 4 is her favorite chag. Now that Labor Day is upon us, this is a great recipe that goes along with whatever last hurrah barbecue foods you are preparing for Sunday and Monday. Even though Labor Day is not an actual Jewish holiday, many Jewish families take the opportunity, like

Heat Up Your Labor Day Dessert With Grilled Plums

With summer fruits so plentiful at this time of year, it’s almost wrong not to serve fresh fruit when you fire up your grill this weekend. Try this delicious, easy recipe for grilled plums (and substitute any other ripe stone fruit, or even pineapple and watermelon) and serve it with pareve whipped cream, ice