Thursday, November 21, 2019

Food & Wine

Main Li Chow Launches in Passaic

A new kosher Chinese food restaurant opened in Passaic, on March 4, the first one in the area since the previous one closed over a year ago, meeting the demand for Chinese fare from the local Jewish community.

“People were coming in like they hadn’t had Chinese food in a year!” said Ely

Norman’s Dairy Launches ‘Wholesome’ Yogurt Line

(Koshertoday.com) Norman’s Dairy has introduced Swiss-style yogurt, with whole milk and real cream, in its ‘Wholesome’ line. Available in strawberry, mocha, dulce de leche, peach and vanilla bean, the yogurt includes protein, probiotics and calcium, plus fatty acids that can

Manischewitz Packaging Gets a Makeover

(JNS) From wine to macaroons to matzah and canned chicken soup, Manischewitz, the largest marketer of kosher foods in North America, unveiled a new look on Wednesday. The new vision will include updated packaging design that will extend to a redesign of the firm’s website and advertising campaigns.

Mashu Mashu Is Great Sushi in Any Language

When Nisan Shavit, a native Israeli, was looking to name his new kosher sushi bar, Mashu Mashu came to mind immediately. Mashu mashu is a Hebrew expression for great, spectacular. And it has a Japanese ring to it as well. That is the perfect description for Mashu Mashu at 22-22 Morlot Avenue in Fair Lawn.

Fat Badger Bakery Products Are Now Vegan

You don’t normally associate health food with cookies. In fact, if you are shopping in a health food store, cookies are typically the farthest thing from your mind.

If you are lucky enough to shop in the stores that stock Fat Badger Bakery products, that no longer has to be the case.

Pereg Natural Foods Presents the Spice of the Month: Paprika

Sweet, spice, smoky, hot or not: Get to know the spice family that has it all.

(Courtesy of Pereg Natural Foods) The experts at Pereg, a leading producer of all-natural spices from around the world, offers more than 60 spices and spice blends sourced from all corners of the earth. Every once in a while,

UN Plaza Grill Creates an Unforgettable Dining Experience

(Courtesy of UN Plaza Grill) A hidden gem in the heart of the United Nations, UN Plaza Grill offers international cuisine created by award-winning chefs. Located in a beautiful, open space with floor-to-ceiling windows and spectacular décor, the UN Plaza Grill has given new life to its menu just in time for Passover, offering

A Tale of the Wine Queen

It was in the times of Herzog Special Edition Cabernet Sauvignon Chalk Hill 2016. In the year 5779, King Herzog Chalk Hill 2016 reigned over the Kosher Wine Kingdom, from California through Bordeaux and Israel. The King was a powerful, full-bodied, complex wine with 127 aromas and flavors and a

Special Purim Recipes: Hamantashen and Nunt

New recipes appeal to me, and I love to try new foods. However, when Shabbat or Yom Tov comes along, my first priority is the traditional foods that my grandmothers, z”l, used to prepare. With Purim looming, my thoughts have turned to hamantashen and nunt.

Everyone knows what hamantashen are.

Delicious Three Seed Cookies

You may be like me. I had seen this recipe many times and never really thought about making it. One day the idea of a five-ingredient cookie sounded intriguing. We now love these and keep them as a healthy staple in our home at all times.

Give it a try and let me know what you think.


  • 1 cup pumpkin seeds
  • 1

Dancing With the Fishes

How Naftali Engel is making herring ‘hipster’ again.

You never know when something heimish, something many Jews may associate with old-fashioned, staid Jewish fare, like herring and crackers, will somehow turn high-end and hipster. One millenial,

Weigh Less Eating Cookies? Yes, It’s a Thing

Abie Maltz, proprietor of WeighLess Cookies, is all over the map these days, literally. His cookies have taken the market by storm and are flying off the shelves in Teaneck; Elizabeth, his hometown; West Orange; Monsey; Great Neck; Riverdale and elsewhere. His products are even in stores in Florida and Maryland and are sought after