Sunday, October 21, 2018

Real Estate

One Who Is Satisfied With Their Lot

One need not look further than the ancient text of “Ethics Of The Fathers” (Pirkei Avot) to learn the secret of real estate that industry experts have been touting for years. “Location, Location, Location” is often referenced as the most significant consideration when purchasing a home. I have concluded that is what our

3D Printing Is Reimagining the Way We Live Today

(BPT) When additive manufacturing technology - better known as 3D printing - was first invented more than 30 years ago it was intended to make the product design and manufacturing process more efficient. At that time, 3D printing was used primarily as a way to create prototypes to validate and perfect product design, but the

Approved Funding Continues Its Growth With New Mortgage Banker

(Courtesy of Approved Funding) Approved Funding is proud to announce Zev Lewinson as the newest member of their growing mortgage banking team. Aside from his many years in mortgage lending, Zev is an accomplished marketing guru, skilled writer and published author.

While still sporting a full

Ashdod: More Than the Shore

When one thinks of Ashdod, what usually comes to mind is the shore: the beaches, the port, the stunning sea views. However, there is so much more to learn about Israel’s fifth-largest city.

Mentioned over a dozen times in the Bible, Ancient Ashdod has a fascinating history hearkening

If I Were Noah’s Insurance Broker…

With Hurricane Michael dominating much of the news this week, and in conjunction with Parshas Noach, I thought it would be fitting to touch upon common insurance exposures, and what homeowners should be mindful of when considering basic homeowner’s protection with their agents. It is too common of a scenario where I find

Mortgage Rates – Up, Up and Away?!

Those closely following the markets, especially those in the media, love to analyze calendar-based indicators of the stock market when they come around. Many traders are familiar with a ‘Santa Claus rally,’ the ‘January effect,’ and ‘sell in May and go away,’ amongst several other timely signs. Something that many might

Bergen County Announces 2018 Homebuyer Expo

Bergen County Executive Jim Tedesco has announced that the Bergen County Division of Community Development will be hosting a first-time weeknight event—the 2018 Homebuyer Expo—that will feature resources and workshops for residents in the market to buy a new home. The Expo will take place on Wednesday, October 17, from 6 p.m.

Why Fall is the Best Season to Build a Deck

(BPT) As the weather starts to shift and the crisp air settles in, your first inclination might be to head indoors, cozy up with a blanket and save that deck project you’ve been researching for next year. Not so fast. While home improvement stores sell spring and summer as the seasons for all things outdoor home improvement, fall

Surfside: The New Lifestyle

Twenty-two years ago my family and I moved from Mexico to Florida.

For the first year we rented at Tower 41 in Miami Beach.

When looking to buy, we wanted three things:

Only a condo. Because for the first several years I

A Decade of Indecisions

Around this time a decade ago, the financial markets were rattled when Lehman Brothers collapsed without a suitor. They certainly weren’t the first lender to fail, and were not the last - but Lehman’s size and market capitalization was significant, and it was the first entity of that magnitude to be allowed to fail without a

V&N’s Linda Stamker Brings Professionalism and Experience to the Home-Buying Process

Buying or selling a home is a big deal. In all likelihood it’s one of the biggest financial transactions you’ll ever make. So wouldn’t you want a professional, familiar with all the nuances that go into such an event, guiding you through the process?

Linda Stamker, a Realtor® for V&N

Bring Your Home’s Wi-Fi ‘Dead Zones’ to Life

(StatePoint) Whether it’s to stream a movie from the bedroom or lock the front door using smart home technology, you’ve likely come to expect Wi-Fi to reach every corner of your house. The reality is that there are certain locations in many homes where Internet-connected devices and smartphones are unable to receive a steady Wi-Fi